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The Scariest Moment in Resident Evil 2

Updated on December 9, 2011

Have you ever had a terrifying experience in a survival horror game; one that raised the hair on your back, and caused your heart to anxiously skip a beat? Resident Evil 2 contains such an event wherein the Tyrant T-00 (Mr. X), ferociously, and unexpectedly bursts through a wall within the confines of The Raccoon City Police Station. This particular event has embedded itself into memory, and even years later continues to haunt those who have played it.

T- 00's (Mr. X) First Appearance.

The Tyrant

An Umbrella helicopter flies suspiciously over the Raccoon City Police station, in the eerie dead of night, its dangling cargo consists of six gigantic tubes carrying the T-103 series' tyrants. The tube titled T-00 is mechanically released above the building, it bursts apart in mid air, revealing Mr. X; this eight foot tall monstrosity crashes through the roof, scattering debris, and smoothly landing on his feet.

He is a biologically engineered tyrant who is mysteriously ominous, and unlike previous models, is advanced, and programmed to act within mission parameters authorized by Umbrella, rather than to act on impulse. His dead grey eyes horrifically stalk the player around every corner. His trench coat stiffly fluctuates, and his slow and lumbering steps are terrifying, especially when he is on a mission to retrieve one of five remaining G-Virus samples, and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means breaking a player in half with his iron-like fists or steel clad boots.

The Tyrant, Mr. X, is probably the most frightening enemy in the Resident Evil game series. He reminds me of the classic horror icon Jason, from the "Friday the 13th" movies. He doesn't chase after a player, but rather slowly and menacingly stalks the player. However, his sluggish speed doesn't slow him down from arriving when he's least expected. He certainly makes his presence known, and he is a huge factor as to the reason that this particular in-game moment is so scary.

The scene.


The Scariest Moment

The room is quiet, and somewhat peaceful, the area had been explored numerous times before, and no longer felt--scary. It is in this moment of security that the Tyrant busts through a solid wall into the conference room--where Leon stands. A macabre tune begins to play. Panic sets in, and Leon attempts to flee from this monstrosity, as it steadily creeps toward him. Amidst the chaos Leon manages to pick up a necessary object that lies just below the painting and exit the room unscathed. Once inside the small corridor-like hallway Leon runs, stopping only momentarily to glance at the debris, and to observe the large hole in the wall created by the Tyrant. Then, as Leon is running out of the hallway, the Tyrant spontaneously crashes through the wall again, and they are face to face. My heart pounds so heavily and rapidly that I begin tapping the aiming button with a rhythm almost in sync with my own pulse. This causes Leon to rapidly lower and aim his gun; on-screen he appears as terrified as I am.

A long and difficult confrontation ensues between the Tyrant, and Leon; and when Leon exits the hallway a cut-scene is shown, depicting the Tyrant's apparent lifeless body rise up. The player soon realizes that the Tyrant hasn't been defeated at all, but rather he was toying with Leon, the way a cat sometimes plays with a mouse before consuming it.

My Thoughts

This moment is the scariest one in "Resident Evil 2" because it's the most memorable; it's as vivid to me now as the day I first experienced it, many years ago. I cannot remember any moment more spine-chilling in "Resident Evil 2" than this particular one. It gripped me with pure and absolute terror. While the other moments have their sparks of fright, this moment produces the most terrifying "Resident Evil 2" experience one could imagine. True terror is memorable. Stephen King, the famous horror novelist, was once asked this question: "Do you keep a notebook, so you don't forget your ideas?" He explained that he didn't because the best [and most spine chilling] ideas are memorable--I agree.

What Mr. X Has To Say About All This:


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    • profile image

      Shyam 3 years ago

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    • dungeonraider profile image

      Jason Marovich 6 years ago from United States

      Resident Evil was so good that a few years ago I dusted off my Playstation and RE collection and sat down with them for a few days. My wife gave them a try, too, and today she'd tell you Resident Evil 2 was her favorite game of all time.

      My copy came in two discs with a ton of area to explore and some pretty impressive puzzles to solve. That original horror shooter inspired hundreds of other games that followed. Nice article!