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The Risen - Diablo 3 Beta - Monster Guide

Updated on December 14, 2011
The Risen turning from sick citizens in Diablo 3.
The Risen turning from sick citizens in Diablo 3.

This Diablo 3 Monster Guide serves to provide an overview of the Risen type of monsters you will find your character facing when playing through the game. Given the development status of the game, some changes may be incorporated before the full release, but since most changes revolve around character and skill tree balancing, the monster attributes and general mechanics are likely to stay the same.

*Expect more information and updates to come to this page as changes are made in the Beta, and again upon full release to keep things current.*

Risen are the most numerous enemies you will face throughout the Diablo 3 Beta, closely resembling the general conception of what general zombies would act like. These creatures resemble the deceased humans they once were, being of similar height with skin pale in color except for parts of their skin ripped away and showing the flesh underneath along with their tattered trousers, boots and whatever other remnants of clothing they may still have. They are also distinguishable by their gangly appearance, various zombie-esque moans and shambling demeanor.

Risen break through the barrier outside of New Tristram.
Risen break through the barrier outside of New Tristram.

Fighting the Risen

Upon first encountering one of these beasts, you will unlock the following journal describing them:

"I will never forget the first time I saw these horrors shambling out of the misty woods. Our loved ones, buried long ago, rose from their graves and began to attack the living. However the risen dead were only the beginning..." - Deckard Cain

The Risen in Diablo 3 tend to attack in groups as they pose little threat on their own with their weak melee attacks that consist of them slowly flailing their arms at you. Generally speaking you can swing faster than they can, often taking them out before they can land a blow. Try to avoid being surrounded completely and you should be fine while falling back on AOE attacks if they manage to swarm you.

Risen are most notable for the variety of ways in which they can appear or spawn. They can rise straight out of the ground, appearing out of almost nowhere, crawl up the edges of cliffs and overhangs, pop out of various destroyed items or some containers much like Skeletons. Two of their methods of appearance that seem to be wholly unique are the ability for them to be spawned from Wretched Mothers which literally vomit them up and finally as sickly townsfolk or other humans that perish and turn into Risen, such as the event which occurs in the Slaughtered Calf Inn during the quest The Fallen Star.


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