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The Ultimate Classic RPG Guide for New Gamers: FF VI

Updated on November 6, 2015

Final Fantasy VI

With millions of players all around the world, each with their own opinion, we will never have a definite answer as to which Final Fantasy is the best. Personally, I think that Final Fantasy VI is the best of the entire Final Fantasy franchise. Originally called Final Fantasy III, as it was the third game in the series to be released in the States, setting the standard for most of the RPG titles following this game to try to duplicate. We saw plenty of copy cats and imitators, but none could recreate the magic of this game. It was actually this game that got me hooked on RPGs and I never looked back.

The game focuses on poor Terra... a misguided young girl, forced to serve as a soldier for the tyrannical Empire. The Empire has made it's goal to revive the long dead force of magic and to ultimately claim world domination. After an incident during a siege mission, Terra is able to escape her captors and runs straight into the warm embrace of the Returners, a small group of rebel warriors who oppose the Empire and aim to put an end to their wicked ways. Along the way, Terra can recruit powerful new allies to join her in her quest. Allies like fighting monk Sabin, Ex-Imperial knight Celes, Battle hardened thief Locke, and Loyal Knight Cyan who has a heart of gold.

Casting helps make the game great. There are fourteen different playable characters you'll recruit along the way, each with their own unique class and special abilities. Rarely does the game force members into your party, thus giving you the freedom to customize your party to suit your needs. I love the fact that each member can be renamed, making the game all the more personable especially since you can name any character after yourself that you may connect with. Each character sprite has these large dishpan eyes, that when they stare at you, you can't help but sympathize with them. What I really like is that the writers thought ahead. No matter who is in your party during a quest, they each have their own special dialogues which suits each person's personality.

Battle is typical for a 90's RPG. Regular turn based battles, monster recycling and a decently high random encounter rate are a little annoying but can be overlooked. Several of the characters stats are similar, but you'll learn how to customize them as the game progresses. You can literally make a secondary background type character into a powerhouse that overshadows any of the original stand out characters. It doesn't matter who you get attached to, you can make them into almost anything you see fit.

When the game was over, I found myself wanting more. There was so much life left in the characters that the end... didn't really seem like the end. If I could climb into the game and have an adventure alongside Terra, Celes and Sabin, you can bet that I would have done so long ago.

Final Fantasy Anthology - PlayStation
Final Fantasy Anthology - PlayStation

This is probably the easiest edition to find, and the best priced. For the original playstation and comes complete with Final Fantasy IV. The only difference is the addition of some cut scenes and some minor sound effect changes.



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