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The Ultimate Classic RPG Guide for New Gamers: Chrono Trigger

Updated on February 24, 2015

Chrono Trigger is one of those great games that after investing 60+ hours, you're left wanting more. I'm not saying that the game is incomplete, poorly produced or badly written, but the staff could have easily filled another game cartridge worth of content if it were possible. Fans have cried to a proper sequel to Chrono Trigger since its inital release. Although we got the lackluster Chrono Cross several years later, it didn't feel like the story truly ended. Myself and the millions of worldwide fans still crave adventures with Crono and the crew.

You begin the game as Crono, a silent protagonist, is seemingly your average teenage boy. who spends his time sleeping, guzzling soda or practicing his sword skills. However, a weird turn of events at a local fair sends him spiraling into a place where reality and time collide. Don't worry though, amidst the chaos, he'll meet plenty of friends along the way who are more than willing to help Crono return to his own world. Regal Marle, Lucca the genius, Robo the friendly robot, Frog the noble and Ayla the mighty round out a perfectly lovable cast of misfits that anyone would adore to befriend. As Crono tries to return to his own time, he'll uncover the truth about a deadly enemy that has the power to destroy the world as we know it.

Battle is mostly made up of patrolling enemies that with a little luck, and a lot of stealth, can be avoided, leaving you the freedom to decide what enemies you fight and when. With a few ambushes along the way to keep things interesting, you'll feel right at home with the traditional turn based system. You have to plan your party carefully, as members can team up to unleash truly powerful double and triple attacks that can wipe out even the toughest of foes. A lack of complicated command inputs matched with simple to learn skils make fighting less of a task and more of an enjoyment. Suddenly, level grinding doesn't seem so tedious.

The writing of the story is great. We get to see how the environment changes by our actions in other time periods. It may sound complicated, but the story is broken down so simply that it can appeal to anyone. The characters keep the story lighthearted, and deliver some chuckle worthy one liners. While at the same time, can make you feel the same anger, sadness and disappointment that they do. Although, when the end of the game draws near, you won't want it to end. You'll want to keep adventuring with our misfit heroes.

Chrono Trigger has that magic that will never be duplicated or reproduced. Which is truly a sad thing... I want Crono's legacy to live on, and I'm sure after a trip through his world, you will too. Chrono Trigger is one of those great titles that corssed genre boundries. Even though who hated RPGs gave this title a spin, and this is something that I haven't seen a game do in a very long time.

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger

The DS version of Chrono Trigger is a little easier to find and a little more affordable. No worries though, this plays almost identical to the SNES version.


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