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The Sims 4 Real World Challenge Rules

Updated on December 19, 2015


  • Roommates: Create 7-8 sims who all have different aspirations. Try to make them as diverse as possible with their characteristics and looks. You can see below an example of what I did. If you create 8 sims there must be an equal ratio of girls to boys. If you create 7 sims there needs to be 3 girls and 4 guys OR 3 guys and 4 girls.
  • Optional: Recreate your favorite season of real world! It would be interesting to see if anybody would recreate people from real world past.
  • Move them into an empty lot at first since they won’t have the funds to buy the house you will create.
  • Build Mode: Create a house with 5-7 bedrooms, any design, no cost limit, make it a nice house. Or you may download a house from the gallery. It needs a kind of confession room; like they have in all the houses. It also needs to have a bar. It would be great if the houses were shared in the gallery with #realworld attached or put up on youtube with pictures. The house can be built unique to the sims or not. It is all up to you.
  • Now they are ready to move in!
  • Then set the household funds to 1,000.

The cheat to set the household funds is this: money "amount here"

It should look like this: money 1000 (do NOT put commas)

For those who don’t know how to do cheats here’s a simple step by step to enter this:

  • Hold Ctrl, Shift, and C all at the same time.
  • A white box should appear in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Enter the command: money 1000
  • There should now only be a thousand dollars in your household funds.

Jobs and Rules


  • All the sims must have the exact same job, I’m basing this off of the early real world days where they would work or have some sort of assignment given to them.
  • It can be any job that is available but everyone must have the same one no matter what.
  • If you would like to change jobs after starting the challenge that is allowed, everyone must change jobs if you do this.


  • Past set up there should be no cheats or mods used in the game.
  • The sims must pay the bills every month.
  • No other sims are allowed to move in after you have created your 7-8 original sims unless the situations below apply.
  • Children are allowed to be born but if a sim ends up pregnant they need to be moved out before or right after the baby is born.
  • This also applies to Marriage. They can have relationships but if they get married, they need to be moved out.
  • If someone is moved out or dies a new sim is moved into the house.
  • If a sim is fired from their job they are kicked out of the house.
  • They are allowed to date the other roommates.
  • Challenge is over once ALL sims reach adulthood.
  • You are allowed to go to game options and change the age so that it is longer if you wish.
  • You cannot leave the house to go to another lot unless it is with one of the other roommates.

Real World Denver Trailer


1 Point:

  • A Promotion
  • Every Successful Woohoo (it cannot be unsatisfactory it has to be green or pink after)
  • Every Bronze Party Medal Earned.
  • A skill point is earned.
  • Every enemy one of the roommates make.

2 Points:

  • Every Silver Medal Party Earned
  • Breaking another Sims Heart
  • Every Fist Fight to Occur (anywhere, home or at another place with one of your sims involved)

3 Points:

  • Every Fire Started
  • For every Gold Party Medal Earned
  • A Sim masters a skill
  • A couple remains together until the end of the challenge (they get together and don’t break up AT ALL until the end of the challenge)

My Real World House

Click thumbnail to view full-size


Share your households and stories in lots of places. Here are some links if you don't like to make videos or aren't a hubpages member to share how your challenge is going!

Tips for This Challenge:

I started the challenge myself after settling all the rules and seeing if it worked. Here are my findings if you wish to use them:

  • Build the house based on whether you have a job picked out or not. When building since you know what kind of job they need you can then add enough so that all sims have their own or can work on their career at the same time.
  • The sims like to cook, even if there are leftovers then the sims still want to cook more food unless there is a sim that just put food down. So basically see if you can time it or have the sims do other things while only one sim cooks so that they don't go and cook all at once.
  • Bathroom embarrassment happens a lot in this game. They will walk in and they cannot sense that someone is behind the door or won't knock. So beware of this and worry because sims can die of embarrassment now.
  • There are no assigned beds in this version so I did the favor of making rooms big enough to fit the double beds not the single ones. I also chose the same model because if any of the models are better the sims will all go to that bed and try to sleep in it.
  • Cleaning glitch - I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing this but the sims have trouble cleaning when there is a large pile of dishes. I have to tell them to clean multiple times to get them to finish. To combat this have the money trash can where you can just drag things over to in case the sims do not clean or you can't get them to.

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