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The Strait of Hormuz-Persian Gulf Wargame

Updated on January 10, 2012
Oil tankers through the narrow straits
Oil tankers through the narrow straits
Iranian wargames practice
Iranian wargames practice

Zolfaqar's Blow

It was based on actual real-life wargames conducted by the US Navy in 2009 or so to depict a possible Iranian conflict around the Strait of Hormuz. Several scenarios were conducted and explored from Iran firing masses of anti-ship missiles at a few US Navy ships to Iranian fast attack boats swarming defenseless oil tankers moving through the narrow two mile wide passage and either destroying them or seizing them. They were based on the capabilities of Iran at that time.Even in 2009, Iran, as the study showed, could cause real mayhem in this area. Despite the advanced systems used by naval ships to defend themselves with from incoming missiles and mines, the study showed the ominous: if a single ship was under attack by 5 or more incoming anti-ship missiles simultaneously, there was a 75% chance or higher, one would impact the target and cripple it. The more missiles incoming, the more likely the ship defenses would be overwhelmed. The modern version of combat melee, where an outpost is swarmed and outnumbered 10 to 1, no matter how elite and equipped the men are, numbers prevail-always.

Since Iran has hundreds of anti-ship missiles to toss, from land based and air based platforms, the danger is very real. Add to this, thousands of mines that can be laid and floated into the tanker path, there is another level of disruption.

The study was turned into a real wargame for those who wish to see. This is a board game conflict simulation that captures in gaming terms, the capabilities and potential scenarios, that could occur in the Strait of Hormuz. While not overly complex, it provides a great tool to see what may happen in the near future.

The name of the game is Zolfaqar's Blow. The game contains 280 playing pieces that represent each side's capabilties, rules, charts and two maps of the Strait of Hormuz area. One map is operational, the other tactical. It is probably the best of the future conflict simulations.

You can download it from :


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Good questions. I have no idea. But, the results seem true, defensive weapons and defense can only do so much, they are not always fail proof and if one tosses enough at a target, some will penetrate and it only takes one.

    • michiganman567 profile image

      michiganman567 6 years ago from Michigan

      I wonder if the US government would really give out accurate results from their war games? Would they tell us if Iran posed zero threat to our ships and reduce their funding? Would they let Iran know how effective their weapons would be against us? It reminds me of the Iraq war when $5 radar jammers were going to block all of our smart weapon systems. It never happened.