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Nintendo Wii Bundle: Wii Controller, Console, and Wii Sports Games-Exercise, and Fun together.

Updated on February 10, 2011

Let me start by saying that the Nintendo Wii Game Console is the best game console of the three that I own. Not only do you have the fun and excitement of playing any one of the superb games that Nintendo has created for the Wii Game Console from simple children's games to the challenging games serious gamers enjoy but you also get to choose the benefit of exercise and participation with any of the many Sports titles. The Wii System gets you off the couch and into the game itself. Not only can you play a variety of sports games by yourself, but also with friends near or far through your internet connection. And what is even better is the fact that the Nintendo Wii becomes your exercising coach and partner by inviting you to challenge yourself and the game console in any one of the games or exercise programs available. Nintendo's Wii Game Console is the perfect combination of entertainment, fun, and interactive gaming-for every age.

Exercise That Is Fun

I was searching for some form of exercise, having become more sedate than I wanted to be. Not being a person who participates in formal sporting events and not being a person who enjoys going to the gym, but knowing that I needed some form of exercise I set about looking for that perfect way to get in shape. Living in a cold climate, this time of year, I knew that any type of outdoor sports would be limited. Then I found what I was looking for, while browsing the website-the Nintendo Wii Game Console. Being an avid gamer and seeking exercise, the Wii seemed to be the perfect combination for me.... AND IT IS!

Wii Exercise to relieve Joint Pain

As you approach a certain age, joint pain and stiffness can develop, particularly after long periods of inactivity including sleeping or just vegetating on the couch. After starting to experience some pain and stiffness in my knees and shoulders, I became determined to end those signs of aging and not by using oral pain killers everyday.

Inactivity is the key according to a close friend whose similar pains ended after beginning more physical activity himself. So I thought why not try it using my Nintendo Wii. After beginning a daily routine of using the Wii, playing Tennis and Canoeing for my arms,  and Bowling for my legs, I noticed a huge difference, especially after sitting or lying down for periods of time...there was a significant lack of pain. It works, keeping my joints limber while having so much fun on my Nintendo own version of pain reduction. Try it!

A New Wii Color

Wii RED!  Nintendo now offers the Wii Console and Remotes in a bright new color....RED! It's so much more fun to have a cheerful game console in the cabinet.

Also available are colors for the remotes in Blue and Pink in addition to the Red, Black, and White colors.

Remote with Motion Plus Accessory & Nunchuk
Remote with Motion Plus Accessory & Nunchuk

Amazing Wii Controller / Wii Remote

The Wii Remote / Wii Controller features a "fit in your hand" design, no bigger than a traditional TV remote, giving you the flexibility and freedom to interact with your game. The technology of "Accelerometers" inside measures all of your movements for accurate gaming and also has a "rumble" feature for true to life feeling as you play. For two handed play, such as boxing, there is a Nunchuk, a controller with a thumbstick and trigger buttons. It connects to your remote through an expansion port. A Wii Motion Plus accessory fastens to the remote, using more sensors to detect the slightest motion or twist of your wrist.

Together, the Wii Controller and the console give you a truly unique gaming experience. For instance, it is your steering wheel in a driving game, your tennis racket in Wii Sports Tennis, the firearm you use to shoot on screen enemies. I have never played a Nintendo game where the action feels as real; because of this Wii controller.

Four controllers can be linked to the console at a time using Bluetooth wireless techonology giving you a Wii Party experience.

Wii's Specs

The Wii is very small-15x9x5 so it fits even the smallest area you have.

It has 512 MB of internal flash memory, an SD memory slot for expansion, Wi-Fi connectability, and two USB 2.0 ports. It's self-loading, single slot bay plays both the new system's optical discs and Nintendo's Game Cube discs.

Wii is energy conscious, using a smaller portion of energy than other power gaming consoles use, saving you money both turned on and off.

Channels and Fun Extras

Personalization is one of the most fun things you first do with your Wii.  Cute little people can be created in your own image or one you'd like to see, everything from eyebrows to your chin can be customized.

Channels are numerous and when hooked to the internet you can connect in a way you never have before.  Available are channels for Nintendo Gaming news, World News, Polls, Shopping, and Photos.  And for those with older GameCube systems, the Wii has a Disc Channel which is backwards compatible with GameCube games.

Then, when you are finished challenging the Wii, and tired from all the physical activity, grab some popcorn and sit can even stream movies instantly through your Wii with your Netflix account.

Games for the Nintendo Wii

The games included with the Wii system are- Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports. Together, these two games give you the complete experience of playing the sport and at the same time exercising while having fun, with a friend, group, or solo.

  • Wii Sports Resort, using the Wii MotionPlus accessory gives you the most amazing realistic experience. Games you can play are Bowling (regular and 100 pin), Frisbee, Basketball, Cycling, Canoeing, PingPong, Golf, and Wakeboarding to mention a few. There are multi-level challenges in each game.
  • Wii Sports has Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Boxing, and Bowling with one or more players.

I have personally played all these games and what a great workout I had. For an hour at least I usually play Tennis, moving my entire body as I try to beat the other players. All of these games give you such a great workout while having fun challenging yourself and others. The value of getting these two Wii games with your Wii console is one of the better Wii deals on the market.

The Wii in Black or White

Included in either Black or White, the Wii bundles includes:

Nintendo Wii game console

Nunchuk controller, Remote controller with Wii remote jacket, and MotionPlus accessory

2 Interactive Games: Wii Sports Resort and the original Wii Sports

Wired Sensor Bar, Power Cord, Std Composite Cable, Console stand, and Manual


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