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The Toy Sellers

Updated on January 24, 2017

Toy Seller

Rama was a kind -hearted, hard working man

In a village there was two toy sellers. They earned their living by making beautiful wooden toys and selling it in the nearly villages. Their names were Rama and Soma. Rama was a kind -hearted, hard working man. Soma was always on the lookout to make more money and was very sitting. His toys were inferior compared to see made by Rama and this made him very jealous.

One day both of them set out towards another village to sell their toys. On reaching the village, they went in opposite directions calling out people to buy their toys. As usual on hearing their voices children came running out to see the toys and buy them. Now there was one small girl who came from a very poor family. Every time the toy sellers would come she would stand alone under a tree and watch them.But never would she ask her mother to buy one for her as she knew they could not afford it. This made her mother very sad. She wanted to give her daughter one toy at least. So she searched thoroughly among her possessions and finally found an old plot for which she had no use. The plate was too heavy and since so much of dust had settled on it. It had almost turned black. It was impossible to tell what metal it was made of. Her daughter’s hand called out to him.

A Doll

Rama looked at the plate

My good man, I have no money to give you. Please take this plate and give my daughter one toy from your basket,’ she requested him.

Do you think I come here to give away my toys in charity. If you give me a little money along with the plate I can give you one toy,’ said some cunningly. He knew very well he could sell the plate and get more money, but he was too greedy.

Disappointed, the woman turned away. After sometime the mother and daughter heard the voice of another toy seller. It was Rama. They went out again and called him in front of their hut. The woman asked him to take the plate and in exchange give a doll for her daughter. Rama without even looking at the plate, took our one colorful doll and offered it to the little girl. The girl was so happy she ran away to play hugging it. Her mother handed over the plate to Rama and asked him to take it.

Rama looked at the plate. Then he said to the woman, mother, this plate looks more valuable than it seems. It should fetch a good price. Here you take all these dolls for your girl. I will sell the plate for you in the market.’ Rama then left his entire basket of toys with the woman. On the way he went to a shop to sell the plate the money he got was more than what he had expected.So he went back to the woman and gave her all the money. The woman was so happy with his honesty that she paid him more for his dolls.

Valuable Plate

Soma was having a bad day

Meanwhile Soma was having a bad day. So far he had not been able to sell one toy at least. When he saw Rama counting his money and an empty basket on his head he was very unhappy. Then, remembering the woman who had wanted a doll in exchange for a plate, Soma went to that road again, as soon as he saw her, he took out the smallest toy from his basket and said to her. Here you are. This is what I can give for your plate. Though the price of the doll is more than your plate, I am giving it because that young girl asked me’.

The woman looked at him for some of the time, and then pointed out to her little girl playing under a tree. She was surrounded with dolls and toys of all colors. The other man has already given her all his toys as you can see,’ the woman said to him and going inside her house slammed the door.

Feeling ashamed of himself soma returned home sadly without any money. He decided to be more honest like Rama in the future.


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