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The Tower Of Orthanc Lego Set - Release Date & Other LOTR Lego News

Updated on April 27, 2013

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the exciting new Tower Of Orthanc Lego set which is to be released by Lego. We will have a close look at this new Lego set and give you news about the release date and where you can get your hands on the Tower Of Orthanc. Plus we will look for some news about other forthcoming Lego Lord Of The Rings sets.

Back in the summer of 2012 Lord Of The Rings fans finally got to see their heroes in Lego form. This was a very exciting time for both Lego fans and LOTR fans. We were given some excellent sets such as Helms Deep, the Mines Of Moria and Weathertop. After the release date for these came and went speculation began about what new sets would be available in 2013. There was one name that was always mentioned when discussions arose, the name Orthanc. Out of all the possible ideas that fans had put forward for new builds, the one that seemed the most likely was always the Tower Of Orthanc. This tower at Isengard is the home of Saruman and is one of the iconic scenes from The Fellowship Of The Ring, so it’s no great surprise that Lego have gone down this route. So let’s tell you a little but about the new release.

Orthanc Is Coming In Lego Form

Tower Of Orthanc Release Date & News

So first of all what about a release date for the Tower Of Orthanc. Well as of yet nothing is set in stone, there are other Lord Of The Rings sets coming out that have a release date of June but we are unsure if Orthanc will be included with these. It may be that the release date is a little later in the year so fans will have to wait a little longer. When we hear definite news of when this one is coming out we will update our page and let you know.

So what of the build itself? A few years back a massive 7ft Lego build of Orthanc was seen online, we can’t expect Lego to recreate something like this, but they do look like they are trying to make it as impressive as possible. Early rumours suggest this build will be almost 75 cm tall! That’s around 30 inches, for our money that’s one of the tallest Lego sets we have ever seen. With this being the case we are expecting there to be a large amount of bricks, a very tall Orthanc will no doubt take some building.

As for minifigures we would assume there will be quite a few. Usually the bigger the set the more minifigures you get, so as this looks like being a very large build we are expecting a good few figures. Ones we expect would include Saruman, Grima, Gandalf, Pippin and Merry and maybe a version of Treebeard which would be quite exciting. It would also come as no surprise if we got some more Orcs or Uruk-Hai.

When it comes to a price for this set we imagine it will be quite expensive. For a set of this size you are probably talking a fair bit of money, in fact it could well be the most expensive Lord Of The Rings sets we have seen released. Apparently this one will have the item number 10237. When we do get some more details on this new set we will update our page and also bring you a picture of the set.

Pirate Ship Ambush Set

More New Lord Of The Rings Lego

Along with the release of the Tower Of Orthanc there are going to be other new LOTR sets brought out. We are told these will have a release date of around June time although we would not be overly surprised if they started appearing a little earlier than that. There are four other new builds coming out, the first of these and the smallest will be called Wizard Battle. It will feature Gandalf and Saruman battling over the Palantir or lost seeing stone. It’s only a small build so it should not be too expensive.

The second release will be The Council Of Elrond, this is the first set we are going to see based at Rivendell and there will be a few nice sections of build based on the Elven City. The minifigures for this will be Arwen, Elrond, Gimli and Frodo. We are unsure if the Elrond figure will be the same one that we saw released with the LOTR video game back last year.

The third set will be called The Black Gate. This is taken from the scene in The Return Of The King where Aragorn and his small army call forth Sauron. The set will have over 600 pieces making it fairly large and we expect it to retail at around the $60 mark. The minifigures will include Aragorn, Gandalf, an Orc and the Mouth Of Sauron a character which you only see in the extended version of the movie. The main build is obviously the Black Gate itself and this looks quite impressive.

The forth and final release in June, unless we learn something new about Orthanc, will be Pirate Ship Ambush. This is the largest of the new sets and is likely to cost close to $100. There will be lots of minifigures including Aragorn, Gimil, Legolas, the King of the Dead and some pirates. This looks like being a really good build and it does feature a large pirate ship which is very good. This one will have around 750 bricks so it’s going to be quite a large time consuming build.

As you can see there are some exciting new Lord Of The Rings sets coming out in 2013. When we hear of the Tower Of Orthanc release date we expect fans to be eager to get their hands on this one. Of all the builds that have come out so far this is probably the most iconic and really does look like it is going to be something that little bit special. If you are a fan of LOTR lego sets this this is one we are sure you are going to want to get your hands on.


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