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The Sims 3 Cheats & FAQ

Updated on July 27, 2013

Have Questions About The Sims 3?

Here are the most useful cheat codes for The Sims 3, tips for collecting, gardening, and fishing, and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the game.

The Sims 3 is the latest installment of the popular pc game franchise from Maxis and EA games.

Personally, as an avid Sim fan since the original, I found some things I liked about The Sims 3 more than the others. They're still crazy, wetting themselves occasionally and putting kids down in insane places then wandering off, or picking up another sim's child and leaving without remembering to put it back down again. And they're still addicting, even so.

Some of the aspects I've enjoyed the most are the three hobbies I've chosen to focus on in this page. I hope you find it helpful.

The Sims 3 Cheats

To get the prompt to enter Sims 3 cheat codes, press ctrl shift c.

Money Cheats

kaching - $1,000

motherlode - $50,000

Testing Cheats

To enable the testing cheats, at the prompt, enter: TestingCheatsEnabled true.

You will then be able to:

- shift click on a sim to enable age transition (only works to make the sim older) or modify their traits.

- shift click on a sim to add them to your active family.

- shift click on the ground to have your active sim teleport to that spot.

- shift click on relationship bars and drag to adjust relationship levels.

- ctrl click on a moodlet to remove it.

- shift click on a sim's workplace to get options to Force Event, Force All Events, or Force Opportunities (work related only).

- shift click on mailbox to get options to Make All Happy, Force Visitor, Make Needs Static, Set Career, Make Friends For Me, Make Me Know Everyone, and Force NPC...

Force NPC summons NPCs, including the Grim Reaper.

Make Me Know Everyone makes it so your active sim knows everyone in town.

Make Friends For Me increases relationships with the other sims your sim knows, and adds acquaintances.

Set Career allows you to choose a new career for your sim.

Make Needs Static freezes all your sim family's needs in place. Menu option switches to Make Needs Dynamic if used.

Force Visitor brings a random sim to visit.

Make All Happy makes the sim family's needs all completely full.

The Sims 3 Collecting FAQ

Collect rocks, seeds, and bugs by searching around town, then click on them when you see them. They have set spawn locations, so once you find a good spot, check it again in a few days.

With 40,000 lifetime points you can purchase the Collector's Helper, a tool that will make what you're searching for glow, and will display icons for them in map mode. It's very useful and saves a lot of time. It can be used to show fish locations as well.

Butterflies and beetles can be caught then released, sold, or "donated" (sold) to the Science center. Some are rare and valuable. You can also name them and display them. Drag them from your sim's inventory and they'll show in a display box.

Rocks can be metals, gems, or meteorites. Metals can be smelted, although the fee's too high to be worth smelting iron or silver. Meteorites should be analyzed, for identification and a better estimation of value. In my experience it's not too difficult to find one of each of the metals or meteorites for the collector's challenge.

Gems can be cut, and the more you cut, the higher quality cuts you unlock. The final cut option is only available after you've found one of each type of gem. Note that this is per sim, not per household, so it's best to have the same sim make all the cut orders. There are two hard to find gems: Pink Diamond and Rainbow Gem. You have a chance of getting either as rewards for exploring the catacombs under the cemetery. Otherwise, it's just a matter of chance, trying to find them at the usual rock spawn points.

The cuts for gemstones, number of cuts to unlock, and best profit breakdown is:

Emerald - only use to unlock other cuts.

Oval - 4 cuts to unlock - best used on gems priced $41-$59

Pear - 8 cuts to unlock

Plumbob - 16 cuts to unlock - best used on gems priced $60-$83

Marquis - 30 cuts to unlock

Crystal Ball - 45 cuts to unlock - best used on gems priced $84-$166

Brilliant - 60 cuts to unlock - best used on gems priced $167-$499

Heart - find one of each type of gem to unlock - best used on gems priced $500+

To see pictures of the different stones, their max possible prices, and more info, check out the Wikia Sims 3 Collector's Guide.

The Sims 3 Gardening FAQ

You can learn the gardening skill by reading the first level gardening book or by taking a gardening class. Reading the book or taking the class will give you a few seeds to start with. You can also find seeds on the ground around town. A good place to find low level seeds is Central Park, along the paths, flower beds, and pond bank. Save any special, rare, or uncommon seeds until your gardening skill improves. (The game will tell you when you gain enough skill to grow each type.)

You can plant fruits and vegetables harvested from the trees and bushes on community lots or purchased from the grocery store, as well.

To plant anything that can be planted, click on it in your sim's inventory. That will give you the option to plant it, or, if you have a stack of them, plant many. You will then be able to choose where you want your sim to plant them on the home lot.

To weed, water, or harvest, click on the plant itself and choose from the available options. "Tend Garden" is one of the possible options, and tells your sim to do everything the garden needs until they run out of things that need done.

You can use the sprinklers to water the plants, clustering your garden around them, to save time and energy. Click directly on the sprinkler to turn it on or off at will. If you have a sim with the handy skill, they can upgrade the sprinklers to be automatic.

