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The Walking Dead: Season One

Updated on April 11, 2018
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I play a lot of video games on the Xbox 360, Xbox one, Nintendo switch, game cube, PS2, and on my android phone and tablet.

The Story

The game follows a man by the name of Lee Everett as he receives a police escort to prison for the alleged murder of his wife's lover. He's suddenly thrown into the zombie apocalypse when the police car crashes after hitting a walker on the road. While trying to find a way to heal his injuries, he meets up with a young girl named Clementine. You make the choices that help them build relationships with others, and survive the disaster.

The break down!

I will break the game into four categories, Game play, Controls, Graphics, and An overall score.

Game Play: (4/5)

The game revolves around the possible choices you can make, choosing the right thing to say or do in a situation depends on who you want to have on your side for future problems. Occasionally it will give you a quick answer question, which adds a semi-realistic aspect to the game. You can't really just stare at people in real life to decide what to say or do without getting weird looks, and often were forced to make split second decisions. I personally adore that aspect being used in survival games. And the best part, it saves so you can put the game down and pick it back up later!

Controls: (3/5)

This is where I had a bit of an issue. Most of the time you just click to talk or what to observe, but occasionally you have to drag your view around or walk your character around a room, and it was not very easy to go where intended.

Graphics: (4/5)

I actually love the graphics in this game, I found that the comic like style of art help allude to the fact that its based off the original comic book series. There were no major glitches that I saw in my play through. Very well done.

Over All: (3.5/5)

I really liked the game, it was fun and very engaging. I caught myself getting nervous every time a split decision had to be made, or a game changing choice was thrown at me. I plan to do at least one more play through, and I'd defiantly recommend playing it at least once.

The game is available for free in the google play store, but it appears the bonus content can be purchased.


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