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The Top 10 Most Worthless Mega Man Weapons

Updated on September 23, 2014

In the Mega Man series, our blue hero gains strength by absorbing the powers of vanquished foes, and then, using his newly acquired skills against other enemies. If you’ve ever played any of the Mega Man games, then I’m sure that you’ve found a weapon that you prefer over the others. Then there are weapons that have been deemed “useless” and are destined to remain with a full energy meter.

Let’s be fair, every robot weapon has a use. Even the weirdest of weapons acts as a weakness when used on the right robot master or is needed to pass a certain part of a level (the Flash Stopper in Quick Man’s stage is a perfect example). Capcom seems to have tried to balance things out by giving the unorthodox weapons the capability of taking out the strange Dr. Wily. So putting aside the one off time we use said skill, let’s talk about the ten weapons that are utilized just a little bit less than the others.

I take no credit for the video clips below. The belong to the original people who took the time to make and upload them.

Nintendo 3DS - Flame Red
Nintendo 3DS - Flame Red

You can download Mega Man 1-6 through the Nintendo store for about $5 each.


10. Danger Wrap is your prize for defeating Burst Man in Mega Man 7. Danger Wrap works by firing a mine enclosed in a bubble that flies upwards, encasing enemies that it touches before exploding. Or, Mega Man can leave it on the floor in front of him like a land mine, waiting for an unsuspecting enemy.

Why it’s useless: Danger Wrap is only effective against stationary sky bound foes. Anything flying by with any kind of speed is almost always going to miss. There are much better projectile type weapons with better range and speed that would be more efficient.

Danger Wrap only looks dangerous in this clip because Cloud Man only stays in one place.

9. Wild Coil is yours to command by defeating Mega Man 7's Spring Man. Equipping Wild Coil allows Mega Man to fire one spring forward and one spring behind simultaneously. Each spring hops forward, launching themselves at your enemy. Charging the Wild Coil makes your coils jump even higher.

Why it’s useless: Any enemies that move quickly or jump will almost always dodge the sporadic leap of Wild Coil. Well timed, precise attacks are needed in order to be effective, and the game doesn't always grant the luxury of planning. Unless your enemy stays strictly in one place, but more often or not that isn’t the case, your attack will miss more often than not. You can always wait for an enemy to get right next to you before firing, but why risk unnecessary damage.

Notice that you always has to be right next to the target in order to use Wild Coil effectively?

8. Skull Barrier is yours after conquering Skull Man in Mega Man 4. Skull Barrier is a shield weapon that summons skulls to surround Mega Man, protecting him from projectiles and being touched by enemies.

Why it’s useless: Skull Barrier does not have any advantages that come from other shield weapons. It doesn’t continuously destroy weaker enemies (Wood Shield, Jewel Satellite), you can’t throw it at enemies (Star Crash) and it doesn’t damage enemies (Plant Barrier) it simply absorbs one damage, then vanishes.

Even Skull Man can't use Skull Barrier effectively. The only difference between the robot master's version is that Mega man's version doesn't absorb any damage

7. Search Snake is awarded to Mega Man after beating Snake Man in Mega Man 3. Mega Man fires up to three snakes that trace the ground terrain attacking any enemy that is in reach. The snakes also have the advantage of being able to scale walls.

Why it’s useless: I can already hear some people saying that Bubble Lead is more of a disappointment since it can only descend walls. While that may be so, Search Snake doesn’t pack quite a punch that Bubble Lead does. Despite having very low attack power, this weapon does absolutely nothing with aerial/ jumping enemies, thus making it a mostly useless weapon.

With no range, Search Snake is a liability that puts Megaman at more of a risk than necessary. If that's not bad enough, Search Snake has no power what so ever.

6. Flame Blast is a very deadly weapon when it is in the hands of Mega Man 6’s Flame Man. Although, when you steal it from him, the Flame Blast seems to fizzle out. When Mega Man fires Flame Blast, a small fire explodes from his arm cannon and then falls in a downward arc where it grows into a pillar of flame at the impact site.

Why it’s useless: On paper, Flame Blast sounds like one of the best weapons in the series: massive enemy damage, melts ice walls and can even attach to walls turning into a sideways fire pillar. In reality, Flame Burst is hit and miss. I found Flame Burst really disappointing because of the extremely low arc in which the projectile flies. While a well-timed bullet will effectively destroy an enemy that is charging you, or greatly damage an enemy that is standing still, its versatility is practically nil.

