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The Top Xmas Toys and Board Games

Updated on December 11, 2017

Dobble Breathes New Life into Board Games

In the vapid world of attention-stealing smartphones and technology gadgets, it is interesting to note that family board games are set for a comeback this Xmas. Dobble is one game in particular that can bring families together, but with an immediate quick start advantage that requires little explanation and no "boring" set-up for today's impossibly impatient children.

Dobble is a simple but addictive observation game where players have to spot the identical symbol between cards. Every card is unique and has only one symbol in common with any other in the deck, and the matching is not as simple as it seems as the size and location of symbols are changed. There is no clear advantage for either adult or child, as the game is based on reflexes and perception. To keep things fresh, there are also five mini-games within the game that can freshen up the concept.

Lego Empire Strikes Back

For the third year in a row, Lego has the force behind them with another cinematic Star Wars release.

This time, the lead piece of their Xmas sets is a lovingly recreated BB8 which features a wheel-activated rotating head and opening hatch, a display stand, a plaque with some useful facts and small BB8 figure. There are 1100 pieces, so it might take a whole afternoon or two to set up, but is worth the effort. The age range is between 10 and 16 for this particular set.

FurReal Friends Roarin' Tyler The Tiger

Following the recent trend of toys that have multiple play modes, such as the Zoomer Chimp, The FurReal Roarin’ Tyler is a tiger that interacts to sounds and touch with over 100 sound and motion combinations.

Like the Zoomer pets, Tyler does have lifelike characteristics, in that the eyelids, the eyeballs, the jaw, the front legs, the tail, and the ears all move to ensure there is a real feeling of communication and response. There is a button on the back to elicit a response as well as touching the head and nose. The price point of around £99.99 is high but the quality of the pet is in its lifelike characteristics and softness to the touch. That extra playability should ensure longevity.

LOL Dolls Make a Comeback

After the success of the first batch of L.O.L. dolls, there's seven more layers of fun in the second round, including a secret message sticker, a collectible sticker sheet, a charm, shoes, an outfit, and an accessory, as well as the doll itself. The identity of the doll is unknown until unwrapped as there is a mystery message that suggests which one lies within. Girls from around about five-to-12-years old can feed or bathe the baby for an additional water surprise where she might cry, spit, tinkle or change colour. They are only £10 and are the most affordable but popular of their kind around.


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