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The Toughest Bosses in the Mega Man Series

Updated on September 23, 2014

When I'm not nose deep in a book, then my eyes are on my Nintendo 3DS. You may, or may not, know that the Nintendo store allows you to purchase new titles as well as some classics. Being the retro gamer that I am, I was ecstatic to see Mega Man 1-6 show up. I was fighting Quick Man, using the Time Stopper, and wondered what bosses would be hardest using only the default Mega Buster. So I decided to replay Mega Man 1-10 using only my default weapon, and these robot masters are what I determined as the toughest Mega Man bosses.

Nintendo 3DS - Flame Red
Nintendo 3DS - Flame Red

Looking for the nostalgia of a classic Mega Man game? You can download Mega Man 1-6 on your Nintendo 3DS


Napalm Man (MM3): Napalm Man is persistent. Period. That’s what makes him dangerous. He's not afraid to take damage as he rolls over you or leaps from side to side trying to smash you. He fires a series of missiles and throws simultaneous bombs that explode immediately upon impact. Tricky bombs, missiles and a robot boss hell bent on running you down all at the same time? Seems like a very bad day for the Blue Bomber to me.

Pharaoh Man (MM4): With his full Egyptian headdress, Pharaoh Man may not seem the least bit intimidating, but believe me when I say not to judge a book by its cover. Even though Pharaoh Man is a little slower compared to some of the other robot masters in the series, that doesn’t mean he is any less lethal. Pharaoh man likes to jump, which can spell disaster for Mega Man because damage is inevitable if your timing is off. His shot can fly diagonal making it a little more accurate and harder to dodge. To make matters worse, Pharaoh Man is the first robot master to have his very own charge shot.

Astro Man (MM8): Astro Man loves to fly around the room, sweeping across the screen trying to dive bomb Mega Man, which causes damage if you are standing in the way. He can also throw balls of energy at you, and for an added challenge he can duplicate himself sending multiple projectiles your way. His other attack involves two steel balls that revolve around him, until they are sent in your direction bringing havoc and confusion to inexperienced players.

Strike Man (MM10): Strike Man is another boss that shouldn’t be misjudged just because of his looks, as he can be particularly lethal. His weapon is a ball of energy that is dense enough to bounce of walls, ceilings, floors and can even rebound back toward Mega Man. Strike Man also pulls himself into a tight ball (which is invincible) and comes at you with a jump attack all while his projectiles are still bouncing around seeking a target. If you're not light on your feet, then your fate might just be sealed.

Tengu Man (MM7): Tengu Man is a flying enemy, which automatically makes him a tougher adversary right from the get go. The fact that he is harder to hit adds an extra layer of frustration to the mix. Tengu Man likes to dive bomb Mega Man with sound barrier breaking speeds. His second attack is sending a razor sharp sphere of wind that can trap Mega Man and carry him right off the edge of the platform for instant death. If that isn’t enough, he also releases a pillar of raging winds that chase Mega Man. These winds will tear you apart if you apart if you have the misfortune of getting caught in them.

Jewel Man (MM9): Jewel Man isn’t necessarily the most complicated of the robot masters when you think in terms of patterns. He actually has a very standard mode of attack: he charges Mega Man then leaps over him. Sounds simple enough, but then he unleashes his Jewel Satellite shield. Four jewels surround the boss, rotating around him providing a high degree of defensive power. Touching the shield causes damage, and if you fire at it, the struck jewel will fly back at you like a piece of shrapnel. After enough time passes, Jewel Man will hurl what’s left of his shield at Mega Man before reactivating it.

Freeze Man (MM7): Freeze Man has a ton of different attacks at his disposal. He likes to rush toward Mega man and go for the tackle. If this doesn’t work then he’ll go for a leap attack. He can also freeze the floor and then summon spikes of ice, which rain down upon you. Lastly is his signature weapon in which he throws an ice ball, but don't let this hit you, as it will freeze Mega Man, leaving him vulnerable to any tricks that Freeze Man might have up his sleeve.

Nitro Man (MM10): Half robot master, half motorcycle, Nitro Man is one serious foe. Not only can he charge at you with super speeds, but he can also climb walls before leaping off them, trying to smash poor Mega Man. Timing is everything as he charges you and then switches direction again and again and again in very close proximity. His weapon, wheel shaped saw blades, can roll, climb, fall and even jump as they try to slice into you. With as many as four on the screen at one time, the odds are pretty good that you’ll get cut.

Gemini Man (MM3): Gemini Man is one of the most difficult of the robot masters to defeat of the entire franchise. Without utilizing Search Snake, Gemini Man can quickly and easily overtake even the most seasoned players. Despite his speed, Gemini Man can clone himself, sending twin robot masters at an unsuspecting Mega Man. Jumping and charging Mega Man in a pair is overwhelming, to add to the mix, he can shoot his own projectiles. Once the clone vanishes, Gemini Man continues his charge assault and unleashes his mighty laser which bounces of walls and the ceiling.

Shadow Man (MM3): Shadow Man is vicious. End of story. Using a leap/slide combo attack, Shadow Man always seems to be on top (literally) of Mega Man. His quick land and air attacks can hastily overrun even the best players. Added to this already deadly attack pattern are the two twin ninja stars that he hurls at you in any given moment. Between the leaps, slides, stars and speed, the odds are stacked against Mega Man early on.

Elec Man (MM1): Elec Man isn’t necessarily a tough boss, but his electrical beam is one of the most powerful boss weapons ever. Since he constantly charges Mega Man, timing is of the essence. Especially considering that three hits is more than enough to destroy a very healthy hero. Your saving grace is that the Mega Buster can push Elec Man back. Otherwise he would be a most formidable adversary as he pushes through any attack to take you out.

Slash Man (MM7): Slash Man has a high level of speed, and is incredibly agile. He continuously leaps from wall to floor to wall while throwing in slashes from his sharp claws. He also has a special surprise in store. He can leap onto the ceiling and drop dinosaur eggs onto the ground. If you get caught by their sticky residue, then poor Mega Man is nothing more than a sitting duck waiting for the slaughter.

Quick Man (MM2): Quick Man can easily be one of the most frustrating bosses without the aid of Time Stopper. His boomerang weapon is deadly, with its ability to damage Mega Man more than once, but Quick Man’s speed is what clenches the match for most. By far the fastest master in the series, he fearlessly and relentlessly pursues Mega Man leaving him with very few chances to attack, or recover from a blow he might have taken since Quick Man is a relentless attacker.

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