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The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack Preview

Updated on September 25, 2011

The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack adds new life to The Sims 3 series with horses, dogs and cats. It goes without saying that this is one of the most anticipated expansion packs for The Sims 3. This quick guide and overview to the expansion pack should give you some idea what to expect when you buy it. If you want to get a really good preview, try using the free 'Sims 3 Create A Pet' tool from Origin.

The Sims 3 Create A Pet Tool

The pet creation tool allows you to choose the breed of pet you like most (there are almost 150 different breeds to choose from). If you want to get really creative, you can even custom paint your pet using the advanced options.

Sims 3 Pet Traits

All Sims 3 pets will have their own distinct personalities thanks to the traits tool, which allows you to assign three traits to each pet. Traits range from useful ones, like obedient and friendly, to outright inconvenient ones, like aggressive and ornery. Using the traits system you can make any kind of pet you want, to a contented hound that does nothing but sit on the porch all day, to a rambunctious pony that kicks its way out of the stable if you haven't ridden it that day. Pets are more than capable of causing trouble, and just like your cat at home, a cat in The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack will probably have to be shooed off the kitchen counter more than once.

Play As Your Pet

In the Sims 3 Pets expansion pack  you won't be limited to just taking the dog to the dog park, you can also take over your pet's behaviors and play as them, sending them to raid a nearby picnic for hotdogs or to make friends with a sharp looking Borzoi.

A New World For Pets

Every Sims 3 Expansion Pack comes with a new world. The new world included in The Sims 3 Pets is a Mid-Western style world in which you'll have more than enough room in the backyard to keep a pony. There's even an equestrian center, where you can ride your horses and associate with other horse lovers. Just watch out for horse thieves! Horses can be trained to perform various tricks and learn skills, although even the most skilled horse is useless without a skilled rider, so expect some new achievements and career options in the equestrian field as well.

Is The Sims 3 Pets Worth The Money?

I've bought all The Sims 3 expansion packs, aside from Generations because I find the childhood stages tedious and expanding them didn't much interest me, but I'll definitely be investing in this expansion pack. Stay tuned for my review once the game is actually released!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have never tried sims 3 pets expasion. Do you have to get sims 3 pets before you get the expansion?

    • pcgamer profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I was joking about the horse thieves to be honest ;) Although, who knows. They have thieves that are prepared to steal your sim's favorite arm chair, why not their horse?

    • Abzolution profile image

      Abigail Richards 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hey, great hub. I've been looking forward to this since Sims 3 came out. It looks fab, but horse thiefs ? Seriously ? I'll just have to find out myself :)


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