This is the perfect example of Flame Blast's uselessness. What with embarrassment how many times the player fails to take out a simple foe.

What is the hardest game in the original Mega Man series?

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5. Chill Spike is your spoil for claiming conquest over Mega Man 10’s Chill Man. A tricky weapon in which a ball of ice is shot from your cannon and forms a patch of razor sharp icicles at the impact site. The spikes can be a trap laid out for approaching foes, or freeze them in their tracks in some cases.

Why it’s useless: Much like Flame Burst, the trajectory arc is the Chill Spike’s biggest downfall. The icicle trap is a great concept, but in my experiences, the spikes melt before an enemy reaches you. You can hit an enemy before the ice ball turns into icicles, but there are several enemies that are not damaged at all by this method. Rather than take a chance that my weapon may fail, I'd much rather find something with a little more reliability.

Even Chill Man can't save himself with the Chill Spike. See how easily the spikes are destroyed?

4. Water Balloon is yours after dismantling Aqua Man in Mega Man 8. When Mega Man equips this weapon, he can shoot a constant stream of watery orbs like a rifle.

Why it’s useless: See weapons 5 and 6! The pitiful Water Balloon suffers from the same affliction as Flame Burst and Chill Spike. The sad, downward arc at which the projectile travels. At least the two prior weapons have some sort of added feature. While you can auto fire Water Balloon, you just continually fire a dysfunctional bullet. You could jump and fire to give your attacks some extra distance, but once again, it doesn't guarantee any accuracy.

Don't let this video fool you. If you watch closely, you can see the arc at which the water balloon is fired.

3. Thunder Wool is your reward for beating Mega Man 10’s Sheep Man. Mega Man fires a storm cloud which floats upward and releases a lethal bolt of lightning, striking whoever is unlucky enough to be underneath it.

Why it’s useless: Thunder Wool is a high cost weapon that does a minimal amount of…well…anything! The cloud is slow to rise and the lightning doesn’t activate right away, so hitting any kind of moving target is almost impossible. You would think that fighting stationary foes would be much easier except the storm cloud doesn’t float straight up, it goes at a slight angle so you are most likely going to waste a shot before getting the exact position above an adversary.

Just watch the first few seconds of this video... I don't need to say anymore...

2. Super Arm is as easy as defeating Mega Man 1’s Guts Man. Guts Man relies on his strength to accomplish his goals. The same applies to Mega Man’s version of the weapon. Strong Arm allows Mega Man to lift extremely heavy bricks and hurl them at his enemies.

Why it’s useless: In theory, Strong Arm should be a badass weapon, but in reality the opposite rings true. Hurling blocks at your enemies is extremely deadly, but only certain blocks can be lifted. There are several Robot Masters that have these blocks in their lairs. However, once they've been used, they're gone. Even if you should fall in battle, the bricks don't regenerate. And those blocks are usually blocking a power up of some sort. The ultimate let down is that other weapons can destroy these same blocks, thus rendering Super Arm completely useless.

See all the unnecessary damage that Mega man had to take just to get into throwing range... Yes, it's powerful, but that doesn't excuse the weapon's poor range.

1. Top Spin: Surprise, Surprise! Top Spin is my (and most others) pick for most useless weapon in the Mega Man series. For dismantling Mega Man 3’s Top Man, Top Spin is your (booby) prize. The concept of Top Spin is Mega Man leaps and spins, destroying enemies with brutal force.

Why it’s useless: Top Spin more often than not fails at anything it tries to accomplish. Using it to attack any kind of foe usually results in Mega Man taking damage and a drained weapon energy meter. It is not an energy efficient tool nor is it a powerhouse. With all of the unique skills in your arsenal, you can substitute Top Spin with any other weapon with 100% better results.

Kudos to whoever posted this video for showing us what Top Spin is actually capable of. But for the average player, Top Spin is just a liability.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection - PlayStation 2
Mega Man Anniversary Collection - PlayStation 2

A collection of Mega Man 1-8 all in one location. Available in other formats as well!


What weapon do you think is the most useless?

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