There are some rare and special plants your sim can acquire and grow:

A Death Flower can be harvested in the graveyard, and then planted and grown in your own garden. They can also be grown from special or rare seeds. If your sim has Green Thumb, a Death Flower plant in your garden can be brought back to life once to produce again by using "Revive," an option that appears in the menu when you click on the dead plant. This only works on Death Flowers in your sim's garden, not the wild one in the graveyard. A Death Flower in your sim's inventory can be given to the Grim Reaper to spare your sim's life.

Other rare and special plants you might grow from seeds are: Life Fruit, Flame Fruit, and Money Trees. A Flame Fruit in your sim's inventory gives a +5 boost to mood. Life Fruit gives back one day of life, or, if used in the Ambrosia recipe, resets the sim who eats it to the beginning of the current life stage. Ghost sims who eat Ambrosia can be returned to life. Money Trees produce bags of cash, but take care of them. If a money tree dies, it will leave behind bills.

There are a few other plants you can grow after you unlock the ability through a series of opportunities: cheese, eggs, burger patties, and steak. The minimum level to start this opportunity chain is 8th rank gardening. The last opportunity in the chain gives you omni plant seeds and the ability to order more through the mailbox. The omni plant replicates what you feed it, in the quality of the item you fed it.

The opportunities in this chain are:

Uncommonly Good - asks for 20 excellent fruits or veggies. Gives your sim the ability to grow cheese and eggs.

Outstandingly Rare - asks for 10 excellent homegrown cheeses. Gives the ability to grow steaks and patties.

The Omnificent Plant - asks for 10 outstanding steaks. Gives omni plant seeds.

I've read that the omni plant seed can occasionally be obtained when fishing, in the box of random oddities that sometimes appears, but haven't done this myself. Sims are able to plant omni plants at gardening level 10.

For more details about Gardening in the Sims 3, check out the Wikia Sims 3 Gardening Guide.

The Sims 3 Fishing FAQ

You can get the fishing skill by clicking on water and attempting to fish, or by taking a class. If your sim's home has a pond or pool, that water counts as well, even if it hasn't been stocked.

When your sim is just starting out fishing, the Central Park is a good beginner fishing area. The bodies of water around town have various types of fish, and each has "hot spots" where you can see fish actively jumping and swimming; these are great places for your sim to cast a line.

You can examine the water to see what types of fish are active there. Most types aren't very difficult to find. Two that might give you problems are Robot Fish and Deathfish. Robot fish are a higher level fish you can only catch around the Science center. Deathfish can only be caught at the cemetery between midnight and 5am.

To stock a pond you need a stack of 10 fish. You'll then get the option to stock the pond when you click on it. It doesn't have to be your own pond, and it doesn't matter if the lot is a community lot or not. Any pond will do. You can stock multiple types of fish, and the fish you stock will be available any time.

Bait is not required to catch fish, but it can help. Also, having bait for a certain fish loaded on your lure doesn't mean you will only catch that type of fish. Your sim can learn the bait for each fish by trial and error, or by reading the bait book series from the bookstore.

The types of fish and their baits are:

Alley Catfish - Cheese

Anchovy - Tomato

Angelfish - Alley Catfish

Black Goldfish - Goldfish

Blowfish - Potato

Deathfish - Angelfish

Goldfish - Lettuce

Jellyfish - Grapes

Lobster - Tuna

Minnow - Apple

Piranha - Potato

Rainbow Trout - Egg

Red Herring - Links

Robot Fish - Piranha

Salmon - Lime

Shark - Red Herring

Siamese Catfish - Bell Pepper

Swordfish - Anchovy

Tragic Clownfish - Watermelon

Tuna - Onion

Vampire Fish - Garlic

For a more in-depth look at fishing, check out Wikia's Sims 3 Fishing Guide.

How To Get Married In The Sims 3

So your sim is madly in love, and wants to marry their beloved. But how do you get your sim to propose? And, once you've figured that out, how do you arrange a wedding?

Go steady, propose, and marriage options all fall under the romantic interactions, but each only shows up after the courted sim has been romanced enough to cause them to appear. Just keep using the romance interactions and they'll become available fairly quickly. Go steady appears first, then propose, and finally marriage.

If you want to have a private wedding, all you need to do is select the option. There's no fanfare at all for this one; even other members of the household won't break in on the ceremony unless you send them into the same room. Your two sims will quietly exchange vows.

If you want to have an attended wedding and a wedding party, throw the party, then select get married while your sims are at the party.

Can you sell multiple items from your inventory?

Yes! You can move stacks of items, too. When you're looking at your sim's inventory, you will see a small dark triangle on one edge of a stack. If you click that, it opens into an expanded view showing everything in the stack. If you click-drag it, rather than just click it, it allows you to move the whole stack at once. Makes selling items (or stocking the fridge) much faster.

The Sims 3 Videos

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