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The Walking Dead Comic Series Action Figures

Updated on October 14, 2013

In September 2011, prior to the release of The Walking Dead TV Series Figures (See, Macfarlane Toys released a small range of 5" Action figures inspired by Robert Kirkman/Tony Moore/Charlie Adlard's Comic Book Series of the same name, on which the hit AMC TV Series is based. The figures are distinct from the TV Series figures in the packaging, with the Comic Series line having a blue/grey theme with distinctive Red writing and logo (whilst the TV series line is yellow with blood splattering and black type) and I must confess to a slight sense of confusion as the to the differing lines when I first encountered these figures. Despite persistent rumours that there wouldn't be any subsequent Walking Dead Comic Figures released, McFarlane have announced on 23rd January 2013 that a Second Series will be released, most likely in June 2013, see bottom of the page for further details.

Officer Rick Grimes Comic Series 1
Officer Rick Grimes Comic Series 1

Officer Rick Grimes Comic Series 1

Whilst the Comic Series Rick Grimes doesn't perhaps have the same likeness to it's Comic Book Version (which I personally think, on balance, is a better figure) than that of the of the TV Series figure to Andrew Lincoln, I think this has resulted in some lukewarm reviews of this figure, it does nevertheless boast an impressive array of accessories including a pistol, hatchet and a duffel bag with four shotguns and is dressed in Police Stetson and Jacket and has a holster. The figure comes with 23 points of articulation (as opposed to the TV Series Rick Grimes' 15). The figure is still available with Amazon UK retailing it at £13.99 and you should easily be able to find one in the US, there are various retailers on eBay retailing it at around $14.99 but I would imagine the price may rise as the figure becomes scarcer. As with the TV Series,there is also an exclusive Black and White + blood splatters version, which was released both as part of a two-pack in May 2012 (As of September 2012 is still available at Entertainment Earth for ) as a PX Preview Exclusive for Diamond Comic Distributors and as a single figure, again getting harder to find but can be found on eBay for around $40 in the US (as of September 2012).

Also in the US, ToysRUs also stock an exclusive ComicCon version with extra blood splatters and as of September 2012, had it on stock it online at $14.99 (although a lot of people seemed to have a lot of issues with the shipping method, so check carefully if ordering)

Michonne Comic Series 1
Michonne Comic Series 1

Michonne Comic Series 1

**Spoiler Alert** If you are unfamiliar with the Comic Book Series but an avid fan of the TV Series, you might wonder who the hell "Michonne" is? Well the mysterious hooded, katana wielding figure with two armless chained zombies in tow, who appears in the last couple of minutes of Series 2 may give you a clue. Michonne first appeared in Comic Book #19 and goes on to become one of the central characters in the unfolding story. This is a nice figure which comes with 21 points of articulation and a range of accessories including her trademark Katana (Sword), power drill, pliers, hammer and spoon (again if you're not familiar with this character, the choice of accessories will become apparent during the course of series 3!). The figure is still widely available and on sale through usual outlets in the UK (amazon, ebay etc) for around £11.50 - £14.99 plus postage. In the US at around $25.00. I would predict that this figure will become rarer once the TV Series 3 screens in October 2012 and that this price will rise in due course. Along with the Rick Grimes figure, there was a limited edition Black and white Michonne on a 2-pack issued, as mentioned above. There was an exclusive San Diego Comic Con Exclusive issued in July 2012 which is the same figure but with a blood spattered hooded cloak and Charlie Adlard artwork on the blister pack, which was available $25 at the convention, no doubt a worthy investment as they are unsurprisingly scarce, although there is the odd one turning up on eBay in the $40-50 region. It's also worth mentioning that issue 19 of "The Walking Dead" Weekly Comic, which was the first to feature the character Michonne is also now highly collectible with first print versions currently (as of September 2012) selling in the $180 (£110) region on eBay, with fixed priced copies for sale at up $500 (£310)!

Zombie Lurker Comic Series 1
Zombie Lurker Comic Series 1

Zombie Lurker Comic Series 1

The Zombies on the Comic Series 1 line are, in my opinion, superior to the TV Series 1 set, although the Series 2 figures due out in November 2012 do look very promising. The Zombie Lurker features multiple articulation and a pull apart torso (exposing it's rotten internal organs) that allows you to convert the figure into a legless "crawler". The figure also features removable arm segments and a head that splits apart at the jawline, revealing muscle, bones and blood. The figure is still widely available and retails at around £12-20 and in the US about $20. An exclusive Black and White/Blood splatter 2-pack (along with the Zombie Roamer - See below) was issued in September 2011 as a PX Preview exclusive through Diamond Comic Distributors and you should still be able to source one of these through eBay at around $35 (as of September 2012).

Zombie Roamer Comic Series 1
Zombie Roamer Comic Series 1

Zombie Roamer Comic Series 1

This perhaps my favourite figure from all the McFarlane Walking Dead Action Figure Series. The Zombie Roamer Comic Series figure comes with an Axe accessory (which you can embed in the zombies head) and has multiple articulation and some nice detailing... but it's unique feature is it's "Exploding Head!" Activated by a button on the figures back. the zombies' head splits open vertically unleashing blood and bone fragments, which can then be reset by pushing the knife shaped lever back down! Pretty Gross but also pretty Awesome! As with the Lurker figure, the roamer also features removable arm segments. As before the figure is still available through usual dealers and the big sellers at around £14- and in the US, around $15 - 20.

Walking Dead Comic Series 2

As mentioned above, McFarlane have announced a new Series of Comic Book based figures with a provisional release date of June 2013. The figures that have been announced are;

Glenn (in Riot Gear)

Glenn is in Full Riot Gear (which he and Maggie found in the prison and figured prominently in issues #25 to #48 in the Woodbury and Governor storyline) and comes with 28 points of articulation, Baton, Riot Shield, 2x pistols, gas can and removable helmet with flip-up visor,

The Governor

If you're a fan of the Comic Series, then The Governor (Brian Blake) needs no introduction. This figure comes with 28 points of articulation, pistol, knife and interchangeable mutilated head and right arm.

Michonne's Pet Zombie (Mike)

Michonne's iconic limbless and jaw less deceased ex-boyfriend is the ideal accessory to Michonne from the Series 1 collection. Has 17 points of articulation and includes a neck collar and chain, tear-off arms and jaw and removable intestines!

Penny (The Governors Zombie Niece)

This nice (but slightly disturbing!) figure of 7 Year old Penny comes with 12 points of articulation, a bucket of fresh body parts (supplied by her father and uncle!) and a fish tank with trophy heads (apparently, one of which can be interchanged with Michonne's Pet Zombie above to make the second Pet Zombie - Terry!). This figure is announced as the Governor's daughter but I believe it should in fact be the Governor's zombie niece,as she was Philip's (Brian Blake's Brother) daughter and was looked after by Brian (AKA The Governor) after his Brother's death. There has also been an announcement of a Black and White/Blood Spattered 2-pack with Penny and The Governor.

Good News that McFarlane are expanding this line, in keeping with the first series release, I think the second wave make a slightly more interesting addition to the overall line that the TV series versions, despite perhaps the TV versions having more popularity. The photo below shows the prototype figures, although some detailing may change on release.

Walking Dead Series 2 Prototypes
Walking Dead Series 2 Prototypes


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