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12 Playtime activities for toddlers using household items

Updated on August 28, 2013
Kids playing grocery store.
Kids playing grocery store.
Your kids can have tons of fun dressing up as different characters.
Your kids can have tons of fun dressing up as different characters.
Indoor baseball.
Indoor baseball.

Activity play #1

  • Play pretend grocery store

The good thing about this game is that you don't need a lot of plastic toy pretend foods in order to play it with your preschooler. One thing that you can do in this game is to just grab a pile of recycled small cereal boxes along with some empty food containers that you may have around the house when you are done with preparing the objects give your child a shopping bag made out of paper or either a basket that has two handles so that way your child can use that to shop.

Activity play #2

  • Play the dress up relay game

This game game is good if you have some old clothes laying around in your house since its a game about playing dress up some of the objects that you need for this type of game are two suitcases or some bags make sure that they have the dress up clothes. Next make some teams or you can just play with your child and see who is the fastest at dressing up.

Activity play #3

  • Play Indoor baseball

This is a safe way play indoors baseball with smaller children for this you can use some cardboard tubes it can be from rolls of gift-wrap or paper towels as well that can be the baseball bat to have a ball just use a balloon that you have available.

Activity play #4

  • Play balloon magic

Have some balloons st your house? then you might be surprised that you can use these to play some games that can entertain the children for awhile. For balloon magic the tots can experience some gravity and static electricity by playing with the balloons another balloon game that can fascinate the children is Flashlight fun in which the children have a chance to see fun colorful spots using light in the ceiling mix two colors at the same time to make a new color the kids will love this game.

Activity play #5

  • Play a room within a room

Have some fun with your toddler by building a cottage or a camping house you can make it out of cardboard boxes and then decorate the cardboard box house. Another thing that you can do is use some sheets or towels with bed pillows to build a cave this is another one of children's fave activities as I have tried it in the past with babysitting and it does work.

Activity play #6

  • Play stuffed animal fun

You and your toddler can grab some stuffed animal toys and play animal charades this game consists of the children taking a stuffed animal from a pillow case and then the child has to try and act like that animal. Another game that is great for children using stuffed animals is musical animals where the players have to go around in a circle marching with their own animal doll sitting on them and as soon as the music stops that's when they grab their stuffed animal.

Activity play #7

  • Play fun with bottles

Using recyclable empty bottles to play games with kids can be another good idea to have fun a game that you can play is toddler bowling in this game the children get to roll a rubber ball and see if they can knock out all of the plastic bottle pins make sure to fill the bottles with a lot of beans to make the bottles heavy. For the bottles and lids game the small tots have a chance to explore the bottles with their correct caps fill in the bottles with fun entertaining objects this will make the kids shake and explore what's in the bottle.

Activity Play #8

  • Play Marshmallow sculptors

This is an activity that promotes art and its mess free it also helps kids build their own dexterity skills take some squishy colorful marshmallows with some toothpicks for your preschooler artist to sculpt the marshmallows into a work of art.

Activity Play #9

  • Play Threading Practice

This threading activity helps the little ones focus on their own motor skills some of the things that you need for this activity are a big tubular pasta, big beads wood material, empty spools, or some empty toilet paper rolls and some shoelaces thin yarn is not a good idea for kids to use when making bracelets since it can give kids a hard time.

Activity play #10

  • Play mailing letters

Teach your tot how to put mail in a mailbox by grabbing a couple of unwanted mail that you don't need anymore and teach your kid how to put it correctly in a pretend handmade mailbox. To make the mailbox you can just get a small medium sized empty box on top of the box in the middle make a envelope sized opening so that the letters can fit when they put them inside and then finally decorate the mailbox anyway you want.

Activity play #11

  • Play Indoor sandbox

Is it raining a lot outside? then try coming up with your own indoor sandbox by using a cardboard box or a baby bathtub fill either one of those with dried beans, rice oatmeal, salt, or cornmeal. But remember that the bigger he amount of salt, rice or beans the humongous the mess is going to be every sandbox has its own sand shovels and sand-play bucket to make small castles so do the same with your own indoor play sandbox add in some toys, cups or some wooden spoons to use as the small fake shovels.

Activity play #12

  • Play homemade play-dough

The DIY arts and crafts are very popular activities among preschool and kindergarten kids mainly because it's creative and children can have the freedom to create anything that they want with the play-dough. If you want your child to have fun while doing using the play-dough then the best thing to do is to do it with them children also like that in fact when you participate with them instead of leaving them on their own the whole time some of the materials that you need for this play project are salt, flour, water and food coloring this is optional but recommended for the kids to be entertained.


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