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The Secret World Gameplay: Single Player And Multiplayer (With Trailer)

Updated on July 17, 2012

The Secret World is a Funcom game. It is a mix of MMORPG, ARG (alternate reality gaming) and social networking. The game takes place in contemporary world and the story is based on ancient mythologies as well as modern conspiracy theories. The story is happening real time and players are directly involved in it. It is possible to change the story at one point or another depending on the choices the players make. There is complete freedom when it comes to developing your character and the shared story. The Secret World gameplay depends on numerous different participants that contribute to the story such as players themselves, casual NPCs the same like in all MMOs - enemy monsters and quest givers/vendors and characters that are controlled by game masters. They are adding new elements to the story that artificial intelligence could not. They might offer you special quests or participate in the story just as any other roleplayer. Even a big portion of missions (quests) in this game are based on solving different puzzles which often require teamwork to research and solve.

Similar as in EVE there are no levels or classes in the Secret World. Gameplay is dependant on the skills the players acquire by completing missions. There is no level grinding in the Secret World. The hundreds of different available skills let you create exactly the type of character you want to play. You can also just change the abilities and play in a different style without the need to create a new character. You can choose your own powers, clothing, weapons.The progression of your character is completely up to you. You have total freedom to do what you wish, If you don't want to kill monsters or do classical missions. you can engage in PvP or complete tasks for your own secret society to raise your rank. This game is also available in single player mode so if you wish you can enjoy it all by yourself.

When you are creating a character, you have to choose a secret society to which you will belong to. The whole game is based on the war between three secret societies and the players wear their representative uniform when participating in PvP events. The three secret societies are: Dragon in Seoul, Templars in London and Illuminati in New York. The Dragon are a spiritual community whose main focus is deception, strategy and manipulation while stayig invisible. Templars are just and righteous crusaders whose main goal is to eliminate all evil. And Illuminati are cunning, cold opportunists who seek wealth and power and believe that only the fittest ones survive. These secret societies are like factions and they are one of the few things that the player can't change in the Secret World gameplay because there are faction specific stories and missions. However, it is possible to create more than one character to experience all the stories and missions the Secret World has to offer.

The Secret World Trailer Video On Youtube


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    • Eranofu profile image

      Eranofu 5 years ago from Europe

      Thank you John. I feel so happy you like my hubs. :))

      I find the idea of the real world + nightmares and secrets being true really appealing so I will give it a try.

      You know, Templars are indeed the Power Christians of London although the game makers tried to avoid references to any religion, this one is pretty obvious. Also they say that the traditions are 21 century old... Hmmm.... Guess which traditions? :D

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Nice article and I'm highly intrigued by the game. But seeing the gameplay put me off as those are some high-end graphics and no doubt will I need a high-end specced computer. Though it does look like a good game, and if there's upgrades or talent trees, I'll look further into it!

      As for my faction? Obviously the PowerChristians of London!

      Voted up, useful, awesome and interesting ^^