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The Sims 3 - all about the fishing skill

Updated on January 14, 2014

Fishing know-how

To learn the fishing skill, all you have to do is go to an area with water (not counting toilet water), such as a lake, pond or ocean. Should you know that your Sim will be working on a fishing skill, give it the Angler trait so the skill building will go faster. The fish that you catch will end up in your inventory and you can sell them to the supermarket to gain some Simoleons, you can cook them for dinner or you can use them in a fish bowl and keep it as a pet.

Tip: try fishing at different times of the day or night, some fish can only be caught in the morning, afternoon, evening or (mid)night.

Fishing career

You can take up fishing as a career if you want. In the beginning this career will not bring in much money, but at least you can choose your own working hours. To make fishing your career, gain a skill in fishing and then use the phone or computer to register as a self-employed fisherman. This career does not earn you a fixed weekly income that increases by level, instead you can only advance by selling your fish to either the supermarket, the consignment store or simply through your inventory. Once your skill level and promotion level is higher you will be able to fish faster and
reel in the higher quality fish for some recent amount of Simoleons.

Skill levels

The fishing skill is one of the fastest skill builds, go fishing a couple of hours per day and you should be able to reach up to level 10 in about 2 to 3 Sim-weeks. Below are the levels to obtain:

Level 1
After obtaining level one you can register fishing as a career.

Level 2
You can now use bait to catch better types of fish. As bait you can use for example vegetables and/or fruit you can harvest from trees or bushes.

Level 3
Now you can inspect the water before fishing there to find out whether it is a good fishing spot.

Level 4
You can now use non-living bait to catch fish. Think of plant seeds you can find around the landscape.

Level 5
You can now use live bait to catch fish such as other fish types.

Level 6 – 10
You will be able to catch newer (and better paying) fish types in both ponds, lakes and oceans.

Tip: Via the town view you can of course click on the science lab to follow a course to learn one fishing skill (400 Simoleons). As you can only do this once, it is better to use the course in the later levels of fishing, as the higher the level, the slower the skill increases.


As mentioned before you can use fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds and other food types. Instead of choosing the “fish” option, choose the “choose bait” option. You will then get a list of all bait items that you have in your inventory and it will tell you what item will be good bait for what type of fish. Below you will find an overview of what type of fish you can catch with which type of bait:

Type of bait Type of fish
Cheese Alley Catfish
Alley Catfish Angelfish
Tomato Anchovy
Anchovy Swordfish
Lettuce Goldfish
Goldfish Black goldfish
Garlic Vampire fish (worth many Simoleons)
Apple Minnow
Minnow Piranha
Piranha Robot Fish (worth many Simoleons)


Next to the 10 levels there are also 2 challenges to achieve to become a professional fisherman. These challenges can be found by clicking the skills tab that is available on the right side in the career tab. Choose the fishing skill tab and you will find the fish you have caught and below there will be challenges for you to achieve. Note that for every skill there are challenges available.

Amateur Ichtyologist
Catch at least 20 different fish types. The reward will be that you will be able to catch bigger size fish.

Commercial fisherman
Catch at least 350 fish. The reward is that you will be able to catch fish at a faster rate.


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