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The World's Best Water Slides

Updated on December 21, 2011

N Flatables - King Croc (28')

The Giant Croc is an awesome looking slide. Wet or dry slide. Rising 28 feet into the air. Kids love this slide. Available in a 20' tall version too. It's hard to keep your eyes off this beautiful slide.

Kids can race down the 3 parallel water slides that zoom under the belly of the monster croc. Look out below!

Cost: $19,250

Wahii WaterSlide 75


If you'd like to create a giant waterpark in your backyard... the Wahii WaterSlide may be the perfect slide for you. If you have a hill, they've got the slide!

All you need is 15 minutes for set-up and you've transformed your backyard into a waterpark and saved the hundreds of dollars that would've been spent on water park tickets, food, lockers, and parking.

Excellent value for the money. The kids love it... and that is why the Wahii WaterSlide makes the list of world's best water slides.

Cost: $149.00

Ninja Water Slide

This is a commercial grade water or dry slide that will wow everyone, even the astronauts as they spot it from outer space! Riders climb up 14' to a no jump top for safety. Slide down the left side into an oversized pool.

The pool detaches for fast and easy drying. Comes with a Kodiak (1hp blower) $175 dollar value. Repair kit included. Can be used wet or dry.

Cost: $3,195.00

Wet Willie Water Slide

The Wet Willie® slide is a giant water slide that can be installed virtually anywhere~into a small pond, lake, or swimming pool! It's fun, affordable, and adaptable to your site. We have taken care of the engineering & design, so there is no need to create your water slide from scratch. You can add the Wet Willie water slide to your site for much less than other available water slides with out the need for expensive installation.

Our Colorful, Giant Water Slide will draw attention to your site. The Wet Willie® slide will enhance your waterfront or pool and add a splash to your facilities image. It's a great marketing tool enabling you to lead the way in cutting edge waterfront fun!

Cost: contact manufacturer

Blast Zone Ultra Water Slide

The Ultra Croc 13-in-1 Inflatable Water Park takes the Rockin’ Croc is another cool backyard water slide. Higher price but lots to do. This enormous Water Park offers fun for kids of all ages.

Cost: $899.00

Banzai Wipeout Big Curve Water Slide

This is the one of the most affordable inflatable water slides on the market and that is why it makes my list. Lots of things to do on this slide. Make your way up the climbing wall of this inflatable water slide and slingshot down the banked curved water slide for a wet and wild ride.

The fun doesn't end with your giant splash landing. Stay cool in the water park activity lagoon, where you can challenge your friends to some water slide basketball or drench them with the water-blasting cannon.

Cost: $699


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      Nichol marie 6 years ago from The Country-Side

      Wow my kids would love these