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The Sneaky Reason Behind Buying the PlayStation 4

Updated on November 16, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

(Image of a PlayStation 4 slim console with a 'Star Wars: Battlefront' skin) The new PlayStation 4 console is neato.
(Image of a PlayStation 4 slim console with a 'Star Wars: Battlefront' skin) The new PlayStation 4 console is neato.

Why the PlayStation 4 Wins When Comparing the Next-Generation Consoles Most Worth Having

The One-Stop Reason Why You Need to Buy the PlayStation 4, and with the Sound of Santa's Sled jingling and mingling early on Christmas morning long before brothers, and sisters, and mothers and fathers awaken, perhaps this December 25th morning there will be snow sheeting under the apple tree with Santa's elves hanging above, and to top things off, perhaps Santa has left a PS4 wrapped in elf-and-snow sheets under the living space tree.The PlayStation 4 is the greatest games console to release as part of the next generation gaming systems. The Xbox One may be a winner in the eyes of those who have beholden to them for some years now, but as far as general first-impressions go the PlayStation 4 is the instant desire for most gamers.

The PS4 was advertised on launch as being the ultimate gaming console, even helming a rather appropriate strap-line, "for the gamer". Had it not been for the overwhelming descent into corporate stature after the launch of the next-gen gaming competition with the ridiculously overstated entertainment system, the Xbox One, then perhaps the Xbox would have shallowed beneath the expectations of gamers long ago. Here it is, the Xbox 360 was brilliantly done, and stood for something more than just a corporate tool to help the Microsoft rake in such extra money, as it had values that resinated with the gaming community. Lots of Xbox 360 owners may have by now forgotten that moment when you unboxed the console in 2005, and the feeling was overpowering, and gave a lust for life (or should I say, virtual life). However, unboxing the Xbox One in 2013 gave birth to the awakening that Microsoft have gone completely corporate with their video-games console market, as the general feeling was mediocre status quo type stuff. As in, "yeah I'm glad I've got it, but where is the game that truly unlocks the capabilities of the next-generation gaming engine. It's 2017, and there is still the mystery as to where this magical next-gen game that is going to make history is."

Christmas is just around the corner now and chances are that this will be the year for many people that they will be getting a next-generation console system for the big day in late December, and it may have already been decided that the Xbox One is the way to go. Not that I've got any quarrels with the inner workings of the Xbox One system, as it practically runs the same in almost every way to the PlayStation 4. This is why it is less so to do with the specifications that need to be compared here, but rather the inner beauties that makes the manufacturers branded work come to life through experiences using both of the gaming console branded works.

(Image of a Sony PlayStation disc-box video-game rack) The video-game selection for the PlayStation 4 is every bit as good as Microsofts' Xbox One, except with Sonys' PS4 players get Call of Duty DLC content a month before the Xbox One player-base
(Image of a Sony PlayStation disc-box video-game rack) The video-game selection for the PlayStation 4 is every bit as good as Microsofts' Xbox One, except with Sonys' PS4 players get Call of Duty DLC content a month before the Xbox One player-base

Now, The Sneaky Peak Into the World of Possibilities for a PlayStation 4 User

Yeah, the PlayStation 4 is the greatest, but there will never be enough that can be said in order of proving this point, as all specifications fall inline with one another for both next-gen consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One.

However, in branding performances, there are some very distinct differences between the two brands of consoles. What are these exactly? Hell to the Xbox One controller experience, as they have missed some clearly distinctive features that might have brought the Xbox One up to the standards of the PlayStation 4, in both performance and integrity. The Xbox One still uses batteries as the key powering tool for their official controllers, and this makes for a lot of inconvenience, and adds bulk and weight to the controller that seems, and feels unnecessary. However, wired chargers are available for the Xbox One controller that will rid any need for the back battery pack. Compare this to the PlayStation 4 controller: On the PS4 controller there is a wired charger power tool, as once fully charged the controller should last for hours unplugged, and since they have no need for batteries the controller as kept more streamlined and leaves the controller feeling and looking more attractive to the naked eye.

The sneaky reason for the need to have the PlayStation 4 console lyes within the controller features and capabilities. The PS4 controller is slim, comfortable, and fixes all of the wearable problems with the previous PS3 controller. The PS4 controller is bigger in size than the previous PlayStation generation controller, and makes for a more comfortable grip in the palm of your hands. The Xbox 360 was the better feeling controller out of the last-generation console controllers, but there is still yet more to add to the fires on the Xbox One troubles. The Xbox One controller feels more sharper on the finger bends, and the PS4 controller on the other hand feels smoother, and yet not so smooth as to cause slippery textures.

Here it is. The PlayStation 4 controller allows the feature of listening to your game and gameplay through the headphone-port in the lower part to the controller. The reason this is so great is that you don't have to turn your volume on at all for the television, and if you have sensitive hearing (like myself) then this will be a lifesaver, especially if you are into playing competitive first-person-shooters like Call of Duty: WW2. In order for the feature to work you'll need to go over to your system settings on the console, and from here browse down to the controller settings, then click on audio, and from here you can turn on mic and game sounds for mic-plugin gameplay. This is also perfect if other people in your family have sensitive hearing to the sounds of gunfire and explosions as the mic headphone-plugin will immerse you into the gameplay experience without anyone else around you/the house being able to hear you playing the game. Any pair of headphones will work for the controller audio-plugin, and I have found that the Apple headphones work like a charm, with a standard pair costing around £25 at Amazon.

Play the PlayStation 4 on your Mac. To do this, use 'remote play'.
Play the PlayStation 4 on your Mac. To do this, use 'remote play'.

PlayStation 4 for the Win!

Is in-game hearing through the PS4 controller with headphones an appealing reason to own the PlayStation 4 instead of the Xbox One (which does not allow this feature)?

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    • Renderbug profile image

      Adrian Bridges 

      12 months ago from Prince Edward Island

      While being able to get audio through the PS4 controller is great (especially when my roommate is sleeping, or when I want to stream on Twitch), I wouldn't say it alone is a good enough reason to pick one console over another. It's a nice feature but not a game-changer, I guess.

      Personally, I have a PS4 rather than an XBox One because there are far more games I want to play on PS4. That was the real decision-maker for me.


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