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How To Make Your Own Sims 3 Pet (The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack Guide)

Updated on September 24, 2011

You can make a pet for The Sims 3 using The Sims 3 Create A Pet Demo program available free from EA's digital download service, Origin. Yes you need to install the Origin client to use this program, but there's no point fighting it really, it's no more intrusive than the EA Download Manager that you got used to when you started downloading premium content for The Sims 3.

This tool is being released before The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack as a means to whet your appetite for filling your towns and cities with animals.

Why Is The Sims 3 Create A Pet Demo Opening My Sims 3 Game Launcher?

First things first, try not to be too confused and confounded when the link to the 'Create A Pet' tool opens your Sims 3 Game launcher. This is apparently how it runs. You can just click play as normal and it will load the create a pet tool, not your actual Sims 3 game.

How To Create A Sims 3 Horse / How to Create A Sims 3 Cat

The demo opens with a dog, but if you want to make a horse or a cat, you can do so by going to the bottom bar and clicking the 'add a sim or pet' tool. Presumably this will be integrated into The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack, which means our dreams of creating crazy cat lady sims may be mere weeks away!

Choosing Your Pet's Age

The demo gives you two potential ages for your pet, 'Adult' and 'Elder'. They're presumably keeping the puppies and kittens and foals for the paying customers who will buy The Sims 3 Pets when it is released.

How To Change Your Pet's Breed

For every species of pet there are a surprising range of breeds to choose from. Your horse can be anything from a Shire Horse to an Akhal-Teke. There are 31 different breeds of horse to choose from, around 60 different dog breeds and almost 50 different cat breeds. The 'breed' tab is the second from the top on the left hand menu.

How To Color Your Sims 3 Pet

If you want a neon green horse, you can change the color of your pet in the 'Advanced' Tab of the 'Coat Color' tab. Be warned, 'Advanced' really is 'Advanced' so you can expect to spend a bit of time playing with the multiple layers that correspond to various areas of your pet.

How To Change Your Pet's Shape

There are a few different shape choices for the various types of animals, though they are mostly small changes that will make the animal look more or less athletic, more or less chunky, that sort of thing. All dogs, regardless of breed, are the same size, as are all horses and cats. (Although now I've said that, the 'randomize' tab appears to occasionally generate a dog that is the size of a cat, so small dogs may be possible.) Dogs also have a 'fur shape' setting, which can be found in the 'advanced' tab of the coat section. The fur shape is used to distinguish between various breeds.

How To Accessorize Your Pet

Much like human sims have accessories, pets have accessories too. Horses have various bridle / rein / saddle combinations to choose from and cats and dogs can experiment with collar bling.

The Sims 3 Pet Traits

Like human sims, pets will also have traits. You can assign three traits to your pet, depending on the type of pet. Various traits have various effects, for instance, an aggressive animal will get into more fights than other pets, whereas a genius will learn new skills quickly.The extensive list of traits, including 'destructive', 'friendly', 'hyper', 'independent' and many more ( 25 or so in all) means that every single one of your Sims 3 pets can have their very own personality, from the cute kitten that just wants to cuddle, to the guard dog who is always biting the postman.


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