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The Samsung Galaxy Tab Features

Updated on January 15, 2011

Measuring a whooping 7 inches, the Samsung Galaxy has two cameras and a huge competitor in the iPad. Unlike the iPad, Galaxy Tab is useful when it comes to size, and is also a flash-compatible. Although it is intended as a laptop alternative, the board will be more like a Android smartphone but bigger. Users can select the 2 year contract or a monthly payment plan. In general, the Galaxy Tab is smaller and a lighter alternative to the iPad, but the possible carrier commitments and in-between size could reduce its chances of mass appeal. The Galaxy Tab, however, still explores many new territories when it comes to its great features and design.

Tab screen is beautiful glossy robust, thanks to the protective layer of Corning Gorilla glass. The iPad, also like Galaxy Tab has a resolution 1024 x 600 megapixels. But pixel density is much tighter because the screen is about half the size. Like the iPad’s, the screen uses a capacitative, multitouch technology that outperforms the Archos 7 Home Tablet and the Dell Streak.With a 1.3 MP camera in front, users can easily take self-image and video chat as well. The typical Android-style buttons for search, back, home and menu are located across the bottom.

A key element of the Tab is that it is smaller, lighter and more convenient than the iPad. It also offers the full 2.2 undiluted Android experiences using the official Android Market for the latest applications and other third party applications. Unlock the touch screen and a welcome screen greets you with a familiar Google search bar and icons for web browsing, e-mail and other familiar applications like Qik video chats, Media Hub, Amazon Kindle e- book reader, Slacker Internet Radio, among others. An integrated sensor accelerometer automatically reorients the screen in both portrait and  landscape view.

There are several characteristics that are the envy of owners of the Galaxy Tab. For example, it does an excellent job as a car navigation device, because it has GPS. The  included navigation provides turn-by-turn voice search and attractions. In addition, the Tab can play Flash video natively in the browser since it has in-built Adobe Flash 10.1.. While this may be a bit uncomfortable, it's a very nice addition. The Tab uses GSM technology for the cellular data connection that is more compatible with the wireless network outside North America.

The availability of accessories such as screen saver, keyboard docks, piers multimedia, office holders, carrying case, holsters, car chargers, adapters, clip hangers, other batteries allows users to customize the tab for your needs. Many customers prefer the Tab over the iPad because of the Adobe Flash support and memory expansion capabilities. Although some applications such as calendar, notepad and requests for photos seems like the iPad, the Tab is a complete product on its own is that measures 7 inches, half the size of iPad


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    • mrpooper profile image

      mrpooper 7 years ago

      I agree Apple dominates the market, but it's nice to know there are other options out there.

    • profile image

      Jackson 7 years ago

      I've tried the Samsung Galaxy tab, not as the one I expected. The response is pretty fast, but the usability is not better than ipad. I think Samsung is trying very hard to overtake the new era of handheld device, however people has built up the confidence with Apple products, they are too use to Apple products and tends to compare any late comer with the same features.