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The Top 10 Video Game Romances

Updated on September 3, 2018
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I've been an avid gamer for more than 20 years, and especially love the genres of horror, RPGs, and puzzle.

Video games are more than just shooters or platformers. Many of them have awesome storylines and characters you get attached to. Many times, an aspect of the story includes a little romance (or sure, a lot of romance). Even games that have basic gameplay or simple graphics can have some of the best stories revolving around two characters. Here are some of the sweetest, deepest romances between video game characters. (May be spoilers, read at your own risk!)


Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher

This unlikely pair from the Uncharted series has won the hearts of many gamers. Despite both characters being stubborn and independent, it’s easy to see how much they care for each other. Although they've gone through some rough patches, they always come out on the other side together. Gamers will have to wait and see what's going to happen next with these two.


Mario & Peach

Mario and Peach just have chemistry. Plus, Mario must really care for Peach if he’s willing to check out every castle to find her. Game after game, the plumber risks his own life to rescue Peach from whoever is kidnapping her that day. These two are iconic in the gaming community.


Tidus & Yuna

Tidus and Yuna have such a simple, sweet love for each other. Starting off a little shy, they eventually warm up and become comfortable with each other. Both of them are willing to do anything for the other. Luckily, they have a happy ending, despite the events of Final Fantasy X. If you want to get the whole story, play through Final Fantasy X-2.


Link & Zelda

These two have been around forever, and in each game their relationship becomes more dynamic. Their relationship may not appear romantic in every game, but players often pick up on the romantic tension between them. They do share a kiss in some games, like in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Most gamers recognize these characters, and they are one of the most popular relationships celebrated in gaming.


Johnny and River

This pair from the obscure game To The Moon will make you cry. Their struggles and story is so well-written, and the characters will stick with you long after the game has ended. This whole game revolves around their relationship, so it's one of the most in-depth ones on this list. If you decide to check out this game, have the tissues handy.


Jackie Estacado and Jenny Romano

These two character made The Darkness a memorable experience. The couple seems so normal and relatable, that is, until tragedy strikes. Although many people found The Darkness to be a somewhat forgettable game due to standard gameplay, the characters still stand out for their realism and heart wrenching story.


John and Abigail Marston

Throughout Red Dead Redemption, you see just how much John Marston cares for his wife. He’s willing to go to extreme measures to keep his family safe, and even though temptation is everywhere in the Wild West, John stays loyal to Abigail. Although you don't get to see Abigail too much, John's actions alone make their relationship memorable.


Sam and Lonnie

Gone Home was a powerful game, thanks to the relationship you uncover through exploration. Sam and Lonnie’s love is young, powerful, and a little heartbreaking. The developers took the game in a new direction for the field, and it works very well in their small exploration game. I highly recommend checking it out.


James and Mary

Coming from Silent Hill 2, these two have a dark relationship with a hidden past. However, their story will stay with you. While James may have committed a crime, his final act can be seen as an act of mercy, and it’s clear in the game how much he loves his wife. To this day, their relationship and the story has made Silent Hill 2 my favorite entry in the series.

Alex & Luna

These two come from the Sega Saturn/Playstation One game Lunar: Silver Star Story. They are originally childhood friends, but as they grow older their relationship blooms into something more. Despite Luna’s situation, Alex never stops trying to help her. While there are some other cute relationships in this game, Alex and Luna's romance takes center stage. Check out this game if you want an older RPG experience.

Who is your favorite couple listed?

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