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The Sims 4 Strangerville Review by Heather

Updated on May 14, 2019

What's new in Strangerville?

In the new Sims 4 gamepack, we adventure to a brand new neighborhood called Strangerville, of course! It is a semi desert like town with an abandoned facility in the middle of it. We also will be getting the Military career track added which is something that's consistently been in the Sims from the beginning. But the most exciting feature of this gamepack is the story that goes along with Strangerville.

You'll notice upon arriving that some of the citizens are acting quite strange. You have to try to snap them out of it to interact with them. Your goal is to find out what's causing this strange reaction and put a stop to it!


How to start the Mystery!

All you have to do is move in a Sim to Strangerville and it will trigger the storyline. There is a new aspiration that can be found called Strangerville Mystery and it grants the trait "Hero of Strangerville" when you complete the mission. This aspiration essentially guides you through the process with it's objectives.

To complete the quest you will have to do a number of tasks that include exploring, information gathering from other Sims, and even some collecting! Your goal eventually is to discover the alien plant growing in the secret lab, and either destroy it. You could befriend it, but you wont save anyone or complete the aspiration by doing so.

You can play through from one of two perspectives, a citizen, or as a military officer.

There's also a curio shop that was added, which is just a Sim at a stand but I suggest looking around to see where he is when you start as you'll need him later on in the mission.


What's going on at the Secret Lab?

The Secret Lab is where most of the quest's main objectives will be found. However, you wont be able to just waltz right in. To get through the first sealed door you will have to create a Strangerville Dossier by collecting evidence that can be found laying around all over the ground floor of the Secret Lab. You can also gain evidence by hacking the computers there if your Sim has the programming skill, or by using one of the newly added listening device objects and bugging another Sim. The evidence at the secret lab respawns daily, so really all you need to do is revisit.

After gathering the evidence and creating the Strangerville Dossier, you'll need to acquire a card key to open the door. You can do this by increasing your relationship with a higher ranking Military Sim, or by purchasing one from the Curio vendor for 250 simoleons.

Once you have opened the sealed door you'll gain access to another level, however here there is a lab filled with equipment, and a path filled with poisonous gas. From here you'll be asked to collect spores in order to create a vaccine for the virus, which can be done on the equipment you just gained access to. You'll also be asked to construct a hazmat suit with a spore filter.

For the spores, you'll need a scanner that can be obtained again from a Military Sim. You will need to build a little bit of relationship with them first. Once you've done that just click around and scan for spores wherever you think you might find them. There are tons at the Secret Lab, but keep in mind that it will need to recharge.

The spore filter is another object you'll need to convince a Sim to give you, except this time it will be from a Scientist Sim. While you're at the Secret Lab, use one of the machines to create Infection Profile Data. Bring that to the Scientist Sim and convince them to give you the spore filter. You will have to raise relationship with them as well. The Spore Filter should arrive in the mail the next day.

The Hazmat Suit can be purchased from the curio vendor. Once you have both the suit and filter you can click them in your inventory to combine them. Now you can venture even further into the depths to find the creature that lurks below.


Defeating Mother

To defeat "Mother", the alien spore creator, you'll need a team of vaccinated Sims. This means you will have to use the scanner to gather even more spores and Bizarre fruits, then use the equipment at the lab to create the test vaccines. You'll then have to administer them to other Sims until you discover the cure. Once you have, make enough to vaccinate the Sims you'd like to fight along with you. You'll have to raise their relationship a little bit and then ask them to fight Mother. I would suggest bringing at least 3 other Sims with you.

Select the Sims you chose to fight with you and have them travel with you to the Secret Lab. When you get there you will select Mother, and select those companions again to fight with. If they are not appearing, they have not arrived yet. There are different commands that can be used on your Sim and on the group during this fight. Once she has been defeated, the town will be saved and your Aspiration will be complete!


Befriend Mother

After you've defeated Mother you can revive her using a Bizarre Fruit and begin socializing with her. When you've achieved enough relationship with her she will offer you the option to make requests. You can request for energy, riches, career success or even life extensions. You can also befriend her before defeating her but only if your Sim is possessed by her. So in other words you wouldn't be saving the town. There's no reason really to go this route, as once you defeat her you can change the town strangeness setting by selecting her.

My thoughts

While I'm not much of a fan of how The Sims has broken down a lot of it's content into gamepacks rather than including them in expansions, I like that they're finally using it in a way to offer us something new. It's hard for someone who's played since the Sims 1 to be pleased when something that's been given to us in the past is being broken down and released in portions, we're not going to like it. That's just the way it is. However, we do enjoy seeing new content, that's actually on par with it's cost and this gamepack was a great step in that direction.

The Military track being added was also a great addition. I think in general fans will be happier if they're receiving these sort of things in these packs rather than just some objects and maybe a new function.

Overall I would give this gamepack my seal of approval, it may not be what fans have been waiting for but it's certainly a fun addition!


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