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The RiverRun Raft - Float The Day Away

Updated on September 9, 2014

My River Run II Raft Ready For Business!


The Intex River Run II Raft - A Perfect Intertube For The Two Of You

While visiting New Hampshire this year, I was camping on a beautiful lake but, alas, had no way to really enjoy it besides sitting on the short. I set out to fix that by purchasing the Intex River Run II Raft on With my Amazon Prime membership, I had my new double raft delivered to my campsite the very next day.

I was immediately in love with this large float tube - as was my love, John. We inflated the raft with a Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump, filled the cooler in the middle with some ice and a few beers and headed down to the lake for a day of floating in the sun.

Note: you'll need a powerful air pump to fill this large double float tube for two as it's quite large - it's around 16 feet from end to end!

The River Raft II is a very sturdy raft which is just perfect for kids. It's tough exterior means that it won't pop easily - at least, that's my experience with this particular double raft. In fact, our next trip in the River Run is, well, to run a river in it!

John Enjoying His Side Of The Raft


I'm Not The Only One Who Loves This Inflatable Raft

Before I buy anything on, I make sure to check the reviews. And, the reviewers love the Intex River Run II Inflatable Tubes. Here's what they have to say:

  1. Although this raft is really meant to hold 2 people, one reviewer had 4 people and a 12 pack of beer on the thing. Now, I personally wouldn't have done that but this raft is sturdy enough to evidently float a crowd!
  2. Even in waves, the River Raft is stable enough to not tip over.
  3. The cooler is fairly large although I found it more of an interesting feature instead of being a really super functional cooler. It did keep our beer cool for about 4 hours though. The raft cooler also has a nice plug in the bottom so it's easy to drain the melted ice out of the raft before stowing the thing.

And The Cons From Reviewers

Not all reviewers loved this inflatable double raft like I did. Here's a summary of the comments from those who didn't quite like it as much:

  1. A few reviewers not that the River Run II raft is not of the same quality as past products from the same company. A few reviewers note that the seams split pretty soon after purchase. On the good side, the company refunded their money with no problem.
  2. One reviewer said that mildew grows on the raft if left outside for a long period of time. No offense meant but anything will mildew if left outside for a while....
  3. The cooler is not exactly as expected as it's inflatable and only has a velcro top to close it. I'd have to say that I'm with this reviewer. I would have much preferred a better quality cooler in the raft - one with a zipper top

I Enjoyed The Raft Too!

A Poll For My Readers

Have You Ever Floated A River On A Raft?

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Here's Another Sturdy Inflatable River Tube


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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 3 years ago from Central Florida

      Since we no longer have our power boat, I need to get one of these. Somedays I just feel lazy and this would be perfect for that.

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 3 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I floated the Truckee River here in Nevada on an innertube. Does that count? You're doing a good job Lori, glad you're here. Hang in there!