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Collecting Vintage Art Pottery & Identifying Manufacturer Marks

Updated on September 27, 2016

Why Collect Pottery?

Are you an art collector or just someone who likes to look at pretty objects?

Why collect art pottery? Why not?

Whether it is by a local artisan or an established and recognized stoneware company, it is something beautiful to behold and "hold" in your hands.

I think hand made art pottery/ stoneware is truly an art form.The colors, sizes, shapes, textures are endless. You can even select pottery by location or its utilitarian use.

Cobalt Blue Vase


Buchan, Portobello Scotland

I love this 5" high Buchan cobalt blue vase with a high gloss glaze.

It can stand on its own, or look lovely with tall grass or gladiolas!

It has the markings on the bottom, "Buchan, Finest Stoneware, Portobello, Scotland" with the thistle design.

Salt Glazed Stoneware Bottle

Makers' Mark

Denby Pottery, Derby England

This 19th century salt glazed (producing a shiny brown surface) 17" high jar, possibly a blacking bottle type (used to store stove polish or boot and harness polish), has a cylindrical body and flat rim.

Joseph Bourne's son became a partner in 1850, so I believe this jar dates 1850-1900s.

The Museum of London has a Derby stonewear bottle in their collection.

There is an oval impressed marking on the side of the jar, "Joseph Bourne & Son, Denby Pottery, near Derby, Patentees."

Brown Drip Sugar Bowl

Markings on Bottom of Bowl

RRP Co, Roseville, Ohio

This fine example of American art pottery probably dates c1944.

It measures approximately 4 3/4" high and it is a "brown drip" sugar bowl.

The "brown drip" effect gives the high gloss finish a textured look.

The markings on the bottom read: "RRP Co, Roseville, Ohio."

The Beauty of Art Pottery

To summarize, I think art pottery is beautiful and should be proudly displayed in your home, as I have. I love the uniqueness of color and form with interesting drippings.

All photos of art pottery are by the author, Camille Gizzarelli.

If any Hubpages readers collect art pottery, I would love to hear from you.


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