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Top 5 Giant Water Slides For Summer Fun!

Updated on March 13, 2013

#1. The Wahii WaterSlide

If you'd like to create a giant waterpark in your backyard, the Wahii WaterSlide may be the perfect slide for you. To see it in action, watch the Wahii video on Youtube!

I purchased a Wahii WaterSlide last year for my son's 7th birthday party and the kids loved it. They used it all day long! We had to practically pull them away from the birthday cake and ice cream... and forget about the gifts.

The Wahii is 75 feet long and 12 feet wide. It's huge. The kids had the most fun when they raced down the slide. We would line up two (racers) at the top and a starter would say.... "ready, set, go!" and they would race to the bottom. By the end of the day, they were racing three at a time. Great birthday party slide or just for cool summer fun.

Excellent value for the money. The kids loved it... and that is why I am making it the #1 slide.

Cost: $149.00


#2. Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park

Giant activity packed inflatable water slide that is so cool. Looks like a rainforest sitting in your backyard! It has a water cannon that pivots in all directions. Climbing wall and clubhouse area. Perfect getaway for the kids when the parents come calling.

3 different slides!! 5 water activities in all.... ride down the steep tree house slide, rumble down the curving tunnel slide, or better yet blast the water cannon in the face of your best friend then hide in the treehouse when he runs home crying. Slide inflates in less than 5 minutes.

It measures 11.5'x14'x17.5' It's a monster... and that's why it comes in at #2 on my list!

Cost: $721.99


#3 Ninja Jump Slide 'N Splash

A real monster. This is a commercial grade water or dry slide that will wow everyone, even the astronauts as they spot it from outer space! Riders climb up 14' to a no jump top for safety. Slide down the left side into an oversized pool.

The pool detaches for fast and easy drying. Comes with a Kodiak (1hp blower) $175 dollar value. Repair kit included. It is heavy, over 120lbs, but worth it when every kid in the neighborhood pays a $5 daily ride fee.... and now you've got yourself a new business venture. And that is why it comes in at #3 on my list of giant water slides.

Cost: $3,195.00

#4 Aviva Glider Pro-Line Water Slide

If you've got a lake house and a water trampoline... then the Aviva Glider water slide is for you. Do flips, twists, quarter-pike front flips, and triple-lindys on the tramp then slide down the Aviva into the cool lake water. (Watch out for those hungry alligators or musky!)

Attaches to the side of the Orbit or Moon Bouncer trampoline with special connectors and you are all set. Increase your fun by 347%!

Dimensions: 37" x 137". Not exactly giant, but it will add so much fun to your water trampoline. My uncle has one at his lake house and you can't beat the fun! And that is why it is #4.

Cost: $699.00

#5 Moonwalk Inflatable Water Slide

This amazing 6 and 1 inflatable structure is too cool. It's giant too! It has so many features, I'm not sure where to begin..... here goes. Dual water slides, dual pools, multiple sprinklers, dual water cannons, double rock-climbing walls.

Escape the maniacs that shoot you with the water cannons by ducking into the two water tunnels on each side of the slide. It's fun to play tag and hide in the slide. Not quite the size of the Great Wall of China... but darn close. The Moonwalker Slide is my #5 pick.

Dimensions: 32' x 16'high x 10'

Cost: $999.00



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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 6 years ago from The Country-Side

      I wouldn't even believed they made ones that cool if I hadn't just seen them thanks for posting will have to show my husband and kids

    • Dave Ward profile image

      Dave Ward 7 years ago from Goldenrod Plains

      And to think I made it through childhood mostly with black plastic and a little suds from the sink. These water slides are fantastically ridiculous!