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Words With Friends App

Updated on February 9, 2012
Words With Friends
Words With Friends | Source

In this day and age, most people who have a cell phone possess a "smart phone." For example, an IPhone, Droid, or Blackberry. Having these smart phones allows the user to do so many things, things that were really unheard of doing on a phone 10 or more years ago. It's like having a mini computer in your hand. Surfing the web, downloading games, and texting are all common features that these phones have. When you download certain games, you are really downloading "apps," or applications for your phone. One of these apps that I recently downloaded was called "Words With Friends." I was very happy with the download and here's why.

How To Start A Game

There are 3 ways to start a game in Words With Friends.

1. Click The (+) symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen and type in the person's screen name that you want to play against.

2. Click the Facebook symbol in the lower left hand corner of the menu screen and find friends on Facebook who are playing.

3. Be invited by someone else to join a game.

Once your game is started you are ready to start making words.

Scrabble Board
Scrabble Board | Source

Word Creation/Symbols on Board

To create words, you need to first wait until it's your turn. When it is, look at the tiles in front of you. It gives you the letter and the value of that tile. To start the game, the first person needs to make a word where one letter of that word goes over the star box. If you go first, make sure your word starts in the middle and one letter covers the star, otherwise the game won't let you play your word.

Once play has gone through a few turns, you will see letters all across the board. Each time you play, at lease one of your tiles must connect to a previously made word to make a new word. You can go from top to bottom, or from left to right. You cannot build a word starting from the bottom and go up towards the top of the board.

You will notice that there are special blocks on the board. DL (double letter), TL (triple letter), DW (double word), TW (triple word). These are blocks that you want to try to make words over because they will give you more points. Whichever tile you place on top of the DL or TL box, that is the letter you will receive the double or triple points for.

Scrabble Tiles
Scrabble Tiles | Source

Shuffle Tiles, Pass, Exchange

During the game, you can tap the Shuffle Button at the bottom of the screen to shuffle your tiles in front of you. This may help spark a word formation idea.

If during the game there is no where for you to go on the board, you may tap the Pass Button at the bottom of the screen, and you will pass your turn to the other player.

When you are playing, sometimes you get very bad letters. For example, you may have 5 "e's" and 2 "a's." There isn't much to do with these letters, so by tapping the Exchange Button at the bottom of the screen, you can exchange any or all of your letters to take the place of your turn.

Score Sheet
Score Sheet | Source

Ending The Game/Winning

The game ends when all tiles have been distributed and one player has gotten rid of their tiles. If both players have tiles left, but they have both passes their turn because they can't go, the game will also end.

To win you must have the highest score at the end of the game. It will let you know who won the game and if you want a rematch.


Overall, this is a great game to play with anyone, even if you don't know them. It's a strategy and mind game, so it keeps your brain in tact and thinking. It's also fun to see how many points you can make with each word, and how high of a score you can obtain. The best thing, though, is that you play when you have time to! You aren't limited to 2 minutes per turn! I recommend this game for anyone who knows how to read, or is learning how to read. If you like Scrabble, you're sure to like Words With Friends!


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