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The "What if?" Game

Updated on June 21, 2014

Have you ever had a restless child who needs something to do so that they won't clime the walls or a party that needed an extra activity to encourage some conversation? That is where the What If? Game comes in. You don't need dice or a game board or other supplies. All that you will need are some creative questions or scenarios to get the imagination juices flowing. There are no scores, so there are no winners or losers.

Now, put on those thinking caps, and let's play What If?!

  1. What if you were an artist who only had one crayon?
  2. What if you had a million dollars?
  3. What if you found out you were allergic to your favorite food?
  4. What if you had to leave the country and never come back?
  5. What if you lived in the Stone Age?
  6. What if you could teleport?
  7. What if you could fly?
  8. What if your pet could talk?
  9. What if you had to swim everywhere?
  10. What if you could time travel?
  11. What if you could only wear the color brown?
  12. What if you lived on Little House on the Prairie?
  13. What if robots ruled the world?
  14. What if Google never existed?
  15. What if ghosts followed you around, and you were the only person who could see them?
  16. What if Britney Spears was your sister?
  17. What if dinosaurs were still alive?
  18. What if people laid eggs?
  19. What if you got locked out of your house without your cell phone, and all that you have is a paperclip, a rubber band, and a piece of tin foil?
  20. What if you got lost in a foreign country without a translator or a map?
  21. What if you could only eat candy?
  22. What if you were selected to move to Mars and never come back?
  23. What if you could build your own island nation?
  24. What if you had to live in a cartoon?
  25. What if there wasn't any gravity?
  26. What if Christmas was in the summer?
  27. What if you met your favorite celebrity?
  28. What if you were followed around by a television crew all day, everyday?
  29. What if you had to work in a sweat shop?
  30. What if you got sent to prison for a crime you didn't commit?
  31. What if you could live anywhere in the world?
  32. What if instead of having babies, you had puppies or kittens?
  33. What if you knew you only had one month to live?
  34. What if you could breath under water?
  35. What if zombies were real?
  36. What if you had to run a marathon backwards?
  37. What if you got a free pass to "get rid of" one person?
  38. What if you could dig a hold straight through the Earth?
  39. What if you could talk to God, and He would answer?
  40. What if you were invisible?
  41. What if you were in a plain crash with only one other survivor?
  42. What if you had three wishes?
  43. What if you never had to sleep again?
  44. What if you woke up and found a stranger in your bed?
  45. What if there was only one song on the radio for the rest of your life?
  46. What if you had to give up everything you love except for one thing?
  47. What if you could only marry one person, but your spouse had to have multiple spouses?
  48. What if vampires were real?
  49. What if you found the Loch Ness Monster?
  50. What if you could have one job for the rest of your life, even if it only paid minimum wage?

What if...

you only had seven days to live? Would you...

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