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The Top 10 Best Board Games Ever

Updated on May 2, 2012

Top 10 Best Board Games Ever

Before you judge my top 10 let me say this. I don't care about YOUR OPINION, if I did I'd be reading YOUR TOP 10 not writing MY TOP 10. It is MY TOP 10 because these are the 10 games that I find are MY FAVORITE OR MY TOP 10. So that being said let us begin.

Number 10 - Quelf

You may be saying...what? Quelf is relatively new and not a lot of people have played this game yet. That is why it is numero 10 because not a lot of people know it. But this game is great; it's random, different, funny, obnoxious and just not your typical game. It consists of different color cards with different tasks, rules, actions, goals, questions, that are aimed at the group or an individual. Regardless the game amounts to fun and laughter for all and just plain old making yourself look like a fool. Also doubles as a great drinking game.

Number 9- Sorry

I am SORRY if you don't agree, haha I couldn't resist. Anyway, Sorry is a simple game that's good for anyone. Kids, teens, adults, parents, dogs, anyone can play. Whether you wanna boost your self esteem by whooping a child and making them cry because they can't get out of start or whether you just wanna kill 40 minutes playing a game that a one handed blind monkey could figure out how to play Sorry is fun and it gets the job done.

Number 8- Guess Who?

Guess WHOO?!? YES I love this game. If you haven't already noticed Bill was the best. His fat cheeks and egg headed shape were just automatic laughs and my brother and I always fought to pick this character. I mean you can't win if your opponent knows your character but who cares, Bill was funny looking and it was awesome. Guess Who? is a great game that I could still play today (and have) except NOW THEY HAVE LIKE 7 DIFFERENT GROUPS OF CHARACTERS! PEOPLE ANIMALS BUGS MONSTERS KIDS!! Its crazy. Unfortunately, they don't have Bill which really pisses me off but it doesn't make Guess Who? not an awesome game. Plus hiding those creepy character cards around is fun too.

Number 7- Chinese Checkers

Chinese checkers. That's right, not american checkers, or chess. Those are boring. Why does Chinese checkers get the one up over those? Because I can be red, blue, black, green, orange, whatever, I don't have to pick between black and white or black and red and get stuck with "smoke becomes before fire so I go first" bullshit rule. Besides the fact Chinese Checkers lets the players choose more colorful pieces its just better. No capturing, thats for wussies, this is all about strategy, defense, blocking, and than lining up a long across board butt raping of your opponent into the home triangle. Winning.

Number 6- Scrabble

Scrabble the vocabulary battle of wits, also known as "Words with Friends" for you tech heads, Scrabble is not for the faint of heart. The simple joy of rearranging your letter tray to play that awesome 24 point 5 letter word is amazing. But is simply taken away when your smarter older opponent whips out their ginormous weiner and smacks you with a 245 point tray clearer to put the game out of reach. Goddamn you triple word triple letter bonus!! This game challenges you and is fun and takes a good chunk of time if you need to kill it.

Number 5- Life

I'll put it as Monopoly's lesser inferior cousin (SPOILER ALERT). Life is fun. You can pick your career at random, screw college majors, pick a card bitch, you can pick your salary at random (JACKPOT) and it even supports gay marriage; aka putting to blue plastic guys or two pink ladies next to each other in the van. Life is just fun and playing with all those fake 100,000$ bills (this is def a one up on monopolys pathetic 500$ bills) Life just gets you going. Although I'll never know why I bought this 200,000$ victorian house if I'm spending my whole damn lifetime all the way up to retirement in this stupid red minivan. Yeah, who knows, still it rocks out at number 5.

Number 4- Monopoly

Monopoly, AKA the longest fucking game ever invented, long enough to grow a full beard and or die while playing, it is still a classic. Although I think Monopoly is a tad overrated, it would be blasphemous not to include it and to say I hate it, because when you're in the mood to be a real estate tycoon and kick butt, Monopoly is always handy. Now take this advice because I learned after years of playing. The first time I ever played I got boardwalk and park place, got them hotel-ed up and won. ( I am almost 90% positive my parents rigged to make this happen, I was young) and ever since I tried to repeat that. I would trade my life for those properties. But I say avoid these, because no one ever lands on them. So those 2 houses you spent like 1000$ on do jack. By the time someone lands on them, they are mortgaged because you went all the way around the board to everyone else hotels getting bitch slapped by hotel after hotel and no one lands to rent your 750$ house because you're too poor to afford the 5000$ hotels. SO instead of going for the high priced real estate stick to the purple, the oranges, the red, and the yellow (if your feeling upper class) hotel them up and put a broom stick in all your opponents booty holes.

Number 3- Yahtzee

The closest a 12 year old will get to a casino before he turns 21 and is snorting lines off of a casino toilet seat in Vegas, Yahtzee is the dice game of chance. Simple and fun yet not 100% luck, Yahtzee calls you to strategize which order you fill up your score sheet. My advice, take that 35 point bonus from the upper bracket all day, it helps, and is way better than going for the 50 point yahtzee you'll never get.

Number 2- Stratego

The best war game ever. Hide that flag with some bombs, hide those bombs with some low numbers and attack your opponent with 4's backed up by 8's to infiltrate their flag. Or if you wanna be crafty make a bomb corner decoy and just hide your flag with your one your 2 and your threes and pray they dont sneak a spy all the way up to you. Stratego is a great old school game to battle your war strategic wits against someone else. Avoid those damn lakes in the middle.And don't walk barefoot around these pieces.

The moment you've all been waiting for...


No game encompasses the simple joy of candy land. You couldn't pay me to explain why candy land is so awesome because I can't. It's stupid, easy and pointless, but I couldn't turn down a candy land invite anyday. This easy game rounds up the top 10 with an upset over some more strategic classics, but I just can't think of a game more playable than Candy Land.

Honorable Mentions (I really like board games so this was difficult)

Connect 4




1313 Dead End Drive



Make a Scene

And Many More

I could write little bios about all of these but I won't because my hand hurts. All in all, if you wanna play a board game just hit me up. I'm always down for games, I'm just a big kid at heart.

I hope you enjoyed the countdown, if not, well tough darts.


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    • Sam Magro profile image

      Sammy Magro 5 years ago from NJ

      I have played risk, I like that game too, just not my top 10.

    • againsttheodds profile image

      againsttheodds 5 years ago

      You must have never played Risk before.