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The Sims 3 challenge: Maintaining a family of insane Sims

Updated on May 22, 2014

The goal of this challenge

The goal of this challenge is to play with a household for ten generations while you may only control one Sim (the torch holder). Each generation the torch will be passed to another Sim to control. The other Sims will only be controlled by their own free will and you may not influence nor see their wants and needs. The game has been completed once you are at the point of passing the torch to the 11th generation. You have failed this challenge when the torch holder dies and you would have to start over.

Start with a simple (cheap) home
Start with a simple (cheap) home

Preparing for the challenge

Before starting the challenge, some preparations are needed so you can make a good start with your Sim.

The Town
You can basically play in any town that you wish, but there is a special Legacy town available on the Sims Exchange website called "Legacy Island II". This town has a bit of every expansion pack, such as high end lofts, a potion shop, a festival lot, a martial arts dojo, etc. Should you have a lot of expansion packs then these will be available to you in this town. But you are again free to use any EA town that you wish as well.

Preparing your Sim
The Sim you create will be your first torch holder and you will be playing with him/her for a long time before the next torch holder starts.You are free in creating name/gender/looks as you wish. It is advised to have your Sim be a young adult (as you will need time to have the next torch holder to be ready), but if you want a more difficult challenge you could make your Sim be an adult as well. You are free to choose 4 of the 5 traits but one of them has to be the "insane" trait. After all, that's what the challenge is about. The lifetime wish can also be chosen to your liking but choose wisely. Keep in mind that you will not be able to control this Sim when the next torch holder comes into place. Choosing an active profession therefore is not a good idea unless you plan to switch their career before this takes effect.

Your house
The lot you choose will be the lot assigned for the entire challenge. No moving houses in between. You can either choose an existing house or an empty lot. Advice here is to choose a medium to large lot as your household will expand over time. You will start with the budget that is assigned to each Sim at the start of the game, no money cheats are allowed.

Mods and cheating

First of all, all incoming funds should be earned and cannot be cheated in by cheats or mods. Mods are also not allowed as they would make the gameplay too easy (and that's not the challenge). What is allowed is any objects that you buy through the game store as they are official EA/Sims 3 objects.

General rules

There are some general rules for this challenge:

  • No hiring of service Sims such as police, maid, butler, etc. The exception is for the adoption service
  • No babysitters. It may happen that you leave the lot without taking your child (subconsciensly or not) and the system will automatically have a babysitter come over. Every time this happens it will decrease your point total by 5. The same goes for any police/firefighers coming over without you calling them.
  • Every 3 generations (generation 3, 6, 9) the torch holder will have to take the fertility treatment from the lifetime wish rewards
  • If any of your household Sim should have problems with glitches (being stuck,etc.) you may reset them.

Rules for the first Sim (torch holder)

All torch holders, starting with the first Sim, have to have at least two children. This may be natural birth or adoption. Be careful when using adoption as you may only appoint an adopted child as torch holder if they carry the "insane" trait. If you have bad luck you might end up adopting endlessly until you reach that trait. Therefore having the child yourself is easier in the end as you may choose the "insane" trait (if you raise it well). You are not obliged to have the baby's father move into the house or even marry him, but if you do, remember you can not control him either. The same goes for any of the children until one of them becomes the torch holder at which point this will become the only controllable Sim.

Rules for each next generation / torch holder

Choosing the next torch holder
While your children are growing up you may choose their traits or have them randomised, but remember that one of them (and that will become the torch holder) will have the insane trait. Once the child that you chose to be a torch holder will become a young adult this will become the controllable Sim and you will have to leave your previous torch holder and have them be non-controllable for the remainder of the challenge The important thing is that you can only pass the torch to the next Sim on the first day when they become young adults and not later. Should that Sim be on the second day of his young adulthood, he/she cannot become a torch holder anymore and you will have to choose another one of your children instead. Should any of your other children not have the insane trait, it means that you will have to raise another child. As you might not have so much time it is wise to keep checking when the torch holder has a birthday (remember you cannot click on them to check their age) and switch on that day.

Lifetime wish
You may only choose the lifetime wish of your torch holder (and only that Sim) once they become a young adult as that is when they become controllable for you. You may randomize the lifetime wish as well if you want to make the challenge more challenging for you. Once you have chosen the lifetime wish you may not change it again.

Non torch holder children
The children that are not torch holders will move out of the house as soon as they become a young adult. You may place them in another house in the town so you can still visit them.

Rules for the non-playable Sims in your household

The non-playable Sims in your household will basically be former torch holders, your children before they are young adults and their spouses. There are some rules to what you can and cannot do with them.

  • You may not control them and not check what their mood and/or wishes are.
  • The only thing you may do is to check their inventory and take things from them or give things to them that would not influence their behaviour directly.
  • If any opportunities arise for them, you have to click them away and you cannot accept them.
  • The torch holder can bring non-playable Sims with them to a community lot by using the "go here with.." option.
  • You may use the "call everyone home" on the phone or "call household to meal" type options.
  • If you wish you can send a non-playable Sim to a mirror to be able to take a picture of them.
  • Birthday cakes can only be used on the day of the birthday of the Sim itself and not sooner.
  • If a spouse moves in and he/she happens to have an active job (which requires controlling them) you will have to switch their job to a passive job (or no job at all if you wish).

Counting the score

While following the above rules, you have to go through ten generations of torch holders. If you wish you can, at the end of the challenge, count the points earned in the following manner:

  • Having a spouse (non playable) reaching the top of their career : + 10 points
  • Every 100.000 Simoleons saved up : +20 points
  • For each Sim that gets on the honour roll: +5 points
  • For each Lifetime Wish that gets fulfilled: +40 points
  • For every birth (not adoption): +5 points
  • For every twin birth: +10 points
  • For every triplet birth: +20 points
  • For each Sim failing school: -5 points
  • For every game induced visit from the police, babysitter, firefighter (when you don't call but they still come): -5 points
  • For each Sim that passes out : -5 points
  • For each death in the household: -10 points
  • For every social worker visit: -15 points

A let's play series on this challenge by Llandros09


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