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The Sims 3 expansion - Supernatural

Updated on February 14, 2014

The new “creatures” aka Sim-types

With this expansion you can choose another Sim-type/creature, and not just take up the human form that we were so used to. These are the new Sims, let’s welcome them:

  • Witch
  • Fairy
  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Ghost
  • Zombie

These Sim-types can be created with the Create-a-Sim, with the exception of the zombie (see next item). That way you can choose a type and some traits that fit your new Sim-type.

The zombie
The only Sim-type that cannot be created is the Zombie. The only ways to become a zombie is:

  • drink a potion (zombification)
  • be attacked by a zombie

You will be able to take up a new career and make potions that you can use. One of them is the zombification potion that you can drink to become a zombie. Both townspeople and NPC’s can become zombies, and you will see them appearing late at night when it is a full moon. If they show up, they could attack you, you can just click the “be attacked” activity above away to avoid the attack, but if you get attacked, you will turn into a zombie. This effect is, however, temporary. Also important to know that zombies appearing on your lot will immediately go for any crops that you have planted and eat and kill them. If you want to keep your garden safe, either place some good fences or time to plan for an indoor garden (indoor planting pots are available now).

The witch
A witch can perform spells with their wands. A standard wand can be found in the inventory of your witch-Sim, but you can buy a better wand and have better chances of performing better spells. In the beginning you cannot do any interesting spells yet, but keep “playing with magic” by clicking on your Sim and choosing this option. You will increase your magic level and the first spell you can do is the “conjure apple” spell, which magically give you a poisonous apple. Don’t eat that one though! The higher the level, the better your spells will become. The other item your Sim will have is a broomstick that it can use to fly with. The broom is surprisingly fast.

The werewolf
A werewolf Sim will change into its werewolf shape when it is a full moon. When the full moon is over, your Sim will turn to a normal (human-looking) Sim again. The werewolf has a slower movement and will scratch your furniture (like an untrained pet) and has bad table manners. A werewolf is also good in finding objects, such as types of rocks, seeds and other ingredients that you can normally find around the landscape. It is somewhat like the gatherer trade but better.

The vampire
You can become a vampire by either the create-a-Sim or you can be bitten by another vampires. Vampires do not automatically attack and bite you like zombies will, but you can ask them for it. The advantage of being a vampire is that you will age less quickly than other Sims and during the night they will have a faster skill-building. The disadvantages are that they will need other types of food than “normal” (who is normal nowadays) Sims (plasma or feeding of other Sims) and they are very weak to sunlight and cannot be in sunlight for too long. There is a “vampiric sunscreen” potion that you can buy or create (and use) to be able to stay in the sunlight for a certain time without being damaged.

The ghost
We know the ghost-Sim already, as Sims who pass away will occasionally re-appear at (mid)night as a ghost. In this case you will be able to have your Sim be an alive and permanent ghost. They will look the same as the ghost we know in this game and have the same echoing voices. A ghost can scare another Sim by getting inside an object (furniture mostly) and moving it around. When the Sim sees it it will scare them.

The fairy
Fairies have wings (duhh), but in the Sim form they will not be able to fly with them though. You can transform yourself into a small fairy that can fly. They even come with their own fairy house where they can sleep and party. You can transform back and forth at any time. You can choose the shape, size and colour of your wings in the create-a-Sim. Fairies are also known to prank and joke with other Sims (which they might or might not like). When using their powers they will also build up their skill and be able to do more tricks and pranks.

The new careers

With this expansion also a number of new career options become available.

The beekeeper
You can either buy a beekeepers hive through the buy mode or use the beehive that comes with the potion consignment shop in Midnight falls. The better you take care of the bees, the better the honey. The honey and beeswax can be sold through your inventory, to the supermarket or with the consignment store. This is not actually an official career but it can bring you some extra money (on the side).

The alchemist
For an extended explanation on this career, please read my hub: This career is a self-employed type job, which means that you can get the career by registering as self-employed once you have gained the first skill. To gain a skill point in alchemy you will need to use the alchemy station which you can buy via the buy mode in your game (under skill items) or you can use the alchemy station that is available in the potion shop. This profession is quite intensive as you will also have to do some gardening and ingredient finding/buying to be able to create the potion you want. The potions can help make your life easier and in some cases more fun.

The Psychic/ fortune teller career
In midnight falls, the world that comes with this expansion has a lot with a gypsy wagon on it. Click on it to get the psychic career. You can either become a legit psychic (fooling people with good intentions) or a fake psychic (fooling people for the money). You have to work certain hours inside the gypsy wagon and you will have to go around town to convince Sims to do hand-readings. For a more in-depth explanation, please read my hub:

Your Favourite

What is your favourite Sim-type?

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Moon cycles

You will now be able to follow different moon cycles. Most of the new Sim-types have different reactions to the full moon or when there is no moon. Some Sim-types will increase skills more quickly with certain moon cycles. In your activity screen you can see which moon cycle you will be in. If you do not want the moon cycles to happen, you can turn it off in the game options.

New objects

There are a number of new objects available, of which the most important ones are:

  • Indoor garden planters; there are two versions available in buy mode and they function the same as having a plot in your garden.
  • The broom arena; for those Sims that have brooms or bought one for transport. You can joyride with it and do stunts (for tips even).
  • The magic mirror; for the lonely Sims who like seeing another person in the mirror for a change. And this person will even respond and have a chat with you.
  • Bonehilda; buy bonehilda for 5000 Simoleons and place her coffin in the house. Knock on her casket and she will come and do all those household chores that you don’t like. Once it is done, you can send her back to her casket.


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