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The Ultimate Warlock Leveling Guide - Secret Tips That Guru Warlocks Won't Share

Updated on October 26, 2009

The Ultimate Warlock Leveling Guide – Secret Tips That Most Guru Warlocks Won’t Share

If you’re looking for an informative warlock leveling guide, look no further. Here you’ll learn about what talents to get when leveling your warlock from 1 to 80, what glyphs to buy and when, how to use your class abilities and much more.

First, warlock is one of the two greatest soloing classes (the other one being the hunter). With the proper spec, you won’t have problems soloing 2-man or 3-man quests. Heck, if the boss is fearable, you can even down quest bosses that require more than 3 players to kill.

What Races Can Become Warlocks In WOTLK?

Only gnomes and humans can play as warlocks on the Alliance side, while orcs and undeads get to melt faces as warlocks on the Horde side. In Cataclysm each faction will get another race and fortunately for the warlock class, both can become one: Goblin for the Horde and Worgen for the Alliance.

What Is The Best Talent Spec For Leveling Your Warlock?

If you go and ask the best lvl 80 warlocks on your server for the best leveling spec, all will reply with “Affliction”. Indeed, affliction is the best leveling spec for a warlock but only after level 30.

In the early levels, your warlock will die often. The best talent tree to go until level 29 is Demonology. Allocate your talent points as shown below:

Fel Synergy: 2/2
Demonic Embrace: 3/3
Demonic Brutality: 3/3
Improved Health Funnel: 2/2
Fel Vitality: 2/3
Soul Link: 1/1
Fel Domination: 1/1

When you get Voidwalker Sacrifice (level 16) and Drain Life (level 14) leveling your warlock will be a walk in the park. Use your main curses, Corruption and Curse of Agony and then wand the mobs to death. For good measure, apply some Immolate on the mobs.

Now… Why pull one mob when you can pull 4? Warlocks are the only class that can start a fight at 20% hp and finish it with 100% hp and 5 enemy corpses on the ground. Immolate / Curse of Agony / Corruption on a mob, send your Voidwalker, pull 2 more mobs with Corruption/CoA, use Voidwalker Sacrifice then dot-pull 1 more mob, Drain tank one of the mobs, focus fire with your Voidwalker and the mobs should be dead in no time.

Now that your warlock is level 30, time to switch to the Affliction talent tree. You’ll use Affliction from 30 to 80. Forget Destruction, since it has 0 survivability and you’ll get OOM faster than saying “OH NOES, I WENT OUT OF MANA!”.

Put talents in Affliction in the order shown below:

Improved Corruption: 5/5
Improved Life Tap: 2/2
Soul Siphon: 2/2
Improved Drain Soul: 2/2
Fel Concentration: 3/3
Amplify Curse: 1/1
Nightfall: 2/2
Empowered Corruption: 3/3
Siphon Life: 1/1 (YAAAHOOOO!)
Improved Curse of Agony: 2/2
Suppression: 2/3
Shadow Mastery: 5/5
Contagion: 5/5
Malediction: 3/3
Eradication: 3/3
Unstable Affliction: 1/1
Pandemic: 1/1
Howl of Terror: 2/2
Everlasting Affliction: 5/5
Haunt: 1/1

Good, your warlock is now lvl 60. Until level 80 allocate your talent points into the Demonology tree as following:

Fel Synergy: 2/2
Demonic Embrace: 3/3
Fel Vitality: 3/3
Demonic Brutality: 3/3
Improved Health Funnel: 2/2
Soul Link: 1/1
Demonic Aegis: 3/3
Fel Domination: 1/1
Master Summoner: 2/2

Congratulations, your warlock is now level 80!

Warlock Leveling Guide: What Glyphs To Use For Your Warlock?

At level 15 your warlock can have 1 major and 1 minor glyph: Get Glyph of Life Tap (Major) and Glyph of Unending Breath (minor).

At 30 you’ll get another slot for major glyphs: Acquire Glyph of Siphon Life.

At level 50 Glyph of Drain Soul (minor).

At 70 it’s time for another minor glyph. Just choose one that you like best (The remaining minor glyphs aren't that good and are extremely situational).

You’ll receive your last major glyph slot at level 80: Choose Glyph of Corruption if you’re more on the offensive or Glyph of Soul Link if you’re on the defensive.

I hope you liked this informative warlock leveling guide. If you’re interested in leveling from 1 to 80 the fastest way possible, read my review on some good warlock leveling guides.

About the Author

I'm John, an avid World of Warcraft player and I consider myself to be a power player. I leveled 9 characters to level 60, then 70 when The Burning Crusade came and now, with Wrath of The Lich King, I'm in the process of leveling my characters to 80. I used some good leveling guides in my journey to level all my characters because it saves you so much time, time which could be spent raiding or getting that high arena rating we all dream about!

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    • profile image

      Haroldykna 12 months ago

      This information is all relevant on 3.3.5 wow private servers (Dalaran-WoW). We all know Legion sucks so get back to when WoW was good!!!

    • profile image

      shaman leveling 7 years ago

      Update: Just read Dwarves and Trolls will be able to become Warlocks in Cataclysm. You might want to add that to your hub :)

      Thanks for sharing, John!

    • profile image

      ZZ 7 years ago

      Nice guide...slightly put off by the fact u haven't mentioned blood elf locks in your 'what races can be locks' area...unless Im the only belf lock ever lol! :)

    • JohnKrantz profile image

      JohnKrantz 8 years ago from Austria

      Actually, demonic brutality helps when leveling up! it makes your suffering better, improves the health of your voidwalker.

      On the other hand, the healthstone talent is situational. If you're in the situation where you must use the healthstone... let's say you'll die anyway. :)

      Hope this helps.


    • profile image

      Sissoi 8 years ago

      Isn't it better to get Improved Healthstone instead of Demonic Brutality? overall nice article! :P