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The Sims 3 Pets – Basic cat care

Updated on January 12, 2014

Adopt a cat

There are three ways to adopt a cat:

  1. Via the create-a-Sim option, when creating your Sim, you can choose him/her to have a pet aswell. The advantage is that you can pick the breed/gender and traits for the cat yourself. This is not possible with the other adoption options.
  2. Use the phone to call the animal shelter and you will be given 6 different cats to choose from. There is a variety of colours / genders and age. Should you not like any of them, try calling the shelter the next day to get 6 other options.
  3. Find a stray cat that you like and befriend it. As soon as the relationship between you and the stray is high enough you will be given the option to adopt it. This option is the slowest one as it might take some time before a stray cat will visit your house, and not the same cat will come every time.

Taking care

Before adopting a cat into your house, you will need some items to take care of your cat’s needs:

  • A litterbox: the cheap version needs to be cleaned from time to time. The expensive litterbox cleans itself and saves you the effort.
  • A cat bed: There are different versions from small to big and those for indoors and for outdoors.
  • A scratching post: your cat will need to scratch to sharpen its nails from time to time. If you don’t have this item, your cat will scratch the furniture instead.
  • A food bowl: The cheap version will need a refill more often than the more expensive bowl. A Sim will automatically fill the bowl when they see an empty bowl in the house.

Controlling your cat

In The Sims 3 you will almost have as much control over your cat as you will of your Sims. You will be able to see your cat’s needs and also tell it what to do:

  • Go eat (click on the food bowl)
  • Go pee (click on the litter box)
  • Go sleep (click on the pet bed, the floor)
  • Be social with.. (click on animal or Sim)
  • Go scratch (click on the scratching post or furniture)
  • Go play (click on toys or interact with an animal or Sim)
  • Go hunting (available once the cat gains this skill, click on the cat)

Train your cat’s behavior

Every cat comes with it’s own traits, of which some can be chosen by yourself. You can train your cat by rewarding or punishing for certain behavior. Whenever you see your cat do something good or bad, click on the cat and either praise or punish their behavior. After some praises/punishments, your cat will learn and adopt the correct behavior. You can train, for example, these types of behavior:

  • Scratching the furniture or scratching the post
  • Wild/crazy behavior versus being quiet and calm
  • Being dirty versus being clean (washing itself)
  • Peeing in the house or garden of peeing in the litterbox

Skill training – hunting

Cats have a skill they can learn, namely hunting.This skill has different levels. The level will increase when playing with the toys from the (animal) toolbox. Later on you can increase the level while hunting. You can tell your cat to go hunting or in later levels have it hunt by itself. The cat will catch smaller animals that you can place into a cage (once the level is high enough).

Cat breeding

Cats can breed and can give a litter of 2 to 6 kittens. Cats (and dogs alike) will only breed in the outdoor pet bed/house. You will need both a male and female cat and their relationship has to be at a level that the cats are attracted to each other. Once this is the case you can have one cat click on the other and choose the option to breed.


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