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The Top 11 Games for the Xbox Kinect

Updated on April 20, 2012

The Kinect is a new way to play your Xbox 360. As if your games weren't enough, you now have the option of playing the new way---without using controllers at all. You can punch, kick, jump, fight, and your avatar will play along with you. It's an amazing new way to play.

So now you need to know which games are available. This article will explain the different games available for the Kinect, so you can play the coolest game of 2010. Call your friends and invite them over---It's time to party!

1. Sonic Free Riders

Life just wouldn't be the same without Sonic the Hedgehog.

Kinetic Games

2. Child of Eden

This amazing new game is the first of its kind. With Kinect and Child of Eden, you can explore the depth of your existence while playing this intense game. Reach into outer space, and grasp the universe in your hand. Touch the stars and move them with a flick of your wrist, and meet the creatures that exist somewhere between the ocean and space.

As the music gains intensity, it's your job to protect the world from certain disaster when a virus threatens Project Lumi. You must risk everything to save Eden, and thus, save the world.With its intense special effects, this game is not to be missed. Click the video to the right to see just how cool Child of Eden actually is.

Child of Eden

3. Kinect Sports

Sports games are the most popular video games, and the Kinect will continue to uphold this reputation. Kinect Sports offers a variety of fun games that you can play right in your home, without the use of a controller. Move your body to bowl a strike---and watch your Xbox read your movements and showcase your game right on the screen.

Other amazing games included with this package include volleyball, table tennis, soccer, boxing, and track and field. You can play by yourself, or you can have your friends join you.

4. Dance Central

If you liked Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), then you ain't seen nothing yet! Dance Central, designed for the Kinect, brings DDR to life, so you can play right in your living room. And you don't have to worry about staying on the marked pad, or holding a controller. The Kinect picks up your movements and displays your avatar as you bring it to life.

Listed to your favorite music and dance away. You can choose from beginner or expert dances, learn each of the dance moves (600+ moves), and perform your routine. Professional dancers worked hard to produce this high quality game, and it's produced by the same people who created Rock Band.

5. Kinect Adventures

Kinect Adventures puts you in charge of your destiny. Explore the far reaches of the world, as you explore the far reaches of the earth and beyond. With this adventure, you'll find yourself deep in the ocean, high on the mountains, and racing over the seas.

This game even helps you hook up with your friends through popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Play along and have the adventure of a lifetime.

6. Kinectimals

Did you ever imagine owning your own exotic animals? With Kinectimals, you and your children can fall in love with creatures of the wild, and adopt them as your own. Go ahead and teach them new tricks, rub their bellies, and find them toys so they can play. There are twenty animals available for adoption, and a fuzzy stuffed animal can be purchased so you can keep them close to your heart.

Top 11 Games for the Kinect

7. Kinect Joy Ride

Imagine drag racing on your go kart, twisting and turning through every curve, trying to outpace your competitor---all without a steering wheel. With Kinect Joy Ride, you'll race your friends, as you try to do stunts and run through an obstacle course.

When you are ready for a change of scenery, try racing in other places. You can drive in three different worlds and a bunch of different courses. Go ahead, give it a try. Driving without a steering wheel is harder than it sounds!

8. Zumba Fitness

Kinect is the lastest and greatest development in the gaming world, so of course it would offer one of the most popular fitness classes in the world. Zumba is sweeping the country, putting a Latin flair on simple exercise. Like the similar games, you can dance your way around the room without worrying about keeping track of your game controller.

9. Star Wars

Details on the new Star Wars game have not yet been released. Word has it that the action based game will involve fighting with a light sabre.

Buy The Biggest Loser for Kinect

10. The Biggest Loser

Details have not yet been released, but you know this one has got to be good. The Biggest Loser is one of the most popular reality shows in history, and viewers around the world are interested in becoming a part of the action. What could be better than playing this at home---without the overbearing instructors following you around?

11. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved brings home based fitness games to a new level. This is not just boxing, it's a challenging game where you seek to shoot the balls as they come straight towards you. If you prefer to run or stairclimb, you can check your stats and even determine the angle of your moves. Kickboxing is a colorful new adventure, and there is just so much more.


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    • DonnaWallace profile image

      Donna Wallace 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Thank you for reading my Hub, Lady_E. The best part about the Xbox is watching others play (or listening to them play as they talk to other players on their microphone). I can't wait until we get the Kinect---it's on order now!

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Oh Donna, I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of fun. These sound very interesting. Last game I played was with PS2 - haven't used the XBox yet.

      I would like to try Dance Central and Kinect Adventures. :)