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The Secret World MMO Game Review (PC)

Updated on August 19, 2015

This review was written by my younger brother Jimmy Perazzo and edited by me.

Before I begin this review I just want to say that I do not own this game, but was able to play during this past weekends free trial celebration for the games one month anniversary. I played for a total of about 9 hours, getting 25-30 missions into the game. The review is only based on first 9 hours or so of the game.

The Secret World, is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game set during modern times, but in this world there is an apocalypse happening before our very eyes. You start off the game creating the character of your choice. You can either be part of three different groups. The first group, the Illuminati, is a group of people who believe in new world order and having ultimate control. Their main goal is to acquire power and a substantial amount of money with their motto being "Sex, Drugs and Rockefeller". The second group you can choose to play as is a Templar, not the old Templers that safeguarded the world in the Medieval era, but new modernized Templers. They believe in the eradication of all darkness though combat. Their motto is "Deliverance From Evil". The last group you can choose to play as are the Dragons. They believe that unknown simple actions can result in much larger ripple effect, also known as the Chaos Theory. Their motto is "The Art Of Chaos". Each faction you choose starts off in a different place around the world, like New York City or London.

Then comes the character customization. You can either play a man or a woman, and after you choose the sex of your character you are given the ability to dress them up in clothes, makeup, hair style, and markings however wish. After you have created your person to your liking you are given the ability to choose their first name, username, and last name. For example, your name could be Joe "Kick" Schmoe. Although players will identify you more commonly as your nickname, they will be able to also see the first and last name for your character. It's probably best that during the naming of your character you do not use your real name. After following all the steps you make enter the Secret World, and begin your journey. After you find where your factions hideout or main base is they ask you to go into a training room, and there you will be able to choose your weaponry.

There are three different categories of weapons you can choose, from magic to guns to melee. In each category there are three different weapons you can choose from. You are given the ability to try out every weapon, and category, until you find which one suits you best. Once you leave the training area that will be your starting weapon until later in the game.

Screen shot from The Secret world
Screen shot from The Secret world | Source

After you have chosen your weapon you end up getting your first mission. After completing a small amount of missions in the city you started in you get the opportunity to go into the tree of life. It's a massive teleportation system that transports you to any place of the game within seconds. The beginner missions it takes you to a place called Kingsmouth, a town that has been shaken to its knees by a mysterious fog that has reawakened the dead into shambling corpses. One of the coolest aspects of this game is that there are various missions that are puzzles and/or hard to figure out. Don't you hate getting out of a game just to look up a mission on the internet if you end up stuck? Well, you don't need to do that in this game. The Secret World has its own built in internet. All you have to do is press "B" on the computer, and it brings up Google. From there you just type in the name of your mission, choose which website you want to get the information from and then you're good to go. At one part of the game really early on it even warns you "Some missions can only be completed outside of the game."

In Secret World, there is no leveling like most other MMO's. This game offers action points and passive points which you get as you're doing missions or fighting monsters. You can then spend those points in what seems like a limitless amount of skills.


The Secret World offers a wide variety of monsters including the Zombie, which just your average flesh eating monster. The Zombie Hulk, a bigger version of the Zombie, requires a lot more firepower to take down. Others include the Wendigos which are big four legged creatures that prey upon the unwary, the Ak'ab which are hideous creatures that were created using dark magic, the Revenants who are formed by the sins of dead humans, the Scarecrows which were built by dark rituals and can incite fear in the hearts of almost anyone. Among the other are Spectres, Locust, Mud Golems, Jack O' Lanterns, and Wraiths.

The game is a third person point of view, looking over the shoulder of your character and your movement is pretty straight forward if you have played computer games like this one before, "W" is to move forward "A" is to moves left "S" is backwards and "D" is right, you could remap them to your liking in the options menu of the game. In my opinion the graphics are really well done, looking nearly as nice as other popular MMO's. The people that give you your missions often have their own personalities and voices. They talk to you before each major mission, with some having a crazy look and sound to them, and some just carrying the look and tone of someone who just wants to survive another night. This system really makes you connect with your contact unlike some games where the person never talks, and only a box of text appears below them. From what I was able to play I really think this is a great game. It's quite fun to play and the concept of a modern day apocalyptic world is something I thoroughly enjoy.


The Secret World was released on July 3rd 2012 for the PC.


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