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The Weasel Must Die: All You Need to Know about Countering Teemo

Updated on January 20, 2014

Stare deep into the face of evil...

Teemo, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc., edits mine
Teemo, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc., edits mine

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Understanding the Furry Devil...

There are a few things you need to know about Teemo—otherwise he’ll be chuckling sadistically as he skips across your grave! This menace operates according to a few basic principles:

  • Teemo is always nearby. You see, the thought of escaping Teemo will summon him like a dark spirit! Want to live? Assume he’s always close. Watching you. Following you. Standing right behind you! Paranoia is your best friend; embrace it.
  • When you least want him to be there, he’ll be there. You know those epic plays you just made? The ones that let you barely escape the last team fight with less than a hundred health? You’re toast. Teemo will be there—popping out of thin air to crush your hopes and dreams.
  • There will always be another mushroom. Navigating through the jungle (yours, the enemy’s…it really doesn’t matter) is like playing a sick, twisted version of Minsweeper where the game itself is out to get you and is hell-bent on making sure every tile is a bomb. I think that sums it up nicely.

Assuming that all three of these are true at any given moment is your first line of defense. Common sense is a natural counter to Teemo, so it follows that your full-tilt paranoia will be like battery acid in his smug little face. Don't let your guard down...ever!

Teemo, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc., edits mine
Teemo, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc., edits mine
Did you know?
Kayle is one of the only melee champions that can do well against Teemo. While Teemo's blind can cause her auto-attacks to miss, it can't block the on-hit magic damage from "Righteous Fury"!

Don't fight him with an auto-attack champion!

Teemo's blind makes him a hard counter to melee champions and others that use auto-attacks to deal the majority of their damage. He'll have you slashing and hacking like a madman...all while taking no damage and melting though your health with his poison!

Instead, use champions that rely mostly on their abilities to do damage. Blinding Dart won't cause these attacks to miss. AD casters, mages, and assassins all stand to do well against Teemo.

You must resist with magic resist!

Almost all of Teemo's damage is magic damage--coming from his Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot. If you aren't building magic resist, you're a-cruisin' for a bruisin'!

Banshee's Veil is a great option if you're looking to block Blinding Dart and gain some extra sustain. Spirit Visage is also a good option--especially if you're going to be building lifesteal!

Another stat you can look to build is a tenacity. Consider getting Mercury's Treads to reduce the slowing effects of his Noxious Trap--and any slowing items he's building!

Don't get kited!

Teemo doesn't really have a combo, per se. Instead, his "combo" is to blind you, get in as many auto-attacks as possible, and get the heck out using Move Quick.

Anticipate the range of Blinding Dart and you'll avoid the majority of Teemo's damage. He won't risk going all-in if he doesn't have the advantage of blinding you. If you do get blinded, back away and wait for it to wear off before engaging again. Don't stand there and let Teemo get in free shots!

Be especially careful if you see Teemo building Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Frozen Mallet as the slowing effects of these items can make it easy for him to kite you!

If you're going to try to make a trade, it's best to try to burst him down and then run. If you deliver your damage all at once, he won't have as much time to use Toxic Shot. You'll either kill him or force him to back off.

Remember, Teemo is only good for three things:
Raising enemy blood pressure
Causing small children to cry
Getting punted over fences

Don't let him lead you on a wild goose chase!

Teemo's big advantage over you and everyone on your team is that he knows where he's stashed all his "little presents" (mushrooms), and you don't! Don't think for a second that he won't bait you into running through as many as he can!

Either let minions lead the way and take the 'shrooms upon themselves (bless their tiny little hearts), or get some vision via a sweeper trinket or a pink ward. Follow him through a bush with no vision and nine times out of ten you'll be stepping right into one of his traps!

You may have to get creative when trying to orchestrate a gank against Teemo, because he'll likely have the obvious river access points loaded with Noxious Traps!

Be extremely careful if you think Teemo has gone into his stealth (invisible) mode! When he exits his stealth state, he gains a huge amount of attack speed for a few seconds! Watch out when Teemo decides to slip into a bush, as he may be trying to bait you into coming in after him!

Yorick, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.
Yorick, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.
Pantheon, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.
Pantheon, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.
"Tyrant" Swain, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.
"Tyrant" Swain, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.
"Shockblade" Zed, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.
"Shockblade" Zed, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.

So who actually does well against Teemo?

As I mentioned earlier, pretty much anyone who doesn't heavily rely on auto-attacks can do well against Teemo--like mages, AD casters, and assassins.

While there are many, many others that work well, here are some of my favorite Teemo-stomping champions:

  • Yorick. Hardly anyone plays Yorick, but he has incredible sustain! It will be very hard for Teemo to out-DPS a Yorick. While you'll be relying mostly on your abilities, keep in mind that Yorick's auto-attacks do hurt a lot! You can also reset his auto-attacks by using Omen of War to get in extra damage and a speed boost!
  • Pantheon. Pantheon is a great choice because of his high damage output and his reliance on his abilities. When playing as Pantheon, you can also poke back at Teemo when he tries to harass you by using your Spear Shot.
  • Swain. Unleash the birds! Swain is a DPS mage that has incredible sustain! My personal experience playing Swain is that not many people really know how to counter-play him. Swain can sustain his way through Teemo's attacks while the little weasel melts from bird assault!
  • Ninjas. Pretty much all of the ninja champions do pretty well. Zed, Akali, Irelia...all these ninjas have either the mobility, the CC, the sustain, or the burst needed to endure Teemo's DPS and tear him apart before he can get off a barrage of auto-attacks.

If none of these champions float your boat, don't worry! There are plenty of other Teemo-torching champions out there! Give one of them a try!


Your mission, should you choose to accept:

Are you ready to join this holy crusade against Teemo and all he stands for? Make it your solemn vow to destroy every Teemo you encounter! Until such a time as Riot decides to delete him, the world needs constant ridding of this little fuzzball! Take arms and fight the good fight!

If you want to talk League (or just vent about how much you hate this smiling little rat) feel free to comment! Otherwise, you can add me on Facebook!

Best of luck on the Fields of Justice!


© 2014 TwerkZerker


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