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Best Fifa 12 Ultimate Team For 100k

Updated on April 21, 2012

Whether you have around 100k and are looking to build a team, or you already have a team and want a second team to play around with, this is where I'll show you what my ideal XI would be.

100k for 11 players is not a lot, but if you're on a budget and this is all you have to spend, you can still get a very good team. It's an average of about 9k per player but obviously sometimes you're going to go under or over that, however try not to spend more than 15k on 1 player or you will leave yourself stretched for the rest of the team.

The team is in a 4-3-3 formation





Pepe Reina

The most expensive Premier League goalie is Petr Cech at around 10k, but I have found Reina to be every bit as good, for only 6k. Very reliable as your last line of defense and occasionally pulls off stunning saves. Also has the highest kicking stat of any goalkeeper in the game, with 90.

Current Total: 6k


Kyle Walker

The fastest right back in the game, he is brilliant at getting up and down the right flank and supporting your winger. Despite his 75 defense rating I have found him to be fairly good, and well worth the 1k he will cost. He has quite a powerful shot from range which is always useful. In my opinion his 76 rating makes him one of the most underrated players in the game.

Current Total: 7K

Centre Back

David Luiz

Fast, good going forward, good shot, generally good on the ball. Can sometimes be suspect defensively but mostly solid. 2K is another cheap price compared to other centre-backs.

Current Total: 9K

Centre Back

Kolo Toure

Not a lot to say really, a very good defender. It's not worth spending 20K+ on Terry and Ferdinand when Toure is almost as good for 4K.

Current Total: 13K


Patrice Evra

The rest of the defense is very cheap, so we can afford to splash out a little bit on the left-back. In my opinion the best left-back in the world, although it is close between him and Ashley Cole. Evra is slightly better defensively which just gives him the edge. He costs around 8K

Current Total: 21K


Michael Essien

A brilliant all-round midfielder, his lowest skill is 75, which is pace. Great tackling, has a very high work rate and a good shot as well. At 8k, he is effectively a cheaper version of Yaya Toure, who is 20K

Current Total: 29K


Cheick Tiote

Again, basically a cheaper version of Yaya Toure and Michael Essien. Apart from his shooting, which is just 62, his stats are basically as good. Extremely cheap at less than 1K.

Current Total: 30K


Mikel Arteta

A very different type of player to the other 2 midfielders, he is much more attacking. He has 85 passing, 84 dribbling and 81 shooting which makes him very good going forward, although defensively not as strong as the other 2. He costs 2K

Current Total: 31K


Gareth Bale

Just an all-round brilliant winger, 92 pace is very useful for an attacking player. Once you get him on the ball and running he is very difficult to stop and his shot is very powerful. He once scored 6 in an online game for me. Price is around 25K

Current Total: 56K


Robin Van Persie

Another left-footer with a rocket shot like Bale. He's not the fastest but it is not really needed with 2 fast wingers alongside him and his shooting is just so powerful, he can shoot from anwhere. Expensive though, at 35K

Current Total: 91K



Another fast winger, he is fast, with good crossing and fairly good shooting. 5k.

Current Total: 96K

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    • profile image

      tellme.dopie 5 years ago

      Actually Rogerio Ceni has the highest GK kicking in the game with 94, not Pepe Reina (although it's still really high!). Nonetheless, good article!

    • BazzaBomb profile image

      BazzaBomb 5 years ago

      Nice hub, but I personally don't like Luiz at CB, have you ever tried out Ryan Shawcross because for me he plays better than Toure, Terry or any other CB I use because of his height at corners and alright pace of 69.

    • profile image

      WillyG 5 years ago



      Maicon lucio David Luiz Evra

      Cambiasso. Toure

      IF Aimar. Tevez. Nasri



    • profile image

      louis k 5 years ago

      nice page