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The Sims 4: Child Aspirations

Updated on December 14, 2014

It’s important for children to have dreams, and your Aspirations are those dreams. In a gameplay sense, it’s important for your child Sim to get at least one Aspiration completed before they reach the Teen stage of life. The rewards they get will significantly help them learn their chosen field of expertise much faster. Each Aspiration has three different levels that a child needs to advance through, with the final level requiring the related Child Skill to be maxed out.

Artistic Prodigy (Creativity)

Rewards Trait: Creatively Gifted.

Sims with this trait will find their crayon sketches and daydreams of dragons have built the groundwork for them to be creative and will allow them to advance in those skills much faster.

Active Imagination

  • Have an activity table.
  • Draw 3 pictures while Inspired.


  • Reach level 5 of the Creativity skill.
  • Tell 10 stories.
  • Daydream 2 times.

Artistic Prodigy

  • Play instruments for 10 total hours.
  • Draw all 5 picture types on the activity table.
  • Achieve level 10 Creativity skill.

Whiz Kid (Mental)

Rewards Trait: Mentally Gifted.

Sims with the Mentally Gifted trait have developed their logic skills through hours of Chess and experimentation at the Science table, and now they’re ready to take on more advanced tasks.


  • Win 5 games of chess.
  • Be read to by an adult for 3 hours.

Junior Scientist

  • Reach level 5 of the Mental skill.
  • Read 3 books on your own.
  • Finish homework 2 times while Focused.

Whiz Kid

  • Achieve a grade of A at school.
  • Craft 5 emotion potions.
  • Achieve level 10 of the Mental skill.

If you've got a small lot, Monkey Bars are the way to go for the Motor skill
If you've got a small lot, Monkey Bars are the way to go for the Motor skill

Rambunctious Scamp (Motor)

Rewards Trait: Physically Gifted

Sims with the Physically Gifted trait have played long and hard through countless trips through space and foreign seas in Jungle Gyms, and have learned how valuable it can be to be strong and fit. These Sims will build their Fitness skill faster then others.


  • Play on a jungle gym while Playful.
  • Dance for 2 hours.

Agile Developer

  • Reach level 5 of the Motor skill.
  • Play video games for 10 total hours.
  • Practice typing 3 times.

Rambunctious Scamp

  • Make it across the monkey bars 10 times.
  • Earn a high score on the typing game.
  • Achieve level 10 Motor skill.

Chess is a great way to work on your Social skill while working your Mental at the same time.
Chess is a great way to work on your Social skill while working your Mental at the same time.

Social Butterfly (Social)

Rewards Trait: Socially Gifted.

Social Butterflies know how to interact with the people all around them and are comfortable getting to know everyone they come across. Meeting a stranger is now a perfect opportunity to make a friend. Socially Gifted Sims will build relations with adult Sims faster then others.


  • Make a friend.
  • Meet 10 new people.

Popular Kid

  • Reach level 5 of the Social skill.
  • Do 20 successful funny interactions.
  • Make a BFF.

Social Butterfly

  • Be friends with 5 other children.
  • Be friends with 3 adults.
  • Achieve level 10 Social skill.

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Not all kids dream of becoming cowboys...


All images are from the game The Sims 4 or from the EA website.

© 2014 Ben Martin


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