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The World of MASSIVE GAMES - (Runescape, WoW, MapleStory)

Updated on December 25, 2009

Massive Games

The Internet is known for two things, it's immense size and it's ability to put out limitless hours of entertainment practically for free. If you've been here long enough, which I 'm sure you have since you have managed to find this article, you should know the two  successful forms of entertainment here.

  1. Online Games
  2. Porn and Porn Related Games (go figure)

 Porn makes the greatest amount of money, with top websites raking in millions of dollars from memberships and adverts. It's competitors however are no inferior, Online games and the Internet are synonymous to one of the web's greatest demographic (Children).

 Online games come in great variety from fantasy to strategy to shooters they provide hours upon hours of fun to millions of people around the world. Most online games are usually fun to play for a day, or a week but they tend to die out like fads. Among the games that succeed the most profitable and the most noteworthy games are the Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games.We'll call them MMORPGs.

What are MMORPG?

MMORPGes are virtual worlds, where massive amounts of people connect to a particular server to play a role playing game. The numbers of people who play MMORPGs can be in the millions on successful MMORPGs. These games are designed to be addictive like caffeine (as most games are) but MMORPGs are the cocaine of games as their tactics to addict are far more interesting. I will talk about the most successful MMORPGS bellow, by all means I suggest you try these games out today. Before you do however finish reading this article as there is still unfinished business to be addressed. I take no warranty for the people who don't finish reading as I said there is still unfinished business to be addressed.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft or WOW is the most successful MMORPG on the net. It has over 11 million paying members, which chucked out $2 billion to blizzard (the developers) of WOW on 2008. WoW's successfully targets the oldest audience between these three games, it does this by providing rich content in terms of graphics and story-lines. For this reason and for WoW's massive size it is the most publicized game on the net (like you didn't know).


Runescape is the second most successfull MMORPG on the net, it is the most succsessfull browser base game. Which means you can play it without downloading anything other than an internet browser and JavaScript engine, both of these are free. As of 2008 Runescape has over one millions users which estimated to of forked out $84 million to Jagex (the developers of runescape) in 2008. Jagex had made efforts to make Runescape a game intended for players of ages 13 and up, they have notably altered thier in game chatting filter to allow the use of some moderately "profane" words. .i.e. (Butt, ass, and other similar words anal or other wise).

Maple Story

The third most successful MMORPG is MapleStory with 3 million players hauling in approx 310 million USD altogether as of February 2006. This is not the yearly revenue as MapleStory generates it's money from selling temporary in game privileges (Items) rather than monthly fees. What makes MapleStory distinct is its 2D game-play and its younger targeted audience. Controversially MapleStory has no Player Verses Player combat and little interaction with other Maplers.


MMORPGs are extremely addicting, finding your self lost in their world to the point where you lose track of lost time and perhaps of gained space (.i.e. fattening) is extremely likely. You play these games at your own risk, however if you understand that this article is satirical and you know the main ways you can become hooked on MMORPGs you should have no problem trying them out.

The Main Ways

  • MMORPGs create an environment where you can escape reality to a state of mind of low amount of thought. MMORPGs should be balanced with activities which flex your otherwise tired brain muscles.
  • MMORPGs try to make you find immense values in the privileges you acquire in game ( i.e.items and special abilities). To counter this addictive effect attempt to remind yourself as often as possible , that your items are VIRTURAL and that they are not yours but rather a small fragment of your game's SERVER.
  • MMORPGs attempt to combat the other reality that you have subscribe to " actual reality" to counter this try to balance the fun you have in game with the fun you have when your in "actual reality". Some activities to consider are : "Talking to People (Family, Friends, Strangers), sports, strengthening family ties and prank calling enemies.

They are Fun

To sum up MMORPGs are a fun way to escape reality, they should be taken in moderation just like anything else in life. All three of the games mentioned above have unique realities and have something to offer for all audiences. They are highly sucessfull and highly motivated to keeping them selves succsessfull fortunately this means updating their content to continue to suit you! They offer great communities to interact with so after considering the disclaimer you should give all three a try :D.

What is your favorite MMORPG?

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    • Migodden profile image

      Migodden 7 years ago from Canada Ontario

      Yeah I agree with Azn, nowadays I just play WOW

    • AznDuckiee profile image

      AznDuckiee 7 years ago

      i hate runescape and maplestory because they're boring but wow is ok

    • profile image

      Mars Guy 8 years ago

      I love adventure quest!

    • nonny126 profile image

      nonny126 8 years ago

      lol porn?

      i dont agree with porn but war of warcraft is fun and is runescape =)

    • nicefaceidiot profile image

      nicefaceidiot 8 years ago

      Runescape OWNZ!