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The Sims 4 Walkthrough: Achievements Guide

Updated on October 15, 2014
The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Sims 4 is copyrighted by Electronic Arts Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Sims 4 is a modern game. It is, therefore, like many modern games before it, absolutely festooned with achievements. There are opportunities for achievements around virtually every corner, and most every good or bad thing you can do for your sims will, at some point, be rewarded. Mess around long enough and you’ll probably start getting achievements without realizing that you’ve been working towards one.

Below is a complete list of achievements in the base game of The Sims 4. This list can also be found in-game; in some cases the listings will also include counters that will help determine how close (or how far) you are from completing the achievement’s criteria. Each achievement is worth points, but, like achievements in most other games, these points are simply for prestige.


  • Are You Entertained? - Get a sim to the max level in the Entertainer career.
  • Flying Colors - Get a sim to the max level in the Painter career.
  • I, Spy - Get a sim to the max level in the Secret Agent career.
  • Knack of All Trades - Get to the max level of all eight careers in The Sims 4. A single sim does not have to achieve this on their own.
  • Startup Upstart - Get a sim to the max level in the Tech Guru career.
  • Stellar Work - Get a sim to the max level in the Astronaut career.
  • Suave Criminal - Get a sim to the max level in the Criminal career.
  • The Pen is Mightier - Get a sim to the max level in the Writer career.

Sims holding a costume party in The Sims 4. Parties are key to several Achievements.
Sims holding a costume party in The Sims 4. Parties are key to several Achievements.

Player Feats

  • Event Horizon - Earn a Silver rating on each of the social events, namely Black and White Bash, Incognito Costume Party, House Party, Dinner Party, Wedding, Birthday Party, and Date.
  • Full House - Get eight sims in a single house, either through character generation, marriage, or pregnancy.
  • Host with the Most - Host 50 social gatherings that receive a Bronze rating or better. Multiple sims in multiple households qualify.
  • Knock, Knock… - Visit 25 different lots.
  • Old Lace - Cause 10 NPC deaths on your home lot.
  • The Main Event - Earn a Gold rating on every social event.
  • Vengeful Deity - Kill off 10 of your sims via unnatural causes, not old age. Electrocution, starvation, burning to death, too high emotions, all of these count.
  • Whimsical - Complete 100 Whims across as many sims as you like.

Two sims Woo Hooing in an observatory in The Sims 4. Enough said.
Two sims Woo Hooing in an observatory in The Sims 4. Enough said.

Relationship Feat

  • 50-Mile-High-Club - Woo Hoo in a Rocketship. You need a sim in the Astronaut career to get a Rocketship.
  • Hello, Darkness, My Old Chum - Have a sim befriend the Grim Reaper. The only way the Grim Reaper will appear is if a sim dies in your presence, so you’ll have to start a conversation before he leaves.
  • Serial Monogamist - Perform marriages in 20 different households.
  • Speed Dating - Have a sim perform the First Kiss option three times at a single social event. A Flirty sim with Traits related to seduction can handle this.
  • Super Best Friends - Make 20 BFFs with non-player sims. This does not have to be accomplished with one sim.
  • Woohoo! - Woo Hoo with 50 different non-player sims. This does not have to be accomplished with one sim. (Yikes.)

A sim comforting a baby in The Sims 4.
A sim comforting a baby in The Sims 4.

Sim Feats

  • All Nighter - Keep a sim awake for 24 straight hours. Items in the Rewards Store make this achievement much easier to get.
  • Basketcase - Have a sim move between all primary emotional states within a single day (24 hours). This does not include the extremes of these states, such as ‘Very Angry’ or ‘Very Flirty’.
  • Channel Surfer - Have a sim listen to every radio station and watch every TV channel.
  • Introvert - Have a sim do nothing social for 24 hours. This is exceptionally easy for Loners.
  • My, You’ve Changed! - Have one sim reach both maximum thinness and maximum fatness in their lifetime. Again, another achievement you can easily get with the Rewards Store.
  • Older & Wiser - Age up a sim, either through natural growth or by immediately changing a baby into a child.
  • On a Whim - Complete 10 Whims at a social event with a single sim.
  • Over-Achiever - Complete five Aspirations with a single sim.
  • The Circle of Life - Play through a sim’s entire lifespan, from birth to death. The death must be of old age.
  • The Most Interesting Sim in the World - Give one sim 12 Traits. You can get additional traits through the Rewards Store and taking on more Aspirations.
  • Triple Play - Have one sim give birth to triplets. The Fertile Trait makes this much easier. Note that you need a minimum of three spaces in your household before this can happen.

Wealth & Collecting

  • For the Hoard! - Complete all thirteen collections.
  • Harvested Interest - Harvest from 50 wild plants in The Sims 4. They don’t all have to be different plants, you just need to harvest that many times.
  • Rosebud - Gain $1,000,000 in a single household. In the money!

A well-crafted masterpiece painting in The Sims 4.
A well-crafted masterpiece painting in The Sims 4.

Skills & Crafting

Almost all of the achievements listed below, save those noted otherwise, pertain to getting a skill up to level ten proficiency on one of your sims. The name listed beside the achievement denotes the associated skill.

  • Beyond Repairs - Handiness
  • Bow-Dacious - Violin
  • Cast Away - Fishing
  • Code Monk - Programming
  • Connoisseurus Rex - Gourmet Cooking
  • Elementary - Logic
  • Fired Up - Fitness
  • Games within Games - Video Gaming
  • Green Thumb - Gardening
  • I’m the Mix Master - Mix 100 drinks at a bar, either in your house or elsewhere.
  • It’s not Brain Surgery - Rocket Science
  • Ivory Tower - Piano
  • Literal Genius - Writing
  • Mael-Strum - Guitar
  • Mischief Mastered - Mischief
  • Refined Palette - Painting
  • Smooth Talker - Charisma
  • Splice of Life - Unlock a new plant type via grafting.
  • Straight for the Jocular - Comedy
  • Tender Loving - Mixology
  • Tungsten Chef - Cooking
  • View to a Skill - Reach max level in every skill in The Sims 4. You can, obviously, do this with multiple sims.


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    • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

      Matt Bird 

      5 years ago from Canada

      Yeah, I think there are hidden achievements. I've gotten a few. Just haven't had a chance to come back and update yet. I'll try to nail down the rest this week.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think there are some missing? I got one for my Sim peeing herself in front of her date whilst they were out at a bar.


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