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The Top 5 Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards - Great keyboards for Video Games

Updated on March 18, 2013

With the rise of eSports, the need for top of the line gaming equipment has never been greater. When any schmuck who puts in the time to learn a competitive game can potentially make it big, you don't want to be left behind in the hardware arms race. Sure, some PC gamers prefer controllers, but oftentimes the only want to play is with a keyboard and mouse. That's why mechanical keyboards are so popular for gaming. In titles that require perfect button timing, a standard keyboard just won't cut it.

Before we check out the top mechanical keyboards for gamers, let's take a moment to look at what benefits a mechanical keyboard offers over a standard keyboard.

A good gaming keyboard can give you that tiny sliver of an edge in competitive games
A good gaming keyboard can give you that tiny sliver of an edge in competitive games

Benefits of a mechanical keyboard for gaming

So, if you're not already using a mechanical keyboard, check out your keyboard. Hit a key. While the button itself is firm, it feels a little bit "squishy" being depressed, doesn't it? That's because it uses a plastic gel that recognizes individual key presses. This is cheaper and easier to produce, which is why mechanical keyboards fell out of style.

That doesn't mean the current, modern keyboard is better though! Mechanical keyboards use actual switches that have to be depressed to register an input. They have an audible "click" sound every time a button is pushed. It is much harder to accidentally misclick a button by pressing down too hard on it, which means that all of your attacks and skills only go off when you want them to.

Mechanical keyboards are also heavier. That might not sound like much, but it means that it is very hard to move one unless you want to. If you're doing some real finger acrobatics, pounding here and there on the keyboard, there's almost no chance it will slide around.

The clicking of the keys can also help promote more efficient button presses. As soon as the player here's their mechanical gaming keyboard click, they know the computer has registered their button press and can move on. it's not a big deal if you're typing an e-mail to your friends, but the split second timing could make all the difference in a League of Legends match.

Now let's check out the best mechanical keyboards for gaming!

CM Storm QuickFire Rap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The CM Storm is a budget gaming keyboard. A very solid keyboard that provides all of the benefits of a gaming keyboard with none of the extra frills that can drive up prices. If you're looking to game with mechanical keys and don't want to drop a C-note, this is probably your best choice.

The Cherry MX Blue switches are renowned as one of the louder and more tactile switch components in keyboard. They might not win you any friends in a quiet office, but for gaming they're absolutely perfect. The click of each button press is the perfect punctuation to an attack or quick movement.

Like most gaming keyboards, the Quickfire has tools in place to prevent "ghosting", a negative hardware defect that can occur if too many buttons are pressed at once.

Razor BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer has long been considered one of the premiere gaming accessories manufacturers. The BlackWidow brand is there premiere keyboard for PC gamers.. Although there are multiple models of this particular brand available at any one time, the retail price typically stays between $75 and $100.

Just slightly fancier than the QuickFire, the BlackWidow includes programmable macro keys just to the left of the shift and tab keys. If you have a few complicated button presses that need to be executed perfectly every time, bind them to one of the macro keys and make the task infinitely simpler.

Well regarded by gamers around the world, the BlackWidow is definitely one of the top mechanical gaming keyboards available.

Corsair Vengeance K90 Performance MMO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair Vengeance is a premium mechanical keyboard designed specifically with MMO players in mind. Featuring a staggering 18 macro keys, this is the perfect tool for a serious raid leader to keep their underlings in line while they're taking down raid bosses or organizing PVP matches. Featuring a blazing fast response time over USB, users of the Vengeance will realize that input lag is a thing of the past.

If you're not the type who uses more than a few macros, you're probably better off with a less intricate keyboard. Those who live and die based off of programmable keys, however, will wonder how they ever went without this amazing device. ,

Steel Series Mechanical Keyboard

Holy crap. If you're ever in a street fight, this keyboard could double as a blunt weapon. Weighing well over three pounds, this keyboard can take some serious damage.

What is particularly notable about the Steel Series keyboard, though, are the durable switches beneath the buttons. The switches and connectors are all made out of gold, providing super-sensitive inputs with la lifespan that will last you 50 million keystrokes or more.

Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another gold plated gaming tool, this one offers USB 3.0 connectivity and a series of macro-enabled buttons mounted above the function keys. This comfortable, easy to use mechanical keyboard is great for gaming in your own home. Easy to use, comfortable, the Aivia Osium has all the features a serious gamer would want in their keyboard.

As an added bonus, this keyboard has easy to reach volume and LED controls located right on the keyboard. No fumbling with speakers, headphone dials, or system levels: just turn a knob and get the perfect settings with no gameplay interruptions.


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