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The Sims 3 - Into the future

Updated on February 14, 2014

Oasis Landing

Oasis Landing is the new world/city belonging to the "Into the future" expansion pack of The Sims 3. This world is - unlike the other worlds that go with other expansion packs- not available from the selection menu at the beginning of the game. Instead it is made available for every other world you decide to play in.

Emit the time traveler
Once your Sim has arrived to its lot, within a few minutes, a special portal will appear on the lot (usually in front of the lot, depending on the space available in the front or side). Clicking on the portal you will be able to activate it and Emit the time traveler will make his appearance through the portal. He will give you a time almanac (more on that further on) and explain that in order to travel into the future he needs to repair the portal with energy capsules. You will find them lying around your lot (funny, they weren't there when you arrived on the lot). Pick them up and hand them over to Emit (the rest of the capsules will then magically dissapear again, awww). Now you will be able to follow Emit into the future.

Arriving in Oasis Landing
You will arrive on the rooftop of a community centre. Here you can stay as long as you like and rent-free ( there is unfortunately no one who cleans around there, so when you decide to stay long, you will have to do some cleaning to earn your stay), although you can decide to buy a house in this world as well. The community centre has everything that you need: beds, food, activities and someone to conversate with (also robots). You will receive all kinds of assignments from Emit to familiarize yourself with the new objects that you have access to now, and also with the new possibilities and buildings that come with this world. For these assignments you will receive both Simoleons and improve in the Advanced Technology skill.

The Portal
Once you have gone through the portal you can go back and forth between your own world and Oasis Landing as much as you like. Keep into account, though, that some Sims suffer from travel sickness going through the portal and it may take some time before they can travel again that way. Once the portal is de-activated you can place it in your inventory. This is a good idea, as the portal does not automatically come with you once you move to another lot. The portal will then remain on the other lot, but it will not dissapear. Before you intend to move to another lot, place the portal in your inventory.

Emit the time traveler

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Oasis Landing

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The almanac of time

The almanac of time that Emit will give to you can be found in your inventory next to your phone. The almanac will give you the following options:

  • See how and where your descendants live and of how many persons the family consists.
  • Check what the requisites are to obtain a legacy statue (of yourself) in the Legacy Park in Oasis Landing.
  • Change the time to an Utopian future or to a Dystopian future. It also says what requisites you have to fulfill in order to choose one of them.


In Oasis Landing you will find an equal amount of robots and Sims and together they form the community of Oasis Landing. The robots will almost function as the Sims (they talk to each other, play with each other and eat with each other), although not all of them have the same functions. You can insert chips into the robots that have specific functions and /or traits. A robot has a maximum of 6 slots for these so-called trait chips, although not each robot will have 6 slots available. There is a robot shop (the Bot emperium) in Oasis Landing where you can buy both robots and trait chips, but there is a bot workstation available (you can also buy one for yourself through buy-mode) should you wish to start on your own robot-building.

New careers

There are three different new careers/jobs available with this expansion. It is possible to have a separate job in Oasis Landing than you have in your home world.

Robot builder
This is an active career where you can register yourself as an independent bot builder after gaining 1 skill point at the bot workstation. The bot workstation is for sale in buy mode or you can use the one in the bot emporium. To gain money you can sell trait chips that you create (and that you don't need for your own robot) through the consignment store in the bot emperium, or you can create a robot and sell that. The biggest money maker is selling the trait chips which can give you a profit between 100 and 900 Simoleons for 1 chip. It is also the perfect opportunity to create your own super robot with just the trait chips that you want it to have. As bot builder you will also be able to improve the quality of your robot and to give it more trait chip slots. The disadvantage is that the bot emperium is located in Oasis Landing and not in your home world. If you decide to take up your career, just go into Edit Town and add the bot emporium lot from the community buildings menu into your town.

This career is only available in Oasis Landing as you will need the Observatorium for it. As this building does not appear in the community buildings through the Edit Town mode, you will not be able to install this lot into your own world. It is however, possible to have a different job in Oasis Landing and a different job in your home world. Click on the observatorium and accept the career. This career builds forth on the logic skill and will give you some special objects to work with in the career track.

Robot arena specialist
This career is again only available in Oasis Landing as it is a career specialised in robots. In the arena, robots compete against each other and you will be managing them.

Your descendants

When you arrive in Oasis Landing you will receive a message where you will be able to locate youf descendants. Your live in your home world will have influence on the lives of your descendants in terms of finances and the number of descendants living in one household. You can see the situation of your descendants in the almanac of time. You can buy a house in Oasis landing and have your descendants live with you in the same house, but you can also have them come back to your home world to live with you. This would for example be a good idea when you discover that there is only one descendant left in the future.

Alternative futures

Via the almanac of time you will be able to activate an alternative future. There are two alternative futures to choose from:

  • Utopian future: a happy future with many colours and everyone walks around as if they were dancing.
  • Dystopian future: a sad type of future that looks very destroyed and the habitants are not too happy.
  • Normal future: this is where you start and you can go back to it when you have had enough from the alternative futures.

In order to be able to activate the alternative futures you will need to reach a certain level of advanced technology. Once you have chosen one of the futures, you will receive a number of assignments from the time traveler that you need to do in your home world. If all assignments are done (within about a weeks Sim time), you will see the changes when travelling to the future.

Cool new objects

There are a number of new objects, among which:

  • The hover board and the jet pack: both give new ways for transportation. When used they will let you gain the advanced technology skill.
  • Faster shower and toilet (and combo): These will all help you spend as little time as possible in the bathroom and more time on other activities.
  • The robot work station: This work station can be bought from buy mode and needed to start the robot building career.
  • The dream bed: the dream bed is a good quality bed and also gives you the option to dream about certain subjects (that increase upon getting more skill in advanced technology). The dream will have an effect on that particular subject the next morning. For example you could get a faster skill building (via a moodlet) for a particular skill that you dreamt about. In order to get a positive moodlet you can influence your dream (while your Sim is sleeping) until you get the green coloured ā€œzā€™sā€. If you do not influence it, you can get the chance the moodlet will turn out negative as well.

Official Sims 3 Into the Future trailer


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