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The Sims 3 - To university!

Updated on February 14, 2014

How to start

The quickest way to get into university is to go to the town overview, click on the school and choose “register for university”. As attending university costs money, depending on the type of education and the duration of terms you will attend, you will need to pay the costs from your own pocket. If you would like to save money, there is also another (and better) way.

University welcome basket

About some Sim-minutes after you have moved into your lot, the University mascotte, a Sim dressed up as a kangaroo, will come by your house and leave a welcoming package. You have the option to have a chat with him/her, but the mascotte will leave by itself as soon as it has delivered the welcome basket. The basket contains:

  • Some drinks and snacks (soda and a candy bar, which taste horrible by the way)
  • A university T-shirt
  • A university backpack
  • A university flag
  • An aptitude test

Aptitude test and scholarship

The welcome basket contains an aptitude test. When you take the test you can see if you would qualify for credit points and whether you can get a scholarship for the study of your choosing. Whether you obtain a scholarship and how much it is depends on the number of skill points that you have gained. After taking the test, you will get an overview of how many scholarship and credit points you have built up in each of the available studies. For example: when you have gained painting skills and drawing/musical skills, you have a high chance to get a scholarship for a study in the artistic branche. When you have credits for a certain study it means that you have to attend less terms/classes for that study before you can get your diploma.

Credit points

To obtain your diploma you will need to gather 48 credit points. Per term (duration of 1 week Sim-time), you can obtain 18 points and per time that you register for university you can attend a maximum of two terms. This means that you can obtain a maximum of 36 credit points and not the 48 to get your diploma. Should you wish to obtain a diploma and only attend university once, then you will have to build up credit points with the aptitude test, which are 18 points. The strategy here is to think of the kind of study your Sim would like to follow and build up some skill points in these areas to max your chances of getting the 18 credit points. Then apply for the 2 full terms and get the diploma at the end of the study. With the diploma you will be able to get into a higher level job from the start, and therefore earn more salary.

Study directions

There are 5 different studies to follow at universities. These are:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Arts
  • Physical education
  • Science and medicine
  • Technology

Depending on what job you would like your Sim to choose, you can match the study for it. When you attend a study you will get items in your inventory that you will need during your study, depending on the direction you will choose.

Study directions

Bonus object
Needed skills
Business planner (planner and presentation screen
Charisma, Social networking
Any business/commercial type of study
Mobile radio station
Writing photography
Journalism, Politics, fortune teller
Street art, painting, cooking, playing guitar
Culinary career, music, movie
Physical education
Anatomical skeleton
Atletic skills
Professional sporter, military career
Brain-enhancing machine
Handiness, logic
Law, Military career
Science and medicine
Anatomical skeleton
Science, gardening, fishing
Medical career, scientist

Accommodation within the university

When you arrive at the university grounds, you have a number of accommodation options.

A house
You can rent a house on the campus with a rent between 300 and 3500 Simoleons, depending on the house type. You can apply for roommates for the house via the administration building or via the phone/computer. You will have no control over these roommates, although you can ask them to do certain chores in the house. They will also help to pay the rent. The maximum amount of roommates is 8, and you can choose yourself how many roommates you would like to have.

Student dormitory
Living in the student dormitory is cheap, as you do not need to pay any rent. When entering the house you will have to choose and assign a bed for yourself. If you do not, the other roommates will assign the beds to them. It is wise to pause the game once you are in the dormitory and take the time to choose your bed or even room. If you want the room to yourself and you do not want to let any other Sims into it, you can click on the door and lock it for others. You will also receive a bycicle in your inventory for transport.

The sorority
The rules in the sorority are the same as those of a dormitory; you have to choose your room and bed, and you don’t pay rent. The difference is that the rooms are bigger in a sorority and you can choose whether to live with only women or only men or mixed gender. The sorority is a bit more luxury and you will find a sports car in your inventory for transport (worth 40.000 Simoleons)!

Getting your diploma!

The term ends and you finally have obtained 48 credit points with a grade of minimal C, then it is time to receive your diploma. The final exams will always take place on the Fridays of every week and the diploma will be handed out to you on a Saturday afternoon. On Saturday night you will travel back home. The reward for receiving your diploma is that you may choose an extra trait for your Sim.

Social Groups

New in this expansion is also the fact that you can now join different social groups, which are:

  • Nerds
  • Jocks
  • Rebels

To join any of these groups (or multiple) you do not have to do anything special. You can check which Sim belongs to what group by the colour and symbol. Should you obtain influence level 6 in any of the social groups then you can choose an extra trait for your Sim. If you reach the highest influence level, you will be offered a special job even!

Social Group Activities to gain influence

Nerds Befriend nerds, Play video games, computer games, logic skill, etc.

Jocks Befriend Jocks, Play golf, etc.

Rebels Befriend Rebels, Play kicky bag, Frisbee, dumpster diving, etc.


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