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Steam Series - The Rising Storm

Updated on April 5, 2016

Rising storm is the standalone expansion to Tripwire Interactive's famous mod originated hardcore World War II era first person war game Red Orchestra. Powered by the unreal engine the game gives you realistic graphics without requiring you have a small super computer to run it. It takes you around the time of 1942-1944 Across the European theater focusing on the conflict of the Red Army against the German Wehrmacht. Rising storm takes place across the pacific theater around the same time into the war. The US Army & Marines fighting the Japanese Imperial Army & Navy.

Rising Storm

Red Orchestra 2


The Realism aspects

So this game has a lot to offer with the realism giving you a very authentic war game. Supression is a big thing. If you're being peppered by machine gun fire, a bar will signify your character's moral. He might even shout that there's a machine gun firing at him while your vision goes to a hazy color and you see double of everything as you hear your heart's pulse in your ears.

The hit detection is out of this world. Shooting a sprinting soldier in the leg will cause him to be crippled and slow down to a crawl. A single shot to the chest can spell death. While a shot to the arm might only wound a soldier and leave him still fighting.

The tanks featured in Red orchestra move slower and have a crew of players that work together. One commands the tank, another drives, one uses the hull gun, another works the turret cannon and machine gun. You get an in-first person view of the interior of the tank. The driver can look at gauges to determine the level of damage the tank has obtained. Or he can help spot enemy positions by looking out a port view on his left side.

Your soldier feels very realistic too. You can 'feel' the spriting. He is no silent protagonist. If you nail an enemy with a rifle round chances are he'll shout an insult or confirm that he just killed one.

You can adjust your aim by dialing in your sights. Adjusting the range of your gun to hit further targets.

You can also do this behind cover! That's right! This game has a cover system. You can blind fire your gun and hide behind walls and against sandbags. You can lean from cover, you can go prone, crouch. I've not played a single first person shooter that has included a cover system.

Also be aware there is friendly fire in this game. It makes it all that more important you take a moment to confirm the target is an enemy before pulling the trigger. A way I've learned to identify from friend or foe is how the person sprints. Axis sprint with their gun in one hand, Allies sprint with both hands on their gun.



This game sets the atmosphere for each map you play on perfectly. Background noises of artillery and guns going off, AA fire shooting into the sky and exploding.

Before each battle one of the soldiers will give a small speech. This game captures things that no other war game has managed to do. The hatred. The intense hatred the germans and russian soldiers shared for each other. The American soldiers being vengeful for pearl harbor and the Bataan Death march.

Even the make up of teams are authentic to a real life battalion of troops. Being lead by an officer. The battalion makes up of riflemen, squad leaders, machine gunners, any sort of special unit, the flamethrower or elite riflemen.

All of the guns sound very realistic and such mechanics are in place, like the Russian ura charge. Once enough russian soldiers are sprinting together they move faster and have a higher moral. The Japanese have their bayonet equipped weapons and banzai charges. If a large enough banzai charge is in place the soldiers gain courage and can even take a few more shots then before, sprinting and yelling at the top of their lungs causes the American soldiers to become suppressed and weaker for the approaching charge of bayonets and katanas if they're an officer or squad leader.

The Japanese also make use of booby trap grenades that they can plant in dirt, sand and other soft ground that can be used as traps for waiting american troops to trigger and explode.

You can even have the Russian's and German's speak their native languages instead off the English dubbed versions of speech

Multiplayer Model

The multiplayer model for this game is how I think all multiplayer games should be. There is no progression system save for your rank. That means nothing though.

Each faction's guns are completely unlocked and ready for anyone to use, as well as the roles. You can immediately step into the boots of a tank commander, or grin while pinning down the enemy with your machine gun fire. I wouldn't recommend being commander of the team unless you are good with team communication and experienced with the game a bit first.

Each role has specific duty they can do during the game. Commanders work the radios and call in types of artillery, and recon planes. They can use binoculars to place coordinates on the map for accurate strikes, as well squad leaders can also fulfill this role for the commander. Riflemen are to provide the main fire of the team for the assault teams armed with SMGs to rush in and clear out enemy positions and then advance into the objective once its clear. Anti-tank can destroy tanks with their anti-tank rifles and anti-tank grenades. Engineers can clear out tank traps and certain fortifications with satchel charges and even tanks. Rising storm adds in Japanese knee mortars and American flamethrower units as well with BAR gunners.

The game feels amazing with a coordinated team of a commander talking over Voice chat for coordinates from squad leaders, whilst squads rush an enemy position with their bayonets set for the hostile infantry. It is some real fun with 64 player sized servers.

Warning: Level of Gore

While this game is amazing, it is haunting how realistic the gore is in this game. If a grenade explodes near a group of soldiers you can be sure they'll be missing some limbs or even their heads. Tank crews can die before the tank is destroyed and you're forced to take over the reigns of whatever role that man had fulfilled before. Artillery rounds and tank rounds can reduce men to headless and limbless torsos, anti-tank rifles can completely remove a soldier's head. Bullet wounds and blood can be visibly seen on bodies.

Thankfully there is an option for gore to be turned off if you're weak of heart or don't want to see how cruel war can be.


Words cannot be said in how high I hold this game in my collection of Steam games. It might even be the best World War II game out on the market currently.

Its mechanics are unheard of for many other multiplayer games.

I have over 440 hours put into this game and each day I make some time to continue playing it.

Don't worry about needing to buy both Rising Storm and Red Orchestra 2 if you are interested in this game. Tripwire has made it that Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad is only a single player campaigned game now. Rising storm has both the pacific and Red Orchestra 2's Europe theater in one game.

It is on steam for twenty dollars or your regional equivalent. It is a must have for anyone interested in another shooter game or people who like me was never struck by Battlefield or Call of Duty's multiplayer.

If you do get this game I recommend you take some time to play the tutorials, get used to the way the guns feel and fire. I ended up playing in games filled with Bot players and only containing about 5 to 6 real human players. That way I practiced well and got used to the roles and how everything worked before stepping into a 64 player server.

Hope this look through made you want to try this game! If you did good luck! You might see me in the game sometime!



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