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The Sims 3 expansion Pets

Updated on September 9, 2013

Animal types

Except for the dogs and cats, cou can also have a horse (or more) of your own. Apart from these animals you can also find the following animals roaming around city:

  • Insects (butterflies, fireflies)
  • Reptiles (lizards, snakes)
  • Rodents (chinchilla, rat)
  • Small birds (nuthatch)
  • Large birds (parrots)

Dogs and Cats

The difference of having pets in The Sims 3 as to The Sims 2 is that you have more control over your pets. You can have your cat or dog perform actions in the same way as with your Sims. Cats and dogs will also be able to develop certain skills (for each type of pet it is different), such as digging up sand holes for treasure or catching fish.


You can now own a horse as a pet. Take into account though that you will need to have a bit of room in your garden to place the needed shelter for the horse. This makes living in an appartment building not suitable as you will have no room to put your horse. There are also two types of community lots available; one is an outdoors lot with all kinds of fences to teach your horse some jumping skills, the other lot is an indoor lot where different horse races are held. Once your horse has a good skill in jumping it can earn you some money by winning horse races. Of course you can use your horse as a means of transportation aswell!

Wild animals

To find the animals you have to search the landscape very well. The more animals you find, the better your skill gets and the easier it will get to find more animals. Zoom in on different locations from the city map to find the animals, the same as you do when you are looking for seeds and metals. When you find an animal and click on it you can either watch or catch/befriend the animal.

Skill and shelter

Skill build
Finding and catching animals is actually a hidden skill. This means that this skill can improve, but you will not get a notification when your skill has increased. The higher the level, the easier it gets to find (rarer) animals.

Once you have caught an animal, it will appear in your inventory. From there you can choose to sell the animal or to release it back into the wild. You can, however, also put it in one of the available animal shelters and keep it as a pet. There is a shelter for each type of animal.


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