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The Sims 3 Late Night | Meeting A Celebrity

Updated on November 23, 2010

This is the third in a series of 'Let's Play' articles in The Sims 3 Night Life expansion pack. The series begins here.

It is at this point that we discover that the Sims 3 nightlife comes with a rather extensive new wardrobe for those sims who wish to glitter in the night. Lily wastes no time in exploiting her new wardrobe and dons the skimpiest thing that still resembles a dress, a sparkling garter (because sparkling garters are the mark of a woman who puts fame over class any day) and an oversized pair of sunglasses.

It's too early to go out already though, so Lily takes the opportunity to practice her flirting skills on Bertram the Butler, who takes the flirtation with good grace before changing the subject smoothly to literature and books. Before long however, Bertram appears to be falling for the lady of the house's charms and begins complimenting her on her appearance and charm. When baby Toodles begins crying however, Bertram is immediately there to comfort her, much to her pleasure. It seems that all the women in the house are rather pleased with the new addition. Will Bertram remain little more than a man servant? Or will he one day be more?

As evening draws nigh, Lily forgets about her domestic prospects of romance and changes into the outfit she planned earlier on. Finally she arrives at the club a good four hours before closing, long enough to run into Beau the Vampire briefly before being distracted by the tinkling of the ivories. After bribing the stern bouncer with 50 simoleons (enough to buy her a new lifting belt) Lily enters the club and immediately spots four star celebrity, Renee Littler. Renee is oblivious to Lily taking cell phone pictures as she reads a book, but she's also gracious enough to allow her biggest fan in the world who only just discovered that she existed to greet her.

Unfortunately, the moment Lily opens her mouth, Renee becomes unbearably bored. That's what happens when common people try to converse with their betters. Renee informs Lily that she better impress her quickly.  Stabbing at a topic out of thin air, Lily decides to try to impress Renee by talking about Inventing. Who doesn't love inventing?

Renee isn't impressed by inventing, so Lily tries to talk about her massive wealth instead. It turns out that Renee is impressed by wealth, and the little green bar floating above her head becomes instantly1/3 full.

Lily is so busy trying to impress Renee that she doesn't notice the dark creature of the night sitting quite casually behind her, taking in everything going around him with predatory grace. Lily may not have noticed him, but that certainly does not mean that he hasn't noticed her.


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