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The Sims 3 Hints Tips

Updated on September 27, 2009
The sims 3
The sims 3

The Sims 3 Hints and Tips

Viewing your own videos on the sim TV

You can view your own videos on the sim TV, however your video must be in .AVI format, and you must make sure that the maximum resolution 128x128 pixels, and also a maximum frame rate of 15 frames / second.

Then locate the folder:
/My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 3/Movies/Broadcast/[television station]

Copy your film in there, and switch on your TV. Voila!

Playing your own MP3 music on the radio

If you want to have your own music or mp3's playing on the radio, its really simple.

Just drop your mp3 in the folder:
/My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 3/Music/[radio station]

Then on the options menu, select Music Settings, & choose your radio station.

Making Easy money writing

You can write books on your PC. (Just like hubpages!!)

Fiction novels can be completed the quickest. They dont bring alot of money in, but your skill will improve quickly. Once your skills are up, then you can branch out into other genres, including romance novels, which make the most money.

Saving money

If you buy an object & return it on the same day, then you will get the same price back for the price you paid for it.

This is a great little cheat if your sim needs their health boosted.
Just purchase a body machine, use it take it back for the same price.
Repeat the process.

Free bookcase skills

If you buy a bookcase, and then start your sim studying. Then interupt them during the study, and the book should fall on the ground.
You can know just sell the bookcase, and instead use the book for everything you could with the bookcase.

Baby Builders

How to Increase the chance to have a baby boy

Make your pregnant Sim eat apples to increase her chances of having a baby boy.

How to Increase the chance to have a baby girl

Make your pregnant Sim eat watermelons to increase her chances of having a girl.


Ghost baby

Select one of your females sim trait to kleptomaniac and then go to the graveyard.
Make her steal the remains of a male, and take it back to your house.
Then on the next day at 11pm, a ghost will appear, and then disappear a few hours later.

The ghost will appear every second day, and if you start socializing with it when it appears,
and become best friends, it will start to appear every night. Get the fertility reward, then confess your undying (pun!) attraction to the casper. Ask to snuggle him on the bed, and then kiss him. Keep trying for a baby until you start puking, your new baby will be a ghost.

Guide to Making friends

Just purchase a guitar, and start playing until you reach 5/10 level.
This gives you the ability to Play For Tips. Once you reach that level head to the park with your guitar.

Select the guitar from your inventory, and play for tips. Anyone viewing you will become your friend when you keep on playing. As your guitar skill increase, people will become friends with you faster.

New clothes

To get new clothes, you first have to purchase a dresser from "purchase Options". Once there, click "Plan Outfit". You can put a total of three dwhenferent clothes for each type (formal, every day, athletic, etc.).

Learning all guitar songs from books

Have your Sim reach Guitar skill level 5. Have a level 5 book in their inventory, click the guitar, then select "New Song" to learn it. After reaching Guitar skill level 6, do the same thing with a level 6 book. Repeat the process until the Sim reaches Guitar skill level 10, and they will know all songs that were taught.

Collecting pizza

Call for a pizza, and when the delivery guy comes, do not accept the pizza. This will make the delivery guy leave the pizza on the porch, where it will magically never get stale.
Just repeat this to get a huge collection.


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      lakeisha908 6 years ago from fort resolution nwt xoe omo box 192

      i love sims 3 its so awsome and fun cant what tell sims3 would adventers come in