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The Walking Dead Road to Survival: Community Uprising - Fix Our Favorite Game Part-2

Updated on July 17, 2017
SarcasmAndShame profile image

Kayla is an active player of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game for nearly 2 years.

A Movement for Change Continued

Continuing on from the previous article there are many features that have been introduced over the two years since the launch of Road to Survival that have not been put to use. There are also many concepts that have been introduced into the game that could have been made better with a little more planning and testing.

The reason that players are standing up to Scopely is because they are not happy. If Scopely were to pay attention to what players were saying there would be no need for any type of uprising. Players are fighting for change because they love this game. If they did not have a passion for the game they would just quit. Step-up Scopely, and listen to your customers.

Keep Moving Forward

It's no secret that the developers of this game are passionate about making it the biggest thing in mobile gaming. The problem with that is things are forgotten or overlooked in the race to be the best. There are so many options that could be added in the future to make this game stand out from the rest. The best way to know what is going to be a hit, is listening to the players.

Here is a short list of changes that would make this game better than ever:

  • Dedicated log-in. There are many players who have faced serious issues when trying to switch devices. Using Facebook log-in doesn't always work and can cause a lot of stress and wasted time going through support. Having a dedicated log-in system would fix that.
  • In-faction trading system. This would be amazing, game-changing. Even if there is an extended timer of say, thirty days within a faction before you can trade. Some factions have been together for years and would jump at the chance to trade characters or weapons. Players put so much money into purchasing these items they should be able to use them as they see fit. And they are worth far more to a player than just a few supply points.
  • Update the token wheel. There are only so many times that a person can pull a Caroline before they legitimately lose their minds. The wheel needs some serious updating. Start adding new characters around 6 months after they premiere, this gives the company months to make every last dollar off of them and then puts them in the rotation for regular pulls.
  • Epic Token Trade. Along with being able to trade within a faction, lets do something else for unwanted five star toons. Make it possible to trade any epic character into the museum for five star tokens. For example, trade a Caroline for 5000 five star tokens. In the end you can trade 2 unwanted five stars in for a chance at a better character. Even if you made it 2500 tokens each it would be so much better than throwing them away for minimal supply depot points. They are epic characters, Scopely makes them so valuable that players have to spend cash to get them, yet once they have them they are no longer worth anything. Come on Scopely, you can do better than that.
  • Step-up the Supply Depot. The same old characters are constantly being rotated in no exact order and it gets annoying. When you are adding some of those aged characters into the token wheel as suggested, you need to introduce some to the depot as well. You could even add some flash sales in the depot with better characters, good for only a 24 hours. Once a month a different flash sale of characters that have never been in the depot. And add some damn shields while you are at it. You've already milked the older ones for all they are worth and are introducing newer and better characters, let the players have the old ones.
  • In-Faction Raid Testing. Players spend our days raiding and fighting for reputation and reward, let them raid for fun while testing out their teams. You could even make some extra money by offering the same type of energy timer that is used for everything else and offer refills. You can add a little excitement to it by offering rewards for in-faction raid win milestones (100, 500, 1000 etc.). This could make it fun while players test their teams abilities.
  • Raise the XP levels. Players have been stuck at level 100 forever, it got old a long time ago. Let people continue to raise their level based on experience, even if it is the same amount of experience that it took to get from 99 to 100. offer an elite character token and an elite weapon token for each level and just let them go. This is not only for the enjoyment of the players but it is a great indicator of how active players are.
  • Max out energy at 72. It is a real pain when players are hitting a gear map and they have to either wait for 4 more energy, use them on something that they would rather not waste time on, or just waste them by using a refill. They are still going to buy and use refills, they just wouldn't have to worry about what they are going to do with the left over energy.
  • Expand the town. It's been waiting for two years. It would be great to have a 3rd armory. Nothing else needs to be said about this.
  • Weapons locking. Make it available like character locking, no one wants to accidentally sell a weapon the spent weeks trying to make.
  • Weapon slot reset. Allow players to pay coins to reset a single weapon slot rather than having to start over completely.
  • Let generals adjust war parties. Sometimes the wait is longer than expected and people have to leave. Generals should be able to remove someone from the war party without canceling the sign up. As an added bonus, they should be allowed to do this while searching if there are people in reserves to take the spot.
  • Museum points usage. Give players something to use museum points towards, even if it is a milestone reward with a cap. For example, a special character for each milestone reward from 3 star to 4 star then to 5 star once completed. Do anything with the points, as long as it's not ignoring them.
  • Loosen up with the prestige system. Who has 147 years to wait for a maxed out prestige character. Increase daily points a little to for the players that don't invest every cent they have. Bump it up to 1500 for the max daily points.
  • Gold Radios. No explanation needed...
  • Update those damn monthly crates! Seriously, they are played out. Just mix up the characters a little, maybe switch it up every 3 months.

Plan for Success

The players of The Walking Dead Road to Survival are always waiting to see what is going to happen next. Everyone wants to know when and how they should prepare. Scopely should consider setting up an events calendar. Players are aware that Scopely cannot guarantee start times, but even narrowing an event time down to the day would be pretty awesome for players.

By setting up an event calendar even just a couple of weeks out, players would stick with Scopely to find out what is going on and not go seeking the answers from "other sources". Which also decreases the advertising for cheating. This is the perfect way to start showing the communication skills Scopely has promised to work on.

All of the suggestions from this article and the game issues in part - 1 were collected from the community and put here to make it easier for Scopely to see what players want and need. These are the reasons that players have lost faith in Scopely and the Road to Survival game. No one wants to stop spending on the game. No one wants to walk away from a game that they have enjoyed and put so much energy into advancing. But if Scopely continues to ignore their customers, that is going to be the only result.

The ball is in your court Scopely, what are you going to do?

What do you look forward to most?

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    • SarcasmAndShame profile imageAUTHOR

      Kayla Hebert 

      3 years ago from United States

      Replacing them isn't an option for Scopely, they make great money from EVERY offer you do, whether you are paid or not. Their highest priority is to make money, not to give customers what they want or need.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      What about also replacing TapJoy with a company who actually has coin offers that work, suppport that speaks our language and offers with realistic payouts?

      Nobody wants to watch 2,800 videos to do a full pull.

      Besides, how much real-world money does TJ make off these videos? This is a hidden cash cow nobody factors into the $copely bank account. They are making a second killing off the F2P players without giving us any real benefit.